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Fitness Weakened Patellas? Jun 27 2012
14:16 (UTC)

I had issues with dislocating knee caps for years and running always made it worse. It wasn't until I started lifting (esp. squatting) that my hamstrings became strong enough to tolerate running. Seriously, don't do it, talk to a physical therapist or research exercises that strengthen the hamstrings. Even with stronger legs I will always do the majority of my running on a treadmill and long distance will probably never happen.

Fitness Will Insanity make my legs bigger as I have musclier legs? Jun 21 2012
21:57 (UTC)

Not unless you overeat while doing it.

Fitness Need tips for good exercise schedule! Jun 21 2012
20:29 (UTC)

I stopped running for several years because I kept dislocating my knee cap (it would usually coincide with an aggressive running schedule).  I started lifting and noticed a huge difference in regards to my knees. I think squatting really strengthened the surrounding muscles. 

Now I run every other day, higher intensity but not as long, usually sprints for 4 to 6 miles. I have yet to have any problems.

Weight Loss I work so hard but I don't make much progress!!! FRUSTRATED!!! Jun 21 2012
12:58 (UTC)

how many calorie are you eating?

nine times out of ten if my weight loss has stalled it is because of my diet.  Either I am eating too much, usually because I am not logging calories diligently enough and I am way over justifying poor choices because of how much I workout. Or, I am under eating and still not logging diligently enough in an attempt to drop the weight faster. Regardless, under eating or overeating will kill your weight loss goals.

Take a week and diligently log calories, aim for a 500 cal deficit, I imagine your calorie intake (with all of that activity) is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1700 to 2100.  Don't be afraid of carbs, but aim for the good ones. You may also want to consider changing your workout routine, it may not be challenging enough for your body at this point.

Fitness What's your fav workout? ~Survey~ Jun 20 2012
21:10 (UTC)



trail running (really early in the morning, when it is nice a cool out)

kayaking/white water rafting


sprints on the treadmill

Fitness Exercise Videos - Success? Jun 20 2012
16:04 (UTC)

When my kids were little I used exercise videos. I don't think they actually "toned" or directly lead to weightloss. I do however think that consistently working out(in any format) helped to keep me focused and on task in regards to my diet. I think that it was learning to eat appropriatly that helped me shed the weight.


Fitness Why is running such a big deal? Jun 18 2012
20:00 (UTC)

I have seen quite a few articles/books/magazines that say that running is one of the highest calorie burners, I imagine quite a few people a drawn by that. 

And I second late night/early morning runs...the absolute best, so peaceful.

Fitness Hate exercising Jun 16 2012
20:13 (UTC)

weightloss is really about your diet...but there are so many benefits to exercise I would encourage you to do it regardless.

Fitness Deadlifts Jun 14 2012
02:53 (UTC)
1 ics/deadlift

He actually wrote an article about this, but watching it was much more useful.  He does reset, which isn't very clear in his article, but he is essentially letting the bar fall the last inch or so.

Fitness Deadlifts Jun 13 2012
23:05 (UTC)

okay there is this article, which I can't find at the moment and the author (whose name I can't remember) is a pretty popular figure head in the fitness industry. Anyways he argued that the weights shouldn't even go all the way to the floor in between reps, instead should rest about an inch off of the floor. His reasoning was that the extra inch didn't have that big of an effect on the overall effectiveness of the lift and it was that last inch that unnecessarily put pressure on your back.

If I find the article I will post, I would be interested to hear your thoughts

Fitness Muscle Maintenance Not Building??? Jun 13 2012
21:52 (UTC)

actually you can measure muscle...have your bf tested.  If you don't train and eat to put on muscle, you probably aren't going to put on muscle. 

I have women come up to me all the time and asking about what I do for my legs and butt and it is inevitable that when I tell them I squat really heavy weights and run sprints they almost always say..."I can't do that I already have too much muscle in my legs".  I literally have to bite my tongue so I don't reply "honey thats not muscle, thats fat".

There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay the same or not wanting to have a lot of visible muscle...if that is the aesthetic you prefer, so be it. But please, before you say you have too much muscle, do your research and get your bodyfat tested.

And by the way this isn't a rant on anyone specifically, more like a lot of pent up frustration at the fitness industry and how it markets **** that is misleading and keeps people from reaching their goals (specifically women).

The Lounge Should I lie about my virginity? Jun 13 2012
21:30 (UTC)

1. Don't lie, first...he will know and second...maybe it isn't that he is an ****, maybe he just isn't interested in a relationship and doesn't want to be responsible for taking someone's virginity. Yes I know it takes two to tengo, but still maybe he doesn't want to be that guy who takes someones virginity and walks away.  

2. if he has repeatedly voiced that he doesn't want to be in a relationship don't be surprised if he doesn't want to be in a relationship even after you have sex.

Fitness Thinking about changing my fitness routine, full body to body splits Jun 13 2012
21:09 (UTC)

Smashley can you recommend a good split routine? and by slow down to you mean fat loss or muscle gains?

michaelduff: is probably a good place to start.

Fitness Favourite ways to build muscle definition in arms? Jun 06 2012
20:10 (UTC)

I get the feeling from most of the posts that nobody actually thinks yoga is a bad or pointless workout, it has its place in the fitness world just like cardio and lifting weights. However, it seemed as if you specifically wanted to know how to build muscle in your arms. in which case lifting is the way to go.  I really like pull ups, overhead press, and power cleans. 

Fitness P90x with a twist May 30 2012
11:59 (UTC)

what are you stats? do you still have significant bodyfat to drop?

If I had to guess I would say that, that many "resistance" videos wouldn't allow for a proper recovery.

Weight Loss how do you deal with cravings for sweets? May 23 2012
13:21 (UTC)

I agree with Rabzz...your body is accustomed to utilizing simple carbs as its primary fuel source. When you start eating healthy, initially at least, your body will crave the simple easy to breakdown carbs.  Atwo week fast to break the sugar addiction and allow your body time to adjust to getting its fuel from complex carbs, protein and fat will do wonders for your cravings.

The Lounge scared to be a senior.. May 23 2012
13:15 (UTC)

oh honey, just wait till your senior year of college

The Lounge Have you ever felt shunned by other mothers? May 14 2012
22:24 (UTC)

Thanks for the responses, I am sorry to hear that there are others having difficulties, but glad to know that I am not alone. 

Two of the fathers are physicians at the local hospital I work at, we are friendly but by no means overly familiar. Sometimes I wonder if working with there husbands has blacklisted me from the get go.....I imagine there are probably a lot of reasons, many of which I cannot control,which factor into the situation.

I think that I am just going to have to try other avenues and other groups of women. 

The Lounge Have you ever felt shunned by other mothers? May 11 2012
22:37 (UTC)

My daughter is in kindergarten...if it was middle school, I would probably assume it had more to do with the other kids, but in elementary school it feels like the issue is with the other moms.

the whole thing is so awkward, I rent in one of nicest suburbs in my area, because I wanted my kids in the best school. I am, as far as I know, the only person who is not a stay at home mom and I feel so out of my element. 

Young Calorie Counters = May 11 2012
20:16 (UTC)

There is a lot of research which suggests that coffee is very good for you, in fact a lot of coffee is suppose to be very good for you.  Your risk for Alzheimer's drops dramatically with regular consumption of coffee.