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Motivation Dont Tell Me my Trainer Is a Waste of $ Oct 24 2011
02:26 (UTC)

same price pretty much lol 40 for the full hour Laughing. i think we are worth it!

Weight Loss How can I fight late night munchies?! Oct 20 2011
05:25 (UTC)

my work means im up after midnight and get home starving, the last couple of weeks i've found weighing out a quarter cup of almonds and either yogurt, milk or fruit will work well. a quarter cup is over 200 calories mind you but i made room for it in my meal plan and i try have less and im losing fat and weight consistently and i get through the night :) thats what works for me :)

Fitness How to lose and inch off waist?! Oct 20 2011
05:09 (UTC)

just a suggestion, maybe a look at the diet?  you may be eating within the calorie range , too many may be coming from refined foods? not sure otherwise.

Fitness Running: Treadmill vs outside Oct 20 2011
04:58 (UTC)

i can crank out an hour long plus jog outside and get home dripping in sweat, exhausted but feeling like a hundred bucks! muscles that never seem to get a work out on the treadmill are sore but all i'm thinking is "thats why i love to run". for winter im looking into crosscountry skiing or whatever they call it with the snow shoes. i hate the cold but on a good day and the snow isn't wet, i see myself being able to enjoy that almost as much as outdoor running

Motivation College Student Rant Oct 18 2011
06:33 (UTC)

hey :) your feelings right now is pretty much my university experience lol when i feel im being pulled in too many directions i seem to not go forward, my weight goals were important because they gave me confidence in the rest of my life, more discipline after some months into it. my job is no better lol so what im doing is thinking of fitness and clean eating as my favourite second job almost. i wouldn't miss work so i try have that attitude with getting my lunch bag ready.i do come home and decimate my almonds or sugar free jello on bad days but they've been fewer for sure as that connection with food is changing.

i did the the time wasting too! what i've found is that when i remember that eating well helps me concentrate and gives me energy for studying and work then it helps to know that the time spent and the effort being made is to make my life better. i like cooking with my lap top playing my fav shows. it will be okay, we all make it through university-though a lot sweat and tears are lost and pounds are gained and lost lol keep smiling!!

Motivation Dont Tell Me my Trainer Is a Waste of $ Oct 18 2011
06:16 (UTC)

first month done and making so much progress : really happy. thank you for taking the time to read btw

Motivation Dont Tell Me my Trainer Is a Waste of $ Sep 29 2011
10:00 (UTC)

it's definately not a need but something i want and something i have no issue paying for it thats why its not cool to go at it. i lived in one house where they spent about the same amount i am  ordering supplements and buckets of protein powder but when they lost interest in the weights they just lost that buff look since it was just water retention in the muscles. it was their money and while they were focused they were having a blast and they didnt complain after. not my business at the end of it. im not a weight watchers person though but i love when a friend has a smile because she is seeing progress with them, i wont rain on their parade. like my mother said, STOP WATCHING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING AND CONCENTRATE ON YOURSELF.Laughing

Motivation Dont Tell Me my Trainer Is a Waste of $ Sep 29 2011
01:55 (UTC)

the issue wasn't really the trainer, we are not doing gym bunny stuff, i do weights and i love long distance running so i do that in my time. he is good at what he does and i started with weights a few years ago so im not a beginner but im working towards long term goals and he understands that.we aren't focused on the scale but making me a strong woman who can achieve her athletic goals in the near future dont worry, its not about the trainer :) i know about nutrition and i dont diet when im trying to get fit i just cook good food but i know when i need help and thought about this for 2 months.

Motivation 12 Pounds by Halloween Sep 24 2011
02:14 (UTC)