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Health & Support Confused. I weigh a lot but am quite small Sep 28 2014
21:52 (UTC)

Seems like you have lucky genes to me. Everybody maintains a genetically predetermined level of muscle for them, before you even take exercise into account. 20% is a great level of body fat to have :)

Also, I tend to put a disproportionate amount of weight on my stomach, but you could be really lucky and be a boobs/bum/hips storer instead (sigh!)

As an example, me and my flatmate have exactly the same weight and height, similar amounts of activity and she eats junk where I eat veg etc, but looks about a stone or more lighter then me - flat stomach and bigger boobs etc

Vegetarian Sticky A day of meals & exercise- Veggie style May 15 2012
07:15 (UTC)

Breakfast - houmous on toast (2 slices) with lots of coriander on top

Lunch - pea, rocket and pesto soup, pitta and an apple

Dinner - vegetable curry, boiled egg and a pitta

Snacks -  bowl of frozen berries, pistachios, piece of walnut cake, small orange icepop

Also, 3 coffees, 2 teas, and a ginger and lemon tea. And fennel seeds for nibbling on :)

Exercise - 5k jog, then 10 flights of stairs

Too much bread - it's all wholemeal, but still! May start eating greek yogurt with breakfast as a swapsie

Weight Loss Digestive Problems May 09 2012
11:55 (UTC)

The microbes which digest your food for you are adapted (in the sense of the proportions of the different organisms) to the availability of different nutrients in your diet, so it will probably take a little while for your digestive system to adjust to such different food. Plus, it sounds like you're eating a lot more fibre than your body's used to, which can definately cause the "trots" ;) Hope it clears up for you :)

EDIT: Would definately go see your Doc if it doesn't clear up in a few weeks though, cos it could just be a coincidence that the bowel problems started at the same time as a diet change, and you don't want to risk it with that kind of stuff. Especially if you do start to see any blood.

Vegetarian feeling weird since going vegan , normal? May 07 2012
19:34 (UTC)

Are you sure you're getting enough calories/eating enough? Sometimes it can be really easy on a vegan diet to overestimate how many calories you're getting because you fill up on the high volume of fruit/veg.

When I went vegan (only for 3 months, vegetarian since), I didn't notice any physical side effects. Maybe try logging your food for a few days to make sure?

Calorie Count The New & Improved Calorie Count Dashboard May 05 2012
17:25 (UTC)

Liked the calories defecit graph before, and the new meters on the dashboard are much less intuitive. Older version please!

Young Calorie Counters library snacks Mar 21 2012
23:29 (UTC)

Grapes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries/any berry, tangerines - just cos they're the least noisy fruits I could think of

small portion nuts/seeds

dry roasted soybeans

Houmous and roast pepper/onion pittas

Any meal you wouldn't mind eating cold - just bring a fork

Flask for tea/coffee/soup, or does your uni have those mugs where you can get free/discount refills once you've bought one?

Bean/lentil/couscous based salads

ryvita minis/rice cakes/oatcakes

Think you're going to get pretty hungry  just eating vegetables though. Maybe take some carbs+protein to fill up?

And I second the boiled egg idea :) My friend brought us some curry in tupperware boxes with a boiled egg, some fruit and a pitta between us for a 6 hour stint - best library picnic ever :D


Vegetarian Sticky A day of meals & exercise- Veggie style Mar 18 2012
22:49 (UTC)

Breakfast - Porridge with mashed banana, black/redcurrants, goji berries and sunflower seeds

Lunch - Pitta with houmous and roasted red onion, carrot and pepper

Dinner - Lentil stew with caramalised onion +1/2 pitta

Snack -  an orange

Exercise - Rest day, walked to and from uni - about 40 mins

The Lounge Two philosophical games - test your beliefs Mar 16 2012
14:36 (UTC)

Tension quotient: 0% ??

But I'd say I had quite a lot of tensions tbh...  fun anyway though, cheers :)

Motivation Running the first mile Mar 16 2012
14:26 (UTC)

Congrats senorawsome19! And if you keep going it only gets better :) What's your next goal going to be? I try to take 30 secs of my 5k time everytime I run it - just as an example.

Vegetarian Sticky A day of meals & exercise- Veggie style Mar 16 2012
14:09 (UTC)

Breakfast: Omlette (2 eggs), with onion, peppers and garlic, as well as a tbsp pesto mixed in before cooking. With a slice wholewheat toast and an orange.

Snack: small handful pistachios

Lunch: Spicy red lentil stew (with chickpeas, parsnip and carrot - its yummy)

Dinner: Spaghetti with soymince (like bolognaise with celery, carrot and a dash of balsamic). Plus a salad.

Exercise - 5k run, about 32mins. Work in progress :)

Loving all these menu ideas :D


Young Calorie Counters Finding peace with food in college Nov 18 2011
13:16 (UTC)

Here's some things I've found pretty useful at college:

1) Setting aside a few hours a week to make big batches of healthy meals eg veggie chilli, soups, stews, lasagne etc. Portion them out into freezer bags/containers and stick them in the freezer, that way, when you really are too busy to make dinner, you've got some healthy "ready meals", and you save a tonne of money.

2) Learning to cook (if you haven't already). It's actually fun.

3) Planning your meals for the week (include super fast meals like a sandwich or salad for when you're really busy) and then use that to write out your shopping list. And stick to it.

4) Keeping a stash of healthy stacks in your room/cupboard: fruit/nuts/carrots and houmous/flavoured tea etc If you don't buy the unhealthy food, you won't eat it.

5) Try not to snack/eat WHILE you're studying. If you need to eat, stop studying and take a break. It helps you be mindful of what you're eating and you can't eat and study well anyway.

As far as studying, I find its better to spend fewer hours, but have those hours be really productive and focused, than spending loads of hours and not having time for the other important things like hanging out with mates and taking care of yourself physically.

Good luck!

EDIT: Thought of some really useful fast-prep foods to have in:

Microwavable rice pouches

Frozen bags of veg

Salad veg - you can eat salad with nearly everything

Tomato-based pasta sauce

Jar of pesto- stick it on pasta, whack in some veg or have a side salad

Stir fry sauces - just stir fry the veg, put some protein eg chicken in there and cover in the sauce

Canned beans - stick in soups, curry, salad, stir fry

Baked beans

Baking potato - with baked beans/cottage cheese/chilli etc

canned soup for emergencies

eggs - healthy egg fried rice/ in salad/ sandwiches/ for breakfast etc

cans of tuna (if you're not veggie) - you can use it in everything - my flatmate is living off a 12 pack she got on special offer recently :P


Foods Do you drink water first thing after you wake up? Nov 18 2011
12:30 (UTC)

Nah, I'd feel a bit queesy drinking straight water on an empty stomach. It's food or tea first. Or both :)

Soon after breakfast is fine though.

Foods Protein rich breakfast Nov 18 2011
12:22 (UTC)

I had the same thought this morning, but had no eggs/baked beans (poor starving student :P). This is what I came up with from what I had in:

2 slices wholemeal toast with some mango chutney, and then on top, canned chickpeas, crushed with a fork, add a pinch of salt and pepper. About 350 cals.

Suprisingly tasty :)


2) But if your not vegetarian, I'd definately have tinned sardines/mackrel in tomato sauce. You make some wholewheat toast, mash up the fish a bit and put it on top and then stick it under the grill. Absolutely DELISH. And way better and tastier than cheese on toast. Plus you've got you're weekly serving of oily fish in :)

3) Scrambled tofu: just season the tofu with soy sauce or whatever you like and then grill/bake/fry and stick on wholemeal toast. I usually have it with some salad, and some cooked onions/ grilled tomato.

4) Fruit smoothie with protein powder.

5) Muesli that you can make yourself. Up the protein by using less bran and more oats that the supermarket one. Stick some nuts and seeds in and replace the dried fruit with fresh so that you end up using less sugar.

6) Pb on toast. Two slices of toast and 1.5 tbsp pb is still less than 300 cals with the right bread.

Ps. There's a really good bread called Burgen that's made with with soy flour and has liniseeds (which are full of omega fatty acids). It's 6.3g protein per slice! It really fills you up if you can find it (I'm from uk).

Happy breakfasting :)

Young Calorie Counters 18 yr old; want to lose 10 pounds with a buddy! Jul 29 2011
08:28 (UTC)

Hey guys, the past few days have been really bad in terms of over eating and I'm in need of a little motivation to get back on track. Feel worse because a one-off weigh in while I was at my dad's yesterday showed I had put on 6 pounds! :( it's TOM, so that may have something to do with it, but grrr, just dissapointed.

Calost - congrats on the weight loss and hope finals went well. When do you get to find out your results? And I know what you mean about not working out, just makes you feel more sluggish than usual doesn't it?

Btw, since most of us are in uni/going to uni, what's everyone taking? I'm biomedical sciences - don't know if they use that course title in the US, but its like a combination of physiology/neuroscience/molecualar biology. I've always been pretty jealous of the way that you can pick a mixture of different classes in all sorts of different subjects in the US. How do you specialise?

It's off topic but I was just curious haha Smile

Young Calorie Counters 18 yr old; want to lose 10 pounds with a buddy! Jul 25 2011
20:10 (UTC)

Okay, after reading puddykat's post, I agree its probably best to eat as I mean to go on, and realistically, I'd be feeling a bit deprived on 1300, so will up it to 1500. Tbh, just felt guilty to be eating that many calories (stupid I know).


To report back, today went really well, with no urges to binge/eat crap. Think the secret was just keeping busy all day, and hanging out with friends - don't know about you guys but I tend to feel a lot more in control of my eating if I've spent the day having fun with some mates, or just forget about food altogether.

Got up at 6 to do the run this morning and managed to jog 25 mins straight :D (fanfare). Yeah, that may not sound like it deserves a fanfare, but its a pretty big deal for me.

Hope everyone's had a good day Smile

PS. Stephanalee - think I'll join you on not weighing, cos it can become a bit of an obsession. Will measure weight loss by inches instead. Maybe weigh in when I like how I look weight-wise.

Young Calorie Counters 18 yr old; want to lose 10 pounds with a buddy! Jul 24 2011
08:22 (UTC)

Looks like we have a lot in common :) I'm 18 and getting ready to go to uni for september. Weight-wise I'm 5'3" and 141 looking to get to 130 for now. Having been a bit overweight pretty much all my life, I'm determined to start uni at a healthy weight. Plus there's a weekly running club there that I really want to be able to join without slowing everyone down/having a heart attack :)

THE PLAN: (cos capitals are motivational)

- 1300 calories

- increase protein, and therefore eat less sugar

- 30 minutes of walking/jogging, 4x a week