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Recipes To whomever posted the black bean brownies recipe: Oct 02 2007
20:41 (UTC)

They were somewhat fudgy but I think next time I'll undercook them a bit to keep them more moist.  It's not like I have to worry about raw eggs in the batter!  They're sort of a cake like consistency.

My husband ate them and couldn't believe how good they were.  Even my picky 5-year old ate them up.

The Lounge Dr. Broer - Eat Drink & Be Healthy Sep 27 2007
22:31 (UTC)

He's selling his advice for only $99.00.  But you have to act fast, quantities are limited - so says the flashing box.

There so much free, correct information out there that I'd be hesistant.  That being said, if you buy into the program you might ask him about the fake-n-bake tan!

Weight Loss I did it!!!! Yay me. Sep 27 2007
22:24 (UTC)

A "pizza feed."  HA.

Good for you!

Games & Challenges Name that Beatles song Sep 26 2007
22:46 (UTC)

I love The Beatles so much I married a man named Jude!  Though he has many redeeming qualites in addition to his name. Our wedding song is "Maybe I'm Amazed," though that was just Paul McCartney post Yoko and the breakup. Anyhow...

Favs? Everything everyone listed plus everything they ever recorded or wrote, honorable mentions:

Maxwell Silverhammer (yeah, I know it's a bit dark)

Polythene Pam leading into She Came in Through the Bathroom Window.

(wow, I'm pretty pathetic here!)

The Lounge What's your favorite *excuse*? Sep 23 2007
00:18 (UTC)

I exercise at 5am, the only time I can squeeze it in, so this one comes up...

"I didn't sleep well so I can't get up and work out"

The Lounge Frustrated? Sep 20 2007
22:54 (UTC)
I'm mad because hubby just got on a plane for a business event in Hawaii for five days with 1/2 the company while the rest of us are stuck here working like shmucks!
The Lounge Manhattan vs. DC..i need help Sep 20 2007
20:10 (UTC)


 I've moved for work several times.  Try this website for things like crime rates, cost of living, taxes, school ratings etc.

Foods Invent your own ice cream flavor! Sep 19 2007
21:52 (UTC)

They had this challenge on the food network, it was fun.  I have two ideas:

1) EXACTLY like Starbucks Java Chip but only 50 calories per 1 cup serving!

2) Dark chocolate mousse ice cream with cherries, chocolate chunks, and a caramel swirl.  Oh, and it too would have 50 calories per cup.

Edited to include anything not invented from Santonacci's list that follows mine!  They ALL sound great - especially Bananas Foster.

Weight Loss I have no hope, because it's genetics? Sep 19 2007
20:55 (UTC)

Perhaps they're defensive because you're "fixing" something perceived to be a problem - and some of them have that same problem but are not.  Maybe they feel judged by you?  Bobo makes the point well. 

Instead of focusing conversations with them on "being on a diet" and "trying to lose weight" try less emotionally charged words like adopting a healthier lifestyle, trying to eating healthy, or getting fit.  These statements lend more towards a lifetime commitment to your health versus a short-term "fix" to a problem.

I have some of these family members too, I simply tell them that I want to be around to spend my retirement fund.

Games & Challenges which is worse? Sep 19 2007
20:07 (UTC)

underweight for sure, fewer health problems (I expect), more mobility, etc. The "morbid" in your second option makes it not so appealing!


Would you rather be overemployed or underemployed?

Weight Loss all you shorties out there btwn 5'1-5'3!!! Sep 14 2007
21:39 (UTC)
I'm sad, I'm too short to make the shorties group at 5' nothing!  Fine, I'll just take my step stool and go elsewhereCry
The Lounge Your Crack (what is your personal addiction) Sep 14 2007
21:36 (UTC)

getgamy182: try the Hostess 100 calorie pack muffins that are similar. I'm not saying they're as good, but a decent substitute.

I'm addicted to 100 calorie crack packs.

Foods washing fruit... Sep 14 2007
21:23 (UTC)

I worry more about the handle on the shopping cart transmitting germies!  Luckily my store has anti-bacterial wipes for just that reason right where you grab your carts.

I like the idea of baking soda and may give that a try. It sure will make eating grapes and blueberries quite time-consuming though Laughing

Games & Challenges New Game - Three BIG words Sep 13 2007
14:51 (UTC)
Let it go.
The Lounge Okies? (Anyone else from Oklahoma here?) Sep 12 2007
21:17 (UTC)

Edmond, Oklahoma here.  Hi there.

 Actually, I'm from New York but have been here 2 1/2 years and we love it - except for those darn tornadoes.

Recipes Egg Beaters! I want to hear them all..... Sep 12 2007
21:09 (UTC)

Here's what I do every week for my at-work breakfasts for my husband and me.  Get a disposable aluminum foil pan (brownie size), pour a carton of egg beaters, a can of rinsed beans (I like black beans or butter beans), whatever raw veggies you have (spinach leaves, brocolli, bell pepper strips, onions, mushrooms etc.) Salt and pepper to taste.  Optional: tabasco sauce and/or red pepper flakes.

Cook (about 375 for 45 mins) and cut into 4 squares and put in ziplocs for a quick, easily reheatable breakfast for very little calories!  You can add cheese of course (pepper jack!) and still have a delicious breakfast for not a lot of calories. Add a v8 (35 calories for the 5oz cans) and it's unbeatable!

Health & Support PCOS? Sep 11 2007
20:07 (UTC)

I have PCOS, diagnosed about 6 years ago.  There are various levels of severity with this diagnosis so don't let the websites freak you out too much.

I took fertility drugs and got pregnant within two months so it wasn't a big deal with the right doctors.

Other than that, my periods are quite spread apart and a little unpredictable.  I hold on to a little bit of weight as well.  It isn't a big deal, I just don't get it as often - which is okay.  I don't even take the pill to regulate it.  I don't have any issues with hair, excessive or otherwise.

Overall, i have relatively mild PCOS so the impact isn't too great on me.  Different people have different issues depending on the severity of the case.  Don't freak out, and don't let severe sufferers freak you out.  Some people really have a tough time and I empathize with them.  Educate yourself but don't scare yourself.  As you discover symptoms talk to your doctor.

It is relatively easy to live with with a mild to moderate case.

Games & Challenges The Evil Genie Game Sep 07 2007
18:09 (UTC)

Poof - wish granted.  Everything you pick up fits beautifully, as if it were custom made for you.  The fabric all feels delicious and hangs perfectly, hiding anything that needs it and accentuating your best assets.  This goes for shoes, hats, gloves, purses, and of course all clothing.

As a matter of fact, everything is so perfect for you that you cannot resist buying it all.  You spend so much money and time shopping that you forget to work or pay bills and end up  homeless and living in an alley.

Oh, but the evil genie is nothing if not fashion-conscious so you remain the best dressed hobo in a box.

I wish it were 5:00 already. 

Foods What do you use for salad dressing? Sep 07 2007
17:38 (UTC)
Salsa makes a great salad dressing alternative!
The Lounge writing a film... help me!! Sep 05 2007
22:37 (UTC)

Well, given the age difference here's a controversial thought.  (though I don't know your audience or what sort of story this is - a love story?)...

What if she doesn't look quite as mature as she thinks she does, and what if Joe looks a bit older than 31 - you know, a little road worn?

So, Lola sets her sights on Joe and sort of follows/stalks him to learn more about him. She's not as subtle as she thinks she's being and Joe discovers her "detective work."  She's been talking to his friends, etc. etc.

Then let's say that Joe thinks about her for a while and thinks that maybe he might be her father (from a past relationship which you can explore or leave depending on how developed your characters are at this point - and your story length of course) and he befriends her in an almost fatherly way - which she totally misinterprets. BANG - controversy (and a touch taboo)

Both characters gain a bit more depth and complexity.  And the pseudo father-daughter feelings on Joe's part at the beginning make the eventual romantic relationship that much more difficult for the families. It might add a bit of dark comedy to an otherwise been-there, done-that plot.

Just a thought.