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Health & Support Ganglion Cyst Removal! Nov 10 2009
21:53 (UTC)

Hey, my mum had a ganglion cyst on her right hand. She got it removed with a syringe twice (yes it grew back a month after). Right now she only feels a harder bump but it doesn't hurt anymore. The doctor told her not to put too much strain on her right hand and that the bump isn't harmful.

Health & Support Ganglion cyst on wrist - painful!! Aug 10 2009
18:50 (UTC)

I'm glad this topic is still running. My mum has a ganglion cyst on her right wrist and she had it removed twice with a syringe. I don't know what the procedure is called. But the doctor offered to inject something inside to help stunt the re-growth of her ganglion cyst. Except she declined the offer so now it keeps coming back every month or so. The doctor said its caused by too much stress on her wrists. And my mum said she had that bump on her wrist ever since I was born.

I know this doesn't really help you. But I just hope all goes well. I am actually really terrified of possibly developing one myself.

Health & Support stomach flu is killing me!!! Jul 30 2009
20:47 (UTC)

I had the stomach flu a week before exams and it was hell. I did lose a few pounds but after I gained it all back quickly.

I hope you feel better soon!

Health & Support Can I tell my mom about my binge-eating? Jun 24 2009
12:44 (UTC)

After one of my most memorable binges, I told my mom. And all she said was "then stop eating when you're full". And you can imagine, that is difficult for me since I'm a binge eater.

So after a while, it seemed like food shopping was more frequent and so I told my mom again that I have this "problem" of eating alot of things without stopping. From then on, if anyone in the house wanted to bring home cookies, chips, extra bread, extra peanut butter, then they would know to hide it from me.

I really think you should let your parents know.

Health & Support Binges getting worse..... Jun 18 2009
17:21 (UTC)

Hi, I just want to let you know that you're not alone. I have actually stayed up all night eating til it's time for school the next day. I understand how upsetting and painful it is. And after all those binges, I would try to restrict for the rest of the day. But it never worked because I would start the cycle again and binge while everyone else is sleeping.

I don't have an exact solution, but I think you should eat fuller meals in the daytime. And have plently of healthy snacks around when you're feeling hungry. Maybe read a book before bed so that you can sleep easier? Or when you're bored, try knitting/beading/crafts?

I really hope you can find a way to stop this. I'm struggling too.

Foods foods of your childhood: Jun 17 2009
11:46 (UTC)

- Kindersurprise eggs
- sandwiches that had a huge slice on butter inside
- Dunkaroos
- noodles with peanut butter sauce
- chinese dumplings

The Lounge Legal help! Does this mean what I think it means?? May 23 2009
15:45 (UTC)

Hi, I did some research for you and found this "You do not need your spouse’s consent, however, if you have a spouse, you must prove your spouse was given notice of your application to change your name."

I don't know if that will help much, but it's better for you to ask a lawyer.

Foods A Giant Insect in my Salad?!?! May 23 2009
12:32 (UTC)

I once found a lady bug in my lettuce. And this was after I put in the dressing and everything else.

Health & Support 3 days of binging... Support? May 23 2009
12:29 (UTC)

How about try eating 3 meals + 2 snacks a day? Also, add in protein and healthy fats. I know how scary it is, trust me.

Don't give up! If you binge one day, then you've got the next day to try again. And don't restrict either, because that could contribute to binging.

Health & Support 3 days of binging... Support? May 21 2009
19:40 (UTC)

Hi ieevee, my heart goes out to you. I also binge and I totally understand how depressing and painful it is. Maybe your body needs more calories daily? Like, instead of 1500 calories per day, how about 2000? Because when you restrict your intake, your body will go "crazy" and want to eat everything. And since you burn so much calories, having 1500 wouldn't be enough.

Health & Support Bingers! Why can't you just stop?!?! Apr 15 2009
03:52 (UTC)

I guess it is in our own control, as gi-jane said. But I personally, cannot "control" myself to not eat that disgusting pb sandwich from the trash can (done that MANY of times). I wish I had enough willpower to stop myself from binging. I know for myself, I binge because of emotional problems I encounter daily. I have loads of issues to deal with, so I believe food is the only comforting thing for me (though 'tis untrue).

Health & Support eating until sick and full Apr 15 2009
03:47 (UTC)

Wow... you've just retold my life story. Except I usually eat over 3, 000 cals a day. And thats from binging. I totally understand "setting things off limits", then eating it all myself.


I am in the same boat as you.

Weight Loss half a tray of rice krispie treats... Apr 14 2009
04:13 (UTC)

I have a problem with binging. I could easily down 3 trays of rice krispie treats anytime. But something I learned (very painfully), is that tomorrow is another day. Even now, after I binge, I still feel like poop. But at least the calories won't count for tomorrow = new start.

Health & Support I don't know how to eat "normal" meals! Mar 13 2009
18:51 (UTC)

sunshine0808 - I'm pretty sure I have anxiety problems. I eat when I'm nervous for something. It's so frustrating!

mad4moon - OMG! That does make it sound like I have an addiction problem to food. I do depend on food for everything. I never read without food, I never watch tv without food. I wish I knew there are some OA programs near me (Ontario).

Health & Support I don't know how to eat "normal" meals! Mar 13 2009
01:59 (UTC)
Original Post by eerica:

Original Post by strawberry-dolly:

I know I need to get professional help , but it really is difficult! I can't afford to get any psychiatrists help because my mom just doesn't think it's THAT hard to stop my problem. She thinks its just as easy as "just stop eating!" so wasting money on a psychiatrist to her, is not worth it.

my mom is somewhat like your mom, but you can't really blame them. people who haven't suffered an eating disorder, have no chance of ever understanding them.

instead of telling your mom you want help because of your eating problems, tell her you want help because of how you're feeling inside (poor self-image, sad, depressed, etc), and tell her that you're really unhappy. she's your mother; and even though she may not understand, or may not be the most supportive, she loves you, and wants you to be happy.

feel free to message me anytime, okay?

 Awwwww :') Thank you! You know, my friends at school don't even know about it. Well, one girl does. But she doesn't "care" about it because she's too busy trying to lose weight the unhealthy way. Beware, I get pretty annoying after a while >_<

Health & Support I don't know how to eat "normal" meals! Mar 13 2009
01:45 (UTC)

pemberly - you're so nice! Your daughter is really lucky to have you as her mom! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my mom, its just that the way she grew up, she learned at a young age to save food that you think you don't have to eat, for another day. Because she had 8 brothers & sisters, so "overeating" back then was as sinful as killing someone (almost).  You're right, I am sabotaging myself. Something inside of me is trying to get me fat, to make me feel ugly, to make me not strive at other goals in life. :)

funwow - no, I haven't read Wasted. I don't know if my library has it either, because I tried looking for books about overeating and the library only has a three or four books about it, I guess they don't think its important to have more. I hope I can find that book somewhere else!

Health & Support I don't know how to eat "normal" meals! Mar 13 2009
01:12 (UTC)

omg eerica! I'm so glad you understand the things I'm going through! Yes, my grades are dropping because when I "study" or do homework, I'm actually thinking of the foods I should eat while doing schoolwork. And that wastes alot of time! I know I need to get professional help , but it really is difficult! I can't afford to get any psychiatrists help because my mom just doesn't think it's THAT hard to stop my problem. She thinks its just as easy as "just stop eating!" so wasting money on a psychiatrist to her, is not worth it.

It has totally ruined and taken over my life. At parties, I don't talk to anyone, I sit in the corner and eat and eat. I even get people to get me some food because "I haven't tried them yet", but I actually have, about 3 or 4 times already. :/

Health & Support I don't know how to eat "normal" meals! Mar 13 2009
01:07 (UTC)

mcallenelf - thanks for the suggestion of seeing a counselor/nurse. But at my school, the counselors are alot better at telling us which courses would help us in university. They aren't that good in eating / mental disorders. And for nurses, we don't have any at your school :/ But what you said about the "dieing sooner" thing sort of scares me. I hope I'll start to understand that I am actually hurting myself. I want to have a healthy long life!

chrissy1988 - thanks for your suggestion of bringing things I like, I tried that before and it didn't work out because, I would want more and end up finishing the whole box. Thanks again!

Health & Support If I binge on "healthy foods"... (sry, vent) Mar 13 2009
00:35 (UTC)

I know, me too :( I wish I can be in control of my own body again!

Foods . Feb 18 2009
22:58 (UTC)
Original Post by eerica:

i'm in canada. i saw churros on a tv show once, so i know what they look like, but i've never seen them for sale here,  and have never had one.

 Omg eerica, was it Even Stevens where you saw churros?!