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Weight Loss What percent of your body have you lost? Apr 19 2007
14:30 (UTC)
6.0606060606060... % and I didn't even start dieting :-)
Weight Loss Why are you overweight/obese? Apr 18 2007
19:20 (UTC)
I'm not overweight in the eyes of BMI calculators, but in the eyes of god, my doctors, myself, and some other people.
Mainly because I never move, I avoided every kind of sport, even in school, and because I have 4 meals and snack around a lot even tough I'm not hungry, duh.

Fitness WOW... I can't believe i did it... Apr 18 2007
19:06 (UTC)
I mostly do 30 minutes a day...
But, do you really think that's out of the ordinary?
Anyway, congrats!
Motivation Teen weight loss group? Apr 14 2007
19:36 (UTC)
I'm 14, 5' 11", male, and I weight 155 lbs. I used to be 165 but I lost these pounds during a crash diet I went on while deseperate which diet to choose. It was a good motivation to see my friends and family notice it, I never had a noticable overweight, but a belly, and I want to get it flattened. BTW: Am I the only guy here?