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Fitness Marathon Question May 30 2009
01:04 (UTC)

I would do the fuelbelt( is a nice padding on the inside whereas a camelback isn't really designed for the constant jarring in a long run... I just ran my 1st marathon last weekend and you will definietly need one if you are training alone!

Health & Support TELL ME!! how do i look? May 15 2009
22:22 (UTC)

you look shape and healthy! congrats on recoverySmile

Fitness 1st time marathoner... SF July 26th? May 05 2009
01:38 (UTC)

Blondi- Thanks!.I eat about the same...I wasn't sure if it was too much or too little (since I'm 20 and still a 'teen') anyways, I usually just listen to the growls and answer as I also strength train 3 times a week..

Hmmm protein bothers your tummy? I get the fiber and fat..but I have upped my protein intake so I don't burn as much muscle...I also have a sensitive GI and I am VERY glad I've been testing out foods...during my 18 miler I tried gummy bears..bad choice and glad I did that training! I've been able to keep one type of goo in pretty well, and pretzels were a nice addition to frightening as it to try, I'm glad I did during training and it helps SO much once you get into the higher mileage!

Good luck with training! Keep me posted!

Fitness 1st time marathoner... SF July 26th? May 04 2009
13:21 (UTC)

Good luck! I am training for my first marathon as well (Buffalo May soon ah!) Just many calories are you eating a day?

Fitness For all the runners out there!! Apr 19 2009
18:48 (UTC)

i have the nike plus too..but haven't used it in awhile because it was very inaccurate but I think I also need to re-calibrate it...for the time being i have been using the link wrm2105 posted, but I'm planning on investing in a garmin sportswatch so I don't have to pre-plan routes and can rely on the gps.

Fitness For all the runners out there!! Apr 19 2009
02:20 (UTC)

you just made my day...actually weekSmile

I am training for my 1st marathon now and also recovering from a knee injury the first week of training that put me out a month where I gained ten pounds from no cardio and all weight training, but I have been having the hardest time mentally getting over the injury weight gain...but now instead of focusing on the fact that I've only lost about 3 pounds of the injury weight you just reminded me of how proud I am to say that I can run 16miles (longest run to date!) and average 40-50 miles total a THANK YOU! I needed that!

Fitness Please help me she trying to rip me off?? Apr 10 2009
03:17 (UTC)

As a personal trainer myself we are not all in it for the money! Yes, a lot are. I am a part time trainer as well as full time student and it is nice to have a part time job that I enjoy and get to work with people to help motivate them!

Yeah they taught me all those sales pitches but I think I have only sold one package, it's not my thing. I know I hate being pushed to buy so I don't push a sale. All my clients are from our sales guys and I don't pitch my clients renew their training packages once they see I'm worth their money. If someone doesn't renew, I ask if it's because of my training so I can learn to be a better trainer but most of the time it's the money because our club's rate isn't the cheapest and I understand and never push it.

So don't stereotype pleaseeee! I love to workout and I love people and this job is helping pay for my books, I work hard and do my best to help!

Fitness Best way to stretch the calves? Mar 26 2009
17:13 (UTC)

stand on the bottom stair of any staircase so your heels are hanging off and then bend straight down and try to touch your toes...


hope that makes senseSmile

Fitness Love Handles! Need I say more=) Mar 08 2009
14:29 (UTC)

oops yes I meant fat loss...sorry!Innocent

Fitness Knee hurts when running Mar 08 2009
12:16 (UTC)



 I JUST got back to running after almost two months off due to knee pain...I kept trying to run on it and then I rested it for a while and came back too soon a few times and the pain only got worse...I am training for a marathon and started with a 45 mile a week base running 7:40 miles and now I'm just happy to be back (hopefully)

after I finally went to the doctor and MRI showed that I have worn away parts of my kneecap (probably from playing sports) BUT because I have imbalances in my leg, something as simple as switching my sneakers (which I did) set this off where my kneecap was shifting and rubbing against the cartilage and soft tissue...My pain was more Medial (inside) but now it's therapy and a bulky brace for me and there goes making my marathon time goal!

What I suggest is try and find a speciality sneaker store...we have one where they watch you run and walk and find shoes that fit your gait, stride, and arches!Or if you don't have access to a store like that stick with shoes you've never had a problem with...

Good Luck!

Fitness Love Handles! Need I say more=) Mar 08 2009
08:02 (UTC)

I run (maybe 40-45 miles a week) and I still got some little 'muffin tops'

I'm always told to do more weights! The more muscle you have the more fat your body will burn..

but it is also related to overall weight loss..I don't have much more to lose and my body took the fat from other parts (unfortunately lol)

Weight Loss Cellulite--Does it ever go away? Mar 07 2009
18:12 (UTC)

I'm 20..generally fairly healthy eater, drink plenty of water, run 40 miles a week, lift and still have's all genetic and about the breakdown of connective tissue...I'm just learning to love itSmile

Foods Help with TGI Fridays meal choice Feb 28 2009
00:29 (UTC)

I always get the chicken salad (dont remeber the name!) with pecans and craisins and chopped celery but lose the blue cheese and ask them to  just grill the chicken (otherwise it's done in a sauce/glaze) and dressing on the side of course...still very yum!

The Lounge What have you done lately that felt great? Feb 27 2009
03:47 (UTC)

training for a marathon/fundraising for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in memory of my aunt...running for a cause makes those long, tough runs worth it!

Fitness Yeah me! Feb 21 2009
21:00 (UTC)


CONGRATS!!!I know EXACTLY how you feel! Whenever I have a great run I get so excited and happy and when I tell my family and friends they look at me like I have twenty heads! So Great Job!

I also had a great run today! I have been out with an injury almost four weeks and today was my first attempt back and I did 7.5 miles in 1hr and 5 minutes outside in the 18 degree weather! I was SO happy because I thought I was not going to be able to do my marathon at all and to come off such a long rest and still be able to run that far felt great! I've lost 45 seconds off my time but I'm just happy to be running again!!!

So Keep up the good work! If you ever want to message me your excitement feel freeLaughing

Motivation What do you like most about your body? Feb 17 2009
21:30 (UTC)

23inchwaist: Thanks! went to the doctor today and there's still hope! I have to get an MRI but she thinks I may be able to fix the problem with some rehab and hopefully get back to training! Fingers are crossed I'm just thankful there is no major ligament tear! The worst part about it is that I am training with the Leukemia Society to run in Memory of my Aunt who passed and I hope I still can! Positive thoughts!!!

Motivation What do you like most about your body? Feb 17 2009
13:48 (UTC)

First off...I really like this post! I have been feeling awful about myself lately (knee inury so I do not think I can run my marathon and I have had terrible binges lately) so it is nice to sit back and look at the positives:o)

I LOVE my Back/shoulders....I have been working hard and working against  'the pink dumbell theory' and I have had amazing results with my upper body becoming toned! I can actually see my lats lol! I also LOVE my legs (well when I was still running :o( now they are losing their tone)

Health & Support 6 pounds in 2 months..that can't be healthy... Feb 08 2009
22:35 (UTC)

Mmm wish I could do olive oil...but according to my bowels that is one of the biggest NO-NO's lol...I do eat the yolk, but generally just on the weekend...three a week(because cholesterol)so I enjoy them on the weekends because I like to dip my toast in the yolk...and I eat the burgers on buns forgot to mention that...and the thing with beans is the texture (this is where I am a picky eater) the texture makes me nauseous, same with chick peas lol..

and about my IBS I wish I knew..he just told me I had it and pretty much just left me at that..gave a prescrition for 'emergency use only' and that's about it. I'm trying probiotics now to see if they help at all...

thanks for some alternatives to my favorites..I'll add them to the shopping list...what dried fruit do suggest, any certain brand?

Health & Support 6 pounds in 2 months..that can't be healthy... Feb 08 2009
21:20 (UTC)

Thanks for the tips..

should have been more clear with the "good" and "bad" .I have those classifications as what's going to make me so sick that I won't be able to get to work or school and live my life like I need to and as what I know my body can handle so I don't have to worry about if I can make it through all my appointments at work or sit through class...

I do take the time and make my breakfast and lunch and pack snacks but my days are from 8am till 9:30 or 11 at night. I grab stuff as school to compliment what I usually bring but I can't even sneak snacks at work (I'm a personal trainer and I go from appt to appt which makes it hard) I do bring veggies as part of my snacks and I love hummus so I'll see if I can schmooze my dad into putting that on the grocery list (still haven't gotten him to grasp the concept of 100% whole wheat bread lol) otherwise I'll just go buy it myself...never heard of soya but I will try it--yogurt is one thing I really do miss :( I do bring whole natural almonds too...I usually pack egg whites on a wheat wrap to eat as I drive to school and have some piece of fruit with that..I bring an apple, banana, and clementine and eat those throughout along with the almonds, a kashi bar, a wheat turkey wrap, a bag of cut up veggies, and dry cheerios on my longer days I bring a can of tuna and have that quick on the go too...and usually grab a snack at school

When I do get home late I have turkey burgers and boca burgers that I put on the george foreman with a salad and any veggie I can find...I actually did just make a great chili with ground turkey and hominy ( unfortunately I don't like beans) to keep in the fridge for dinners...I'm trying! I'm so deteremined everyday to stop this binge I'm leaving post it notes to myself everywhere lol!

My new goal is to try and stick with the calorie sequence you posted above and not step on a scale for a psyches me out too much...just want to feel good again!

thanks a million for the advice...I'm planning on meeting with an RD once I can rest up my knee and get back into my marathon training as well so I don't hurt myself (nutritionally)

positive positive you got it!Smile

Health & Support 6 pounds in 2 months..that can't be healthy... Feb 08 2009
19:23 (UTC)

"just do it" is I'm so deep in sleep mode but somehow get myself down to the kitchen to manga manga and can barely re-collect doing just happens lol

I will most  definitely read it and I will try even harder to eat even more (sometimes it gets so hard during work and school I can't stop and have a snack so that I know most deifnietly causes binging at night, but I know it is because my body is hungry)

and the restricting part I know is part of the problem...with my IBS I find that it cannot enjoy most of the 'good stuff' like I used to without feeling ill or even eat in large I restrict so I don't feel sick and then eventually I will binge on it and just feel awful (my belly mostly) so I have been trying my best to eat 'the good stuff' in very small portions and moderation and I have had success except for a few slip-ups...

Thanks for the advice and I'm going to keep working on this! I just hate not having control and I want it back!