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Well, I took a looong break from cc the past few months. Travel and summer has kept me very busy, so I havent had much time to log in. The result? I have slacked on the calorie counting, and indulged on summer BBQ's and beer one too many times. Although I have kept active, I am still not at my goal weight.

The Navy Ball is in October and the Marine Corps Ball is in November, and they are both very formal affairs. I want to lose weight so I look good not just for my husband, but more importantly for myself!  I want to feel confident and beautiful in my dress, so here I am! We are also going on a Mediterranean Cruise in November and I want to feel good in the hot tub!

I'm here to kick myself back into action- watch my portion control and calorie intake (1300-1400/day), maintain a constant work out routine (3-4 days/week, soccer, cardio- elliptical/running, strength training), and yoga/pilates once a week.

FIRST GOAL: 143 lbs. October. Navy Ball, and I want to look rockin in my dress.

SECOND GOAL: 140 lbs. November. Marine Corps Ball. Med cruise w/ fam.

ULTIMATE GOAL: Maintain, maintain, maintain 140lbs. My best friend is getting married in May 2009 and I want to look great!!

FITNESS GOAL: Complete a full marathon by spring 2009. I have completed 2 half marathons, but I want to go all the way. I have a few friends who are competing in a few this year, and I am sooo envious.

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