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Weight Loss no calories from fat? Jan 13 2013
18:32 (UTC)

Everything that dbackerfan said is spot on.

Foods I'm low on protein, any recommendations? Dec 28 2012
03:01 (UTC)

Quinoa: it is a complete protein source and vegetarian-friendly

Health & Support in pain Dec 22 2012
03:28 (UTC)

Add 2 tablespoons of psyllium husks to your oatmeal or yogurt. They are a great source of natural soluble fiber.

Health & Support Issues with sugar levels?I think, anyone else? Dec 22 2012
03:22 (UTC)

I would consider your thyroid being a possible culprit...more likely hyper than hypo...but the blood test will certainly give you a lot more insight as to what is going on. Good luck and I hope you find the right treatment for your diagnosis soon.

Foods Too much protein? Dec 17 2012
22:17 (UTC)

Perhaps you had food poisoning?

Motivation My 6th month on CC - before and after pics. Nov 22 2012
04:23 (UTC)

work it, girl. you look amazing. congrats on the weight loss. you have earned all the praise.

Health & Support Help! Nov 17 2012
03:19 (UTC)

Hi Mer55. Welcome!

I am one of those people who lost weight eating more! I joined CC about a year ago posting about a similar situation--I was trying to lose 8 pounds that just wouldn't come off no matter how clean my diet was or how much exercise I was doing. My trainer had me on a 1500 calorie diet. I was starving and burnt out and frustrated. Well...after reading a lot of great advice on the forums here and by doing my own research, I tried a different approach. I finally got myself a Body Media armband and tracked my daily burn rate. From there, I would eat at a 200-300 calorie deficit a day. I could actually eat over 2000 calories! At first the scale bumped up 2 pounds and hovered there for a few weeks. Despite being discouraged by the weight gain, I continued to eat more but I also made sure I was doing heavy weight lifting. And metabolism flipped a switch to ON. And within 6 months, I have shed 9 pounds and very close to my goal weight.

Since I joined CC, I realized it is more important to focus on body composition than losing weight. I definitely feel that because I ate more, I allowed my body to function better and my metabolism has subsequently increased. Also, I never realized how crucial lifting heavy weights is to attaining a better physique! I think it really made a huge difference in getting me to a stronger, healthier place.

Good luck to you and I hope my story has boosted your courage to eat more and not be afraid!

Weight Loss Low Calorie Snack Ideas? Oct 25 2012
03:17 (UTC)

Organic beef jerky: about 70 calories for 1 ounce and packed with protein, no MSG but a bit high on sodium rganic-Original/dp/B000E46LXM


Health & Support Dizziness and white vision upon standing Oct 15 2012
00:59 (UTC)

I agree with moonix. Sounds like low blood pressure may be the cause for the feeling of lightheadedness and temporary visual disturbance when getting up too quickly.

You may want to consult with your PCP in case your symptoms worsen or change.


Weight Loss Protein Rich Foods Sep 12 2012
01:33 (UTC)



Weight Loss 5'1" - 5'2" girls what is your goal weight? Sep 01 2012
23:59 (UTC)

Hi...I am 5'2" with a small to medium frame and currently weigh 113 pounds. My heaviest was about 119 lbs back in Feb 2012. It was terrible because I couldn't fit into any of my clothes and my knees hurt carting all the extra mass around. I am now maintaining at 113 lbs but would love to reduce my body fat a little more even if the scale stays the same.  Just trying to eat plenty of protein, sleep well, and get to the gym 5-6 days a week. If I ended up at a dream weight of 110, I would be ecstatic but only if I had muscle to show for it and not by being "skinny-fat."

Good luck to everyone with their goals!

Weight Loss Females- Do any of you actually eat 2,000 calories a day? Aug 19 2012
01:08 (UTC)

YES! I am 34 yo, just about 5'2", weigh 114 lbs and I eat plenty more than 2,000 calories a day. I probably hover closer to 2,500 calories daily and am able to maintain. I was really stressed and paranoid when I gained from 110 to 119 lbs last summer. However, after cleaning up my diet/nutrition and adding consistent weight lifting to my workouts, I have dropped a lot of body fat. I look a heck of a lot tighter and leaner but the number on the scale has virtually stayed the same.

So, my advice is to feed your body properly and sufficiently in order to make sure your metabolism stays alive and kicking. You are young and at your prime so eat soundly and without fear. Wishing you all the best.

Weight Loss Bodybugg Aug 15 2012
03:30 (UTC)

I use the Body Media Core armband which is pretty much the same as the Bodybugg. I think the calorie burn calculation is quite accurate, but certainly not 100% exact. However, it's a great tool to give you a baseline idea of your metabolism and daily burn to create your fitness plan. The numbers are also motivating and it makes you want to do better each and every day.

I agree with Smashley that the monthly subscription fee can be a deterrent if you don't want a financial obligation to continue using the device. A heart rate monitor is a great alternative to measure calorie burn during workouts.

Weight Loss Jump starting weight loss Aug 06 2012
16:34 (UTC)

If that is you in the profile pic, I don't think you need to lose a single ounce more. Just be healthy and give your body what it needs. Best of luck to you.

Weight Loss do all girls like 6 packs Jul 30 2012
00:13 (UTC)

I don't think a guy needs a 6-pack to be attractive. A nice set of eyes and pleasant face, a radiant personality, intellect, and a good sense of humor will trump a 9% body fat stat in my book.

Oh...and he has to smell good!


Weight Loss Reliability of kitchen scales... Jul 17 2012
13:22 (UTC)

whatever, armando. that's your opinion.

Weight Loss Reliability of kitchen scales... Jul 17 2012
00:44 (UTC)

My digital scale is so dead on accurate! I'd go with the readings from your electronic one.

Weight Loss supplements for weightloss Jul 13 2012
23:03 (UTC)
Original Post by thhq:

Ask your doctor whether amphetamines might be right for you. They were developed during WW2 so that the Nazis could continue marching without food. Sometimes they're still used legally in desperate situations.

For those of us who are not so desperate, calorie counting works pretty well. If you want to jump start your metabolism it's a slam dunk that going for a run will do more for you that getting some franken-additives at the GNC. 

If you want fish oil add fish to your diet. And count the calories. Oily fish like salmon is 2-3X the calories of non-oily halibut and cod.

One more time: Count the calories. Calorie Count is here to help, not to be a billboard for Vi and her friends.

I wonder if you are as miserable in person as you are on this forum.

Health & Support Blood Shot Eyes Jul 05 2012
04:07 (UTC)

And btw, I do think the redness could be a result of your "straining."