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Young Calorie Counters lookin for a buddy:) 13/14 Mar 15 2012
07:41 (UTC)

I'm sure ^.^ there's really nothing you can do that'll fix your problem except tone up maybe. Where your fat distributes is all written in your genes, yo. For example, all of my fat goes to my arms haha ;p but if you looked at me, you wouldn't even notice it because 5 days a week I do light weight lifting. Your thighs are perfect!! :o I don't even know how big mine are lol. I am genuinely sure that you don't need to lose any weight! :D At all. :)


Young Calorie Counters Lose Weight on 2000? Mar 15 2012
07:33 (UTC)

senorawesome19 :: Please don't be mad at Carmen! :( She hasn't even posted here since her last post on March 14. I was the one who said that she was nonjudgemental. I'm sorry, I had no clue that she assumed you were once female. So please, be mad at me and not her! I'd feel terrible if Carmen felt terrible since I'm basically the one who would be making her feel terrible. :s Sorry!

flor1234 :: Hey! :) When you say home, do you mean home alone or home with your parents?? I think you should take the next quarter off, personally. All this worrying and what not about eating couldn't possibly be good on your grades. Maybe if you do end up taking some time off you could go live with your boyfriend or parents? That way your chances of relapsing decrease since you'll have somebody looking after you :D besides, who doesn't love a good home cooked meal?! <3

Maintaining Your theories on how many calories I should be eating each day? :D Mar 14 2012
21:56 (UTC)
Bump! :o
Foods What's for breakfast? Mar 14 2012
20:37 (UTC)

Today ::  10 oz blueberry banana milkshake made with added protein skim milk, serving scrambled egg whites over kale and quinoa

Yesterday :: 2 slices mixed grain bread slices spread with 1 tbsp dry roasted almond butter and 1 tbsp light butter spread, a banana, added protein skim milk, asda's mango passion fruit fruity mousse

Previous to yesterday :: 2 homemade strawberry turnovers, asda's mango passion fruit fruity mousse, an orange, added protein skim milk


Young Calorie Counters lookin for a buddy:) 13/14 Mar 14 2012
15:48 (UTC)

That is not a healthy GW! :( Your already really skinny!! Please don't lose any weight, your perfect just the way you are. 

Young Calorie Counters Lose Weight on 2000? Mar 14 2012
07:36 (UTC)

flor1234 :: No problem :) hehe I'm glad that I helped!

I'm sorry that your heart issues get to you so hard :( <3 I don't really know how hard it can be, but hope that it'll all turn out okay. You persevered through anorexia, so I don't see why you can't persevere through this too! ^.^

I personally think that 2,500 would be just right! But just to be safe, I would aim for 2,300 right now. It might be easier to deal with weight loss at your stage, than with weight gain. Even though losing weight would be terrible, of course! :p But mentally, I think it would be easier to deal with :) ya dig? I use this tool to figure out how many calories I should eat, and I think it might still work for you also since your under the age of 21 like I am. Try it one day, if you ever get the chance! :D You'll obviously need to increase from 2,300 if it that amounts not working, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that haha. xD

senorawesome19 :: Hi :) so not to sound rude or anything, but I don't think you understand. Flor does not know what she's doing (no offense <3). If she did, she wouldn't be asking for second and third opinions on how much she should eat each day. If she knew what she was doing, she would be doing what is best for her right now and cutting out all unnecessary forms of exercise from her daily routine so her heart could get better. If any person with an eating disorder (male or female), knew what they were doing, they wouldn't even have an eating disorder. Carmen is not judging her, and neither am I. We are simply helping her in the ways which we know best :3 just like you!

Young Calorie Counters How many calories do you eat a day???!?! Mar 13 2012
16:23 (UTC)

You are soo skinny! This is not good :( you need to eat more! According to this healthy eating calculator (love you google<3) someone of your height and weight should be eating 1900 calories if inactive, 2300 if slightly active, 2600 if active, and 3200 if super active; and what your currently eating right now isn't even close to inactive! You really need to eat more. And stop losing weight! Your already underweight, and losing anymore weight will just make you well.. dead basically.

Please, for the sake of 13 year old girls everywhere; eat! This planet has too many young, beautiful people on it already who have fallen prey to the nasty world of eating disorders. It makes me terribly sad. Don't do this to yourself! <3

Young Calorie Counters Any 17 ish year olds looking to buddy up? :) Mar 13 2012
09:21 (UTC)

Thank you ;) I like it too! Oh ew no, of course I’m not trying to lose weight lol! Psh I barley lost 2.5 lbs and I can already feel my hipbones rubbing against my skinny jeans more than I’m used to. I don’t even want to imagine what else I’d feel if I lost more weight haha! xD Thank you for your concern though! <3 Yeah, you’re right, perhaps I do need to reevaluate my goals ;p I just answered someone else’s post about a 5’5 girl who weighs 110 pounds, and now I’m thinking “wait—I’m 5’8 and 113 lbs. If they look like that and they’re three inches shorter than me… then what in the world do I look like?!” So now it looks like I’m going to gain a few pounds lol. In my profile picture, I weigh about 120 lbs so that’ll probably be my new goal :) I have a faint memory of being that weight and feeling no different than I do now, so hopefully it’ll all work out well for me ^.^ and you too! :) I hope your recovery goes well!! <3


Young Calorie Counters Lose Weight on 2000? Mar 13 2012
07:43 (UTC)
Original Post by flor1234:

. . . my clothes aren't as comfortable (loose) as they used to be; and it is really getting me.

My clothes get like this too :) but have you ever considered it's because you wash them? I mean, my clothes seem to get tighter and tighter each time I put them in the dryer lol!

I know that you're having a hard time, and I truly am sorry and I do wish you the very, very best! You are an extraordinarily beautiful 19 year old girl, who has just been through way too much in her current lifetime. Your arms are not thick :( and I don't know why in the world you'd think that they are! Don't let something as petty as an eating disorder hold you back in life. Don't let it get to you! You say your scared of whatever you might weigh. Well aren't you scared of whatever might happen to you? What if this eating disorder was the only thing in this world holding you back. You could be anything! :D But because of one thing, you never will be.

I think that you need to conquer this fear of yours :) and soon. I know you can do it, I've read through some of your posts and you sound like a very strong person. So I know you know you can do it too! 2,000 calories is not piggish. If it is, what does that make me, a 17-year-old girl who eats 2,500 calories? A cow? No. That'd be weird, I'm a capricorn not a taurus xD.

In conclusion, don't let your ED hold you back, and I hope your heart get's better! ^.^

Young Calorie Counters Lose Weight on 2000? Mar 12 2012
22:03 (UTC)
With the amount of exercise you do I don't see why you wouldn't lose weight on 2000 calories! :) But why would you want to? Sorry, just curious haha!
Young Calorie Counters Any 17 ish year olds looking to buddy up? :) Mar 12 2012
20:40 (UTC)


Young Calorie Counters *Young Calorie Counters ~ POST HERE TO FIND A BUDDY OR TWIN* Mar 12 2012
18:42 (UTC)

Hi, I'm Star :) any 17 ish year olds looking to buddy up??

Age: 17 (as of December 27!)

Weight: 113 pounds

Height: 5'8

Goal: My current goal is to gain weight up to 115 120 lbs :3 but after that, it's basically to maintain. I'm heading off to college this summer, so if your in college or going to be going to college soon like I will be, PM me! :) I'd LOVE to be buddies <3 Oh, and I'd also prefer it if you lived in the UK like I do! That way there won't be so big of a time difference lol.