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Pregnancy & Parenting 38 week appt. and baby to come 10/6 or 10/7!!!!! Sep 30 2008
18:24 (UTC)
considering sometimes the exam can hurry it along as well(when the cervix is ready) it might be a good idea to get your bag ready by the door and put things on hold for a couple of days

I miss babies so much! Im done with that but miss it a lot!
Pregnancy & Parenting 38 week appt. and baby to come 10/6 or 10/7!!!!! Sep 30 2008
18:16 (UTC)
do u really think that baby will make it?
Pregnancy & Parenting 37 week appointment update. How are the rest of you? Sep 30 2008
16:54 (UTC)

I was just over 39 weeks and I woke up at 330 am with back pain.  went to bathroom and had my show.  I knew I was having contractions so I got in the shower.  Stayed there for 1.5 hours, felt nothing, no contractions at all.  So got out at 5am.  Only could handle contractions for 1/2 hr got back in shower.  I had a stool in there that I sat on and used the shower wand on my back and belly.  While in shower didnt feel any contractions.  Honest I didnt.  Got out of shower and left for hospital at 645am.  Got to hospital and was checked around 730 am was 6 cms.  I then got back into shower at hospital around 8am! Finally got out about 915am.  nurse checked me was 9 cms.   I started pushing at 945am and my son was born at 1005am 

I strongly recommend using the shower instead of bath for labour.

I also laboured in shower for 2nd after the docs broke my water. 
Pregnancy & Parenting 37 week appointment update. How are the rest of you? Sep 29 2008
18:25 (UTC)
Shill I wouldnt wish such a short one on anyone  To Hard.  The language I used was horrible and I almost had my last in the wheelchair!!  The 6 1/2 hr one was by far my favourite of all!
Pregnancy & Parenting 37 week appointment update. How are the rest of you? Sep 29 2008
18:14 (UTC)
@ newveggie

I have had 3 all natural births.  With their weights and labour times as listed

#1 7pds 7 ounces 6 1/2 hours labour and delivery

#2 6pds 13 ounces 5 hours labour and delivery

#3 7 pds 1 ounce 2 3/4 hours labour and delivery.

For my first 2 I spent most of my time in the shower with the removable shower wand on my back and stomach, while I sat on a small plastic stool.  I never felt the contractions at all and I also think gravity helps alot.  With my last was only at hospital for 45 mins so not much prep time there.

The doctor who delivered my first refers it to textbook.  No intervention at all by the docs.  Easy labour.  Used breathing techniques.  Was able to move around, never bed ridden(thats got to be the worst position to labour in).  I made sure that with my next 2 kids the doctors were fine with following my birth plan.  They obliged nicely!

Adding for second.   The docs broke my water after being 3 cms and 80% for 2 weeks.  Labour started on own after 1 hr.

with last doc did a vaginal sweep or sometimes called a membrane sweep.  I was 3 cms and 80% again and doc did sweep at 10 am labour started at 3pm same day.. 

Ive never had an epidural,pitocin, demorol(sp), nitrous or whatever else they give you during labour and delivery.
Pregnancy & Parenting Is decaf okay?!? Sep 26 2008
00:31 (UTC)
have a cup a day.   My doc said  as long  as not overdone its fine
The Lounge Wedding Planning 101- and how to save some $$ Sep 19 2008
20:23 (UTC)
one way I saved was just placed an empty vase in centre of table.  One that could hold only 6-8 flowers.  Sent gueasts note that we wanted our guests to bring one flower each, something that symbolized love to them, and then our guests made the arrangements themselves for their own tables
Pregnancy & Parenting Low carb diet during pregnancy?! Sep 19 2008
18:52 (UTC)
What about switching from simple carbs to complex carbs.   Simple carbs like white bread, white pasta, white rice and potatoes(boiled) spike blood sugar b/c they are processed so quickly by our digestive system.  Try whole wheat everything
The Lounge What's your pirate name? Sep 19 2008
14:36 (UTC)

They call me Fat-Assed Jane Cutler.  Please to meet you.
The Lounge Nationalties Sep 18 2008
16:08 (UTC)
just to clarify  I live in toronto.

and you ask anyone who isnt of a visible minority what they are and they will answer something other then canadian even if they were born here.

And there are visible minorities who r 2 and 3 generation who still say they are the nationality of the forefathers
The Lounge Nationalties Sep 18 2008
15:15 (UTC)
@ #39

Mainly because it creates more stereotypes, generalizations on specific communities within a city.   It also segregates communities because their is no cross over with other races, cultures etc.  I know this as I live in a city that has so many distinct communities and there is a level of mistrust that goes on
The Lounge Nationalties Sep 17 2008
22:58 (UTC)
Someone is going to probably jump down my throat.  But I have a real problem with people saying they are such and such but completely forget the country they are born in.

I'm Canadian.  Proud of it and dont even refer to myself as anything else.
The Lounge book -> movie casting Sep 16 2008
18:15 (UTC)
When I read Stephen King's Misery.  I pictured annie wilkes exactly the way she appeared on screen with Kathy Bates playing her!!  It was eerie!!
The Lounge Starting kids early in school Sep 16 2008
17:42 (UTC)
In ontario, my province kids start junior kindergarten the year they turn 4.  So in september you can have kids 4yrs 9months and as young as 3 yrs 9 months.  Some of the older kids arent ready and visa versa.  I feel just start them the yr they are allowed to start school
The Lounge Off to The Great Gig in the Sky Sep 16 2008
15:32 (UTC)
have u watched the clips on youtube of Live at Pompeii!!

They r so young.  Music just doesnt have the same feel today that it had in the 70's
The Lounge The crisis on Wall Street - Is all in your head? Sep 15 2008
17:50 (UTC)
Im no expert and have read only bits and pieces but 7 years or so ago american mortgage companys and banks were practicly giving away mortgages to individuals and families who could barely afford the rock bottom rates then.  Fast forward to 5 year renewal time and guess what all those mortgages'  interests rates went up 4-6%.   those families who could barely afford those monster homes then now cant pay their mortgages at all.  Everything defaulted back to the bank( there seems to be way too many banks in the states) and the banks are no longer making money etc and going bankrupt.
Pregnancy & Parenting Spacing out the babies- how long did you wait? Sep 13 2008
19:16 (UTC)
I prefer 3 years between.  That way oldest is toilet trained, sleeping thru the night, able to follow directions and eating on their own without any help.

my three are aged 13 1/2, almost 9 and and 5
The Lounge how many ex boyfriends do you have? Sep 10 2008
15:24 (UTC)
For me

all of these guys were just before I turned 18

8 ex boyfriends with for 3 months or more

and around 7 one nighters

I met my now husband right after I turned 18.  Im now 38
The Lounge Favourite 5 Bands/Artists Sep 10 2008
15:15 (UTC)


Pink Floyd


Bare Naked Ladies
The Lounge Canadian Political Issues Sep 09 2008
21:34 (UTC)
Im in the city all canadians hate. 

We usually have anywhere from 8-12 people running in my riding for federal elections.

My concerns are taxes, healthcare and education.  If I could take NDP's social structure and meld it with the Conservatives determination and crackdown on unions I would be very happy.  I also have concerns over immigration.  In 2007 just over 50% of all immigrants came to Toronto.  So far in 2008 the figure has actually dropped to just over 1/3.