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Young Calorie Counters Depression.. Jul 16 2012
23:39 (UTC)
I have problems with depression too, but I don't handle it well. I eat and sleep a lot and end up gaining more weight, which in return makes me feel worse.
Young Calorie Counters 5'5 and 5'6 people Jul 16 2012
23:37 (UTC)
I'm 5'5 and weigh 135, I want to weigh 120
Young Calorie Counters Relationships Jul 05 2012
04:57 (UTC)
Relationships suck
Young Calorie Counters what happen to "I'm a strong, independent woman" Apr 11 2012
11:11 (UTC)
I do.
Young Calorie Counters The pounds won't come off. HELP!!!!! Apr 08 2012
19:34 (UTC)
You're exercising and muscle weighs more.
Young Calorie Counters Am I anorexic?? Apr 06 2012
04:49 (UTC)
Punch your sister in her tits for causing you to have an eating disorder.
Young Calorie Counters 5' 3" 130lbs. female What is your skirt or jean size? Apr 06 2012
04:47 (UTC)
5'5 126 anywhere from a 6 to an 8
Young Calorie Counters How can I diet without feeling faint? Apr 06 2012
04:45 (UTC)
Eat more you will lose weight.
Young Calorie Counters I don't even want to know how much I used to eat Apr 06 2012
04:44 (UTC)
It is a lot of calories.

I don't want to go over 1500.

But I used to probably eat like almost 3000. Since I got to 2000 something even when I wasn't eating as much and as bad as usual
Young Calorie Counters anxiety attacks Apr 04 2012
13:39 (UTC)
I never had these problems when my antidepressants were working.
Young Calorie Counters anxiety attacks Apr 04 2012
10:06 (UTC)
I usually just go to sleep. And I'm okay when I wake up but that takes so much time I need because I will fall asleep and be asleep Atleast 2 hours
Young Calorie Counters anxiety attacks Apr 04 2012
01:53 (UTC)
And no triggers that I know of
Young Calorie Counters anxiety attacks Apr 04 2012
01:53 (UTC)
Im borderline agoraphobic. I Have clinical depression, and I've built a tolerance to my medication and I think because it's not working not only am I depressed but it's causing other issues
Young Calorie Counters what size do you wear and what size would you like to be? Apr 03 2012
19:11 (UTC)
I'm 5'5 and I weigh 126 and I'm a size 8
Young Calorie Counters I'm counting calories again. Apr 03 2012
01:02 (UTC)
I don't have an eating disorder now. I want to lose weight healthily.
Young Calorie Counters I'm counting calories again. Apr 02 2012
22:37 (UTC)
If I'm not obsessing over my calories I obsess over other things, like picking at my skin. Which is getting really ugly.
Young Calorie Counters no more counting calories Apr 02 2012
19:06 (UTC)
When I don't count my calories I extremely over eat. So I'm starting again
Young Calorie Counters I binged again today :c Feb 14 2012
16:26 (UTC)
I stopped counting calories and I got out of it. I'm fine
Young Calorie Counters If you had the ability to make 1 food calorie-free, what food would you choose??? Feb 13 2012
04:24 (UTC)
Cookie dough. Or cheese.
Young Calorie Counters I ate a lot today Feb 12 2012
15:21 (UTC)
I don't know if I should keep counting my calories or not. I want to lose weight, but I don't want to get an eating disorder which I was pretty close to having. I started to break out of it yesterday. But I don't know. I think the reason I was able to not care what I ate was because I was so happy. But I'm never that happy.