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Young Calorie Counters 16 and needs to get fit for soccer! Jan 26 2008
14:13 (UTC)

Hey, even if you scored 2 goals, that's awesome that you made varsity as a freshman, let alone played, let alone EARNED your letter (4 players on varsity this year didn't step on the field once and got a varsity letter. One was basically a JV player too. AND they actually had the balls to get varsity jackets. It's ridiculous.)

It's different when you're a goalie, because you kind of have to be patient and just wait for the older goalies to graduate before it's your turn to shine.

On the rare occassion I don't play goalie I play midfield, both outside and middle. I always felt that the outside mids run more, and the center mids was to hover in the middle, mostly. I guess it depends on what system you guys play. Do you play a 4-4-2 (4 def. 4 mids. 2 strikers), a 4-3-3, etc? Cause it differs I guess lol

Young Calorie Counters Teens: what did YOU eat today? Jan 25 2008
22:49 (UTC)

Breakfast - Bowl of Fiber One and an Apple and tea

Snack 1 - Special K Protein Bar

lunch - Fiber One Bar and half a slice of pizza (someone made a "your cheating OMG" comment while I was eating it and i lost my appetite lol)

Snack 1 - 1/4 a cantaloupe

Dinner - 1/2 cup of egg whites on whole wheat bread

I'm gonna have more later, because I've only had about 1000 calories.

Young Calorie Counters 16 and needs to get fit for soccer! Jan 25 2008
17:49 (UTC)
Yeah I just want to give you a heads up, I'm a goalkeeper, so it's a tad differnet for me.

I was a JV player this year and I play on a well revered travel team.
Young Calorie Counters 16 and needs to get fit for soccer! Jan 25 2008
02:06 (UTC)
So, I'm curious, what level of soccer are you trying to be a starter in? And what position do you play?

And...I play lacrosse too =) I have that this spring too.
Young Calorie Counters Teens: what did YOU eat today? Jan 25 2008
01:47 (UTC)

Breakfast - Bowl of cheerios, an apple, and tea

S1 - Special K Protein Bar

Lunch - Cantaloupe, 2 cookies, Whole wheat peanut butter sandwich, and an orange

S2 - Baked lays potato chips

Dinner - Chicken noodle soup and a whole wheat grilled cheese

S3 - A small handful of cheerios with a small bit of peanut butter

Health & Support Girls who lost their period? Jan 24 2008
01:47 (UTC)
Yeah, after having my extremely short one day period, I recently noticed that my stomach started to feel really bloated. I'm glad that's due to low estrogen levels. I was ready for me to be the one in 1 billion girls who gets pregnant from sitting on a seat that some kid masterbated on or something.
Young Calorie Counters Teens: what did YOU eat today? Jan 24 2008
01:06 (UTC)

Breakfast - Bowl of cheerios and tea

Snack 1 - Special K Protein bar

Lunch - Small salad, apple, and whole wheat peanut butter sandwich

Snack 2 - Chex mix and healthy sugarfree whole wheat cinnamon toast

Dinner - Whole wheat grilled cheese and a piece of grilled chicken

Snack 3 - Bowl of Fiber One

Fitness Spin Classes and calories burned.. Jan 23 2008
17:30 (UTC)
Spin is actually in the excercise archive. Just search "spin". I believe it lists it at 560 calories/hour or something of the sorts.
Young Calorie Counters ' Jan 23 2008
01:50 (UTC)
Stupid chem and (literally) 550 word vocab tests...
Health & Support Girls who lost their period? Jan 22 2008
22:27 (UTC)
I'm kind of worried about my period too. About 3 or 4 weeks ago, I got my period - for a day. And then it stopped, and I haven't gotten it since. It occured on schedule, but now I'm kind of worried. Is that normal, or is that anything to be nervous about?
Young Calorie Counters 16 and needs to get fit for soccer! Jan 22 2008
21:30 (UTC)
Haha I live in central jersey (girl's soccer is EXTREMELY popular here) and ackkk msns one of the few things I don't have. I have AIM and Yahoo messenger though =)
Young Calorie Counters Teens: what did YOU eat today? Jan 22 2008
20:48 (UTC)

Breakfast - Bowl of cheerios and tea

S1 - Special K Protein bar

Lunch - Fiber One Bar, 1/4 a cantaloupe, and a small mixed salad.

S2 - An apple and a slice of healthy cinnamon toast (whole wheat bread, veggie oil, splenda, and cinnamon)

Dinner - Grilled chicken and a whole wheat grilled cheese sandwhich.

S3 - Slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter

Fitness Do you wear a Sports Bra? Jan 22 2008
20:21 (UTC)
I love sports bras. They're so much more comfortable, especially when you're working out. No clips, no flopping, no worres =D

(I may be a bit biased though. I love being flat, so I love sports bras).
Weight Loss Foods you avoid like the PLAGUE!! Jan 22 2008
20:16 (UTC)

Chinese Food, Pizza, and Fast food. Once I start...I can't stop.

Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Oh how I miss it...

Chocolate chip cookies too...and the cafeteria tater tots and chicken patties...

Geez, I gave up a LOT...

Weight Loss What's the 1st thing you will do for yourself when you hit your goal weight? Jan 22 2008
20:08 (UTC)
New clothes + new haircut. Buy a tankini! =D =D =D Go to the beach! Strut my stuff, heh heh =P
The Lounge I Got A New Haircut [= -Completely Different Change- Jan 22 2008
20:04 (UTC)
Critique the hair, not the facial expression =P Teen girls tend to make odd facial expressions because it simply amuses us.

I like your hair, it's got a nice shade and you pull off the bangs very well.
Young Calorie Counters ' Jan 22 2008
02:08 (UTC)
I'm reading this because I don't feel like memorizing my Spanish Mid term oral. Ughhhh. I have a test on the success of Jeffersonian democracy tomorrow too...
Young Calorie Counters 16 and needs to get fit for soccer! Jan 21 2008
22:13 (UTC)
I'd be glad to help you =)

Soccer is love. Hence my name =D
Fitness favourite cardio! Jan 21 2008
21:49 (UTC)

I love jogging outside, especially in the evening. You can just let your mind wander and just...keep jogging.

Over the summer I used to run for an hour at least without stopping. I just love it for some reason.

Young Calorie Counters calories Jan 21 2008
21:37 (UTC)
To keep it simple, just count the calories. A calorie is a calorie, whether it came from sugars, polyunsaturated fat, pure protein, alcohol, whatever...

However, I reccommend you just see how much fat you're getting, and that you're not exceeding the DV. Count the grams of fat you have, or better yet, just enter what you eat into the food logs on this does the math for you ^_^