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Weight Loss help! weekend binges! Apr 03 2007
20:29 (UTC)
well i'm a 21-year-old college female, about 5'7", 195 lbs

during the week i generally consume between 1200-1500 calories- i recently was under doctor supervision to lose weight (so far i've lost about 40 lbs) and they recommended that i try to stick to around 1500 or so. my eating habits are relatively good during the week- i avoid junk food, i don't drink alcohol, i try to take in a sufficient amount of protein and fiber, and i tend to guzzle water. it's just the weekends that kill me.
Foods How to add foods that are a healthy choice? Jan 31 2007
03:36 (UTC)
Try adding calories in small increments throughout the day, like having a protein shake or bar every few hours. 
Foods Diet Pop? Jan 31 2007
03:31 (UTC)
i totally know how you feel! people are always making fun of me for drinking so much diet pepsi- it's like my heroin! lol anyway, i've heard that 1-2 diet sodas a day isn't that bad, but drinking too many can be unhealthy because of aspartame and the presevatives and can actually be counterproductive to weight loss (don't quote me on that though) .... i've actually heard that cutting out soda all together can result in about a 5 lb weight loss, whether it's regular or diet, but i'm not sure if that's true. i'm trying to substitue diet pepsi for flavored fizzy water so we'll see how that goes. 
Weight Loss College Students Jan 31 2007
03:22 (UTC)
i'm so excited that there are other college students on this board! yay! anyway, i'm a senior at gonzaga university in spokane and i'll be graduating in may of 2007 with a major in business administration concentrating in law and public policy and a minor in vocal performance, specifically opera.

height- 5'7"- medium build, but i've got a ton of muscul so i look like i weigh a ton less than i really do

starting weight- my highest was about 235
current weight- 192 (i lost a lot last semester)
goal- i'd like to get down to 135-140, although right now, just fitting into a size 10 will work for me! :)