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Motivation ***Christian Calorie Counters (CCC) Continues*** Oct 10 2007
19:35 (UTC)
Chrissy...I'm so glad that you were uplifted and are feeling a bit better now.  I'm glad we could be here for you!  Please keep us informed on how your Cooper is doing.

Molly...thank you for the veggie info.  You really are so good at this stuff!  So, really I need to drink more water.  I do know that, I just need to do it!  Kind of like the exercise.  :)  I drink an average of 64 ounces a day but I guess I'm supposed to drink 1/2 my body weight.  Yikes!

This will be my new motto..."Water fuels the fiber carts that haul fat and toxins out of our bodies."
Motivation ***Christian Calorie Counters (CCC) Continues*** Oct 10 2007
16:35 (UTC)
( thank Mandy for the recipe) I thought Molly made it as she is always giving us the fantastic recipes!  Thanks Mandy... Wow that looks really good right now.  I'm ready for lunch!  :)  I hear ya on the exercise too.  I tell myself that EVERYDAY.  I still have not found the motivation to actually get off my lazy butt and get into any kind of consistent routine though!

Chrissy, I‚??m so glad you stopped in here today!

Feel free to come on in and fellowship or ask for prayer or encouragement whenever you want.

I checked your journal and just wanted to say that I‚??m so sorry that you are feeling so down about your little Cooper.  I certainly know how animals become an important part of the family and how much it hurts when they are ill or injured.  Pam‚??s family just recently dealt with the loss of a beloved dog so I‚??m sure she can relate to how scared you are feeling right now.

Lord, we ask you to comfort Chrissy and her family today while they deal with the injury of their family pet, Cooper.  Father we praise and thank you that you are our COMFERTOR  and that you and you alone know how to comfort each of us intimately. We all have things in our lives through which you can show your presence to us.  Thank you for your presence Lord.  Thank you for all you give to us.  Amen.

Motivation ***Christian Calorie Counters (CCC) Continues*** Oct 10 2007
15:19 (UTC)
Good morning gang,

Pam...our new freind waytofat told me her name was Jennifer.  I hope she dosen't mind us calling her by her real name?  Let us know if you'd rather use your "screen name" here though. 

Mandy, I‚??ve wanted to ask Molly that question but didn‚??t want to get too personal.  Ha-ha.  I know we‚??re all friendly here.  So‚?¶now that it‚??s out in the open... ha-ha.  Hope you don‚??t mind this question‚?¶Molly or Pam or other veggie lovers‚?¶without getting a little too personal do you have any side effects from all the veggies?  I LOVE veggies but find that I‚??m scared to eat them sometimes because they make me feel so ummmm ‚??gassy‚?Ě.  Oh boy, maybe I should have started a new thread to ask this one!  J

Now that that‚??s out of the way, onto important stuff‚?¶Jennifer ‚?? Praise the LORD for answered prayers.  Thanks for the update about Samuel.  Will continue to ask for healing for this precious little boy.

Mmm, quiche.  I haven‚??t had that in ages.  I‚??m going to check out those recipes.  I‚??m making a yummy chicken chili in the crockpot today.  It‚??s not really feeling like Fall here yet (FL) but I‚??m hoping for some cooler weather soon. 

Oh yeah, Jennifer‚?¶don‚??t pay any attention to the scale.  Scales are evil.  As long as you know you are making better, healthier choices you should feel good about that!  I know the scale is important because weight loss is really about the #‚??s but it can get rather stressful seeing those #‚??s fluctuate sometimes!  I‚??ve FINALLY gotten to the point where I can put the scale away all week and have 1 weigh in day (Saturday). That‚??s the only day the scale comes out or else I‚??ll obsess over it.  J  Sad but true!

Anyway‚?¶have a great day everybody!
Motivation ***Christian Calorie Counters (CCC) Continues*** Oct 09 2007
17:45 (UTC)
ok Sue, I see where it says down 28 by your pic!  Never mind my dumb question.  That is AWESOME!  28 pounds!  Way to go!!!

If I knew how to draw the little cheerleaders for you I would.  :) 
Motivation ***Christian Calorie Counters (CCC) Continues*** Oct 09 2007
17:42 (UTC)
good morning everyone.  or...good afternoon I guess. Where did the morning go?!  :)  Nice to see Kim and Dances stopping in today.  Hello to both of you.  We miss you around here.  Thanks for the scripture Dances. put a new picture up.  You look great!  Share with us how much weight you have lost because you definately look slimmer than the picture you had up before.  Of course, I mean that in a good way.  :) a mother of teens I found your testimony very comforting!  God is so awesome.

Kat...I hope you didn't mix the smoothie and sausage together.  :)

I do agree about the computer time...I spend way too much time on here but...I feel that it is time well spent.  I find it very uplifting and helpful in the place I'm at right now in my life.  I still get my job done, spend time with family, etc.  so I feel ok about it.

Ok...I could be exercising instead of on the computer but that's asking a little too much isn't it?!  :)
Motivation MOLLY'S DIET RANTS! (ranting, raving, motivating & more) Oct 09 2007
01:06 (UTC)
Molly, Love the new pics!  It's nice to put a face with a name!  You and your hubby are so cute.  I HATED the thought of putting pics up on my profile.  I generally try to avoid the camera at all costs! :)  But...I would strongly reccommend doing the "before" pic.  Pictures don't lie!  :)  I cannot wait to go back and look at the fat pics and say WOW I cannot beleive I was that fat and I'll NEVER let myself get that way again! 

Kris...I have a freind that had the gastric bypass too.  She was craving mcdonald's one day so we went (I know bad...very bad)  She had 2 chicken nuggets and was full!  Can you beleive that?! 2!! Of course, we won't get started on what one of those "mc" nuggets really consists of.

Ok...sorry for rambling and not really ranting either!  I just got so excited about seeing Molly's new pics, I had to post!  :)
Motivation ***Christian Calorie Counters (CCC) Continues*** Oct 08 2007
17:39 (UTC)
I agree Mandy.  You are doing amazingly well.  Good for you! You are a brave woman tackling both at the same time!  :)  But I know you can do it! 

I'm SO happy that you are joining the challenge too!!!
Motivation From a size 26 to a 6 - Before and After pictures Oct 08 2007
17:22 (UTC)
You are awesome star!!  WELL DONE!  Thank you very much for posting your pics.  It provides much needed motivation and encouragment! 
Motivation ***Christian Calorie Counters (CCC) Continues*** Oct 08 2007
03:38 (UTC)
Molly, I had some lowfat pumpkin ice cream this weekend!  I know it wasn't nearly as healthy as your pumpkin dessert but it was yummy!! :) On another squash related note...we had spaghetti squash for dinner tonight.  I have not had it in years but wanted to try it after reading the "molly's diet rants thread" squash suggestions.  It can totally be subsituted for real spaghetti noodles.   We just cooked it at 375 for an hour and scooped out the "spaghetti" like strands.  Served with pasta sauce, spinich and some low fat mozzarella.  Very yummy!'s my points for the week. I hope my math is correct.  It's late and I'm tired :)

Spiritual Food - ___3__Days - __3___ Points
Exercise - ___30___ Minutes - ___2___Points
Fruits/Veggies - __32____ Servings - ___32___ Points
Skipped Dessert - __5____Days - ___5____Points
Water - __416___Ounces - __52____Points
Sunshine - ___4____ Days - ___8____ Points

Total Week 1 = 102

Weight = 250  (looking forward to seeing the 240‚??s!)  :)

Good night all!
Motivation ***Christian Calorie Counters (CCC) Continues*** Oct 07 2007
22:23 (UTC)
Welcome waytofat! Do you want to be called that or something else.  :)  I feel like I'm talking to myself!  ha-ha. 

Seriously though, I'm SO glad you found us here and want to sign up for the challenge!!  Our wonderful friend Pam is the leader and keeps track of our progress for us.  This month's challenge we report our weekly points by Monday to her.  Let us know if you have any questions about anything.  I have just been keeping track of my points in an excel spreadsheet I set up so it makes it a bit easier to track.  Some people just write them down, whatever is easiest for you!  I just think it's a great way to be held accountable for what we put into our bodies and staying focused on why we are doing this.  :)  However, if you don't want to do the challenge feel free to come in and fellowship WHENEVER you want to! 

ps. I had a look at your profile pic.  ADORABLE!  4 little girls...that must be SO much fun!  :)
Motivation ***Christian Calorie Counters (CCC) Continues*** Oct 07 2007
16:31 (UTC)
oh wow.  Dances, you shocked me this morning. I came in here to find the CCC thread locked and saw your messages.  Best of luck to you with your move.  I know what a HUGE task that is as we just moved cross country last year.  It's a lot of work!  I certainly hope you still come in and visit us once in a while though.  You've been such an inspiration to me over the last couple of months!  We love you!!

Pam...thank you so much for continuting the the thread!  I'm still in the challenge with you.  Anyone else want to join the challenge??  It's really not a competition.  Just a GREAT way to keep yourself accountable and learn how to keep on track with the healthy eating plan.  The Lord is in control of our lives and we have to remember that to succeed! that was creative cooking.  Turkey and mushroom tacos!  I'm not sure you'd find that in any cookbook!  :)  It does actually sound really good though (just like everything else you make)  :) glad you found us here.  Looking forward to chatting with you.  This site has been such a blessing to me and I hope it will be for you too!

Good morning to everyone else.  Hope everyone will wander on over to this new thread and say HI!

Have a Blessed Sunday.  Will pop in later...
Motivation rough week = shaky lacey Oct 03 2007
20:59 (UTC)
Hey, I was just reading thru threads and wanted to let you know that you're not alone!  I'm the same way...if I screw up one day I think "oh well, I guess I just CAN'T do this!"  I've found the advice from other's here at CC very helpful... If you have a bad day, just pick up the peices and start again.  Nobody is perfect and this dieting/healthy living lifestyle is NOT easy stuff sometimes!  The important part is getting back on track and changing little things at a time.  It cannot all be done overnight and it's important to remember that.  Unfortunately the weight is SO much harder to get off than it is to put on!  :)
Motivation Christian Calorie Counters "CCC" Oct 02 2007
23:12 (UTC)
Hey agent7...I will attempt to answer your question...   :)  We had a guest speaker here a while back "loosingthepounds" (Tricia)  Look her up here if you get a chance.  She is very knowledgeable and helpful about diet/nutrition. She's the one that taught a lot of us about the BMR.  The basal metabolic rate.  This is the # of calories you burn by doing absolutely staying in bed ALL day.  Once you know your BMR, you can use that # to figure out the # of calories you need to eat to lose weight. 

For example if your BMR is 2000 (just picking a # out of the air)

You would use this formula:

2000 x 7 (days in a week) = 14,000 - 3500 (calories in a pound)

Your BMR would be the # of calories you could eat (example: 2000 daily) to maintain.  If your goal is to lose weight you would aim to eat 500 fewer calories per day  (by eating less and burning calories through exercise)  I still haven't made the exercise thing a habit, so I just "try" to eat 500 less calories a day. doing this, you should see a weight loss of 1 to 1.5 pounds a week. 

so you would aim to eat around 1500 calories a day or 10,500 a week.  Basically, you need to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 pound of fat.

Also, you should NEVER eat less than 1200 calories a day because this can put your body into starvation mode.

I hope that all makes sense.  Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer.  I'm fairly new at this but the whole BMR thing was a HUGE light bulb for me.  It just all clicked all of a sudden and I know what I NEED to do to get this weight off.  Of course, it's not really that difficult but it really made me sit down and figure out what my body needs to function and how much overeating all those calories put me in the shape I'm in!
Motivation Christian Calorie Counters "CCC" Oct 02 2007
19:30 (UTC)
awww, thanks Pam!  You are a ray of sunshine on this dreary, cloudy, rainy day.  (guess I'm not getting the sunshine points today!) 

Dances...Way to go on the weight loss! Why do those scales play tricks with our minds like that!  I'm in on the Ocotober challenge with you.  I'm going to try to be as disciplined as you and Molly!  :)  The ice cream occasionaly calls my name too though.  ha-ha :) are AWESOME.  You are an excellent example of a Christian man and the Lord is cheering for you today (just like we are here at CCC)!  You always bring to mind Mark 1 (v15 I think...I don't have time to look it up right now) the calling of the disciples.  It's evident that the Lord has given you such a gift and I applaud you for your effort to disciple to others.'re doing great!  You're an inspiration for me to get my lazy butt up to do some exercise!

Agent7...don't feel guilty about your eating over the weekend.  Trust me, we've ALL had those day. The important part is picking up the pieces and moving forward.  We're here for you.

Hope everyone else is having a Blessed day! 
Motivation Christian Calorie Counters "CCC" Oct 02 2007
02:23 (UTC)
thanks Pam!

Alright, just dug the measuring tape out of the junk drawer where it's sat since the last challenge in August :)   

Here they are...

Chest = 50

Waist = 47

Hips = 46

Arms = 13.5

Legs = 24
Motivation Christian Calorie Counters "CCC" Oct 01 2007
22:41 (UTC)
Molly, don't be shy...those inches are going to be melting away pretty soon!  :)  Way to go on the weight loss this week!!  You'd definately have us beat anyway with all those vege servings you incorporate into your diet!  Wow.

Pam, I'm back in the challenge for October.  I need to do it because it really helped me to stay focused.  I've been maintaining 251 for the last couple of weeks.  Of course I know why...because I've kind of steered off the track a little.  But least I didn't see any gain.  That's a good thing.

So anyway...count me in for the October Challenge please.  Current weight is 251 and I'll get you the measurements a bit later, althought I'm sure they're about the same as Augusts final ones.

Thank you!

Motivation Christian Calorie Counters "CCC" Sep 28 2007
19:23 (UTC)
I think I would just like to sit back and "observe"  :)  oh, and enjoy the good food of course!  ha-ha.

I found this neat website today while looking for the calorie content for the chicken sandwich I ate today for lunch.  You just put in your address/zip code and it will search for restaurants that have "healthy options".  Provides calories/fat info too.  Pretty neat.  I hope it's ok to post here...
Motivation Christian Calorie Counters "CCC" Sep 27 2007
21:16 (UTC)
oh, I LOVE my naps too :) 

I've been lurking here the last couple of days and have been lifted up by all the messages from all of you!  WELCOME to you new gals and thank you for joining the thread and providing motivational and valuable input!

I'm wrapping up stuff here at work but wanted to post quickly to tell Pam that I saw your new pics today!  AWESOME.  I can see that your face has thinned out.  Isn't that a great feeling to know that all your hard work is paying off?  Way to go.  Will pray that the pain subsides for you.

and Molly, you are such a blessing!  I have been so inspired by your posts.  You provide valuable information and much needed humor!  I actually go through and read the diet rants thread when I need a pick me up!  :)  I can so relate to the vegetable section at the local grocery store comment..."In my old days, I used to pass through this colorful section on my way to ice cream freezer!"  ha-ha.  I hear ya girl.

to everybody else...I thank the Lord for each and every one of you!  I don't post often but I have been reading and you are all a huge blessing to me with your words, testimonies, and freindship.
Motivation Christian Calorie Counters "CCC" Sep 24 2007
03:02 (UTC)
oh I guess they do have a lot more locations but not in Florida.  hmmm. 
Motivation Christian Calorie Counters "CCC" Sep 24 2007
02:59 (UTC)
Thanks Molly!  wishing there was a Trader Joe's near us!

I just checked their website.  Here's their locations.  How come you Calafornians are so lucky?!  :) 

Carson City, NV
Cary, NC
Marietta, GA
Morgan Hill, CA
Norcross, GA
Sandy Springs, GA
Walnut Creek, CA

Atlanta, GA (Midtown)
Charlotte, NC (North)
Charlotte, NC (South)
Hillsboro, OR
Irvine, CA (Irvine & Sand Canyon)
Point Loma, CA
Templeton, CA