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Fitness Powerlifters unite? Aug 22 2016
18:00 (UTC)

I have pretty similar stats to you, 5'6 and 179lbs and I'm working on getting down to about 150lbs.

I did my first meet at in the 84kg, and I'll probably do my second meet at that class too, but I'm thinking of competing in the 72kg class long term

Current lifts- Bench-175 (butt left the bench at 180), Squat 352 (meet lift so in kilo), Deadlift 408 (meet lift so in kilo)

Trying to get my bench up to 110kg (it's about 80kg right now).

Weight Loss Help With Over Eating Aug 20 2016
22:01 (UTC)

Do you think your parents would be opposed to taking you to a doctor?

If so, when school starts, have a long talk with the school nurse. 

Young Calorie Counters opinions please? Aug 20 2016
21:59 (UTC)

So you're borderline underweight and are starving yourself ... sounds like a great way to excel in your sports.

Fitness Best exercises for fat loss? Aug 19 2016
10:52 (UTC)

Try signing up for a sport or an activity. It may be more interesting than just "exercise."

The Lounge Rio 2016 Aug 19 2016
10:50 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

I don't think they did file a report though. Apparently Lochte told his mom the story, she told the press, and the police heard about it from the press and opened the investigation. Douchey, certainly, but probably not criminal.

They may not have filed a police report, but they did tell the police they were robbed and lying to them could have been criminal. 

Either way, they should have just paid for what they broke and been done with it. Getting drunk and acting stupid is one thing. Failing to take responsibility for what they did was worse. Making the problem worse by making up a robbery, that's just pathetic.

I don't see anything wrong with holding the swimmers for a couple of days to sort this out. It's easy not to get held up. All you have to do is not destroy other people's property. Thousands of other olympians came and left without issue. The problem isn't with Brazil. The problem is with the swimmers. 

The Lounge Rio 2016 Aug 19 2016
01:25 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

Yeah, I know that they're saying the swimmers made up the story, but you don't detain Olympic athletes for filing a false report.  You issue a statement to try and CYA and let them go back to their country.  

Why should they be above the law because they're Olympians? 

Instead of just paying for the damage they caused, they ran away like cowards, committed another crime by filing a false report, and caused unnecessary panic. If they're stuck in Brazil for a few more days to handle the consequences of their own poor actions, cry me a river.

Weight Loss What do you think about the 40/40/20 diet? Aug 18 2016
18:33 (UTC)

Macro ratios are outdated. Meet your minimum requirements. .6/lb for protein (although .8 is probably better) and .3g/lb for fat (although .4g/lb is probably better) and you can make the rest of your calories whatever you want.

The Lounge Rio 2016 Aug 18 2016
15:48 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

That makes it kind of hard, imho, to call a match a "robbery" unless it's so obviously lopsided that a casual watcher would know who should have won. Roy Jones Jr. v. Park in the 1988 Seoul Olympic finals is probably the best example of that.

Fair enough, but I do feel bad for Russell. It looked like he landed more punches (I didn't count), better punches, and he was pretty much chasing his opponent around the ring.

The ref told the other guy to actually start boxing twice, and Russell still lost. I don't see how playing hide and seek can win you a boxing match, but that's what happened.

Allegedly, the swimmers made up the robbery. I hope that's not true because that's a really ratchet thing to do.



Fitness August Fitness Challenge- All are Welcome Aug 18 2016
12:39 (UTC)

Weigh in 179.9- goal achieved

  • Paused Squats: 5x2x280
  • Paused Front Squats: 4x6x115
  • Paused Leg Press: 3x6x400
  • Limber 11
  • Starting Stretching

Now all I have to do is bench 180 and I've made my August goals- may try on the 31st just do see.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 17 2016
23:19 (UTC)



The Lounge Rio 2016 Aug 17 2016
23:18 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Seeing a lot of bad sportsmanship in boxing this year.  Michael Conlan had some choice words for the AIBA after falling to Vladimir Nikitin by unanimous decision.  I don't know, I watched the match (part 1, part 2) and it looked pretty clear to me that the Russian landed much cleaner, harder shots while Conlan mostly just hammered at Nikitin's guard.

Canada's Chechen Wolf was likewise quick to point the finger at the judges when he was eliminated.

It's a shame amateur boxing has such a history of corruption.  It just gives everybody an excuse to delegitimize the accomplishments of the medalists.

I'm curious as to what you thought (if anything) of the Levit and Russell losses. The commentators said that both fighters had been robbed, and I agreed as I was watching, but I don't really know anything about boxing.

Weight Loss Weight Loss Aug 17 2016
23:13 (UTC)

Don't lose weight. You're borderline underweight as it is. 

Weight Loss Help With Over Eating Aug 17 2016
18:48 (UTC)
Original Post by itsmeeeeeliz:

Trying eating real food... Your stomach hurts cause your eating cookies and bread..


If you have trouble binging, I'd take it up with your doctor and consider getting a therapist. 

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 15 2016
16:32 (UTC)


spinach salad with goat cheese

Weight Loss 3 day extreme low calories Aug 14 2016
22:34 (UTC)

I suggest a therapist.

Weight Loss The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimberly Snyder Aug 13 2016
23:43 (UTC)

Sounds like a scam. 

The Lounge Dating an older man Aug 13 2016
23:41 (UTC)

It's terrible that he treats you this way, but the real tragedy is that you let him.

You have a way out and instead of using it, you stay and continue to let him mistreat you.

Call your mother back, get out and don't look back. You know what the future with him holds and it's nothing good. Don't delude yourself into thinking you have to accept this. You don't.

Young Calorie Counters Don't Want to Exercise Aug 13 2016
18:36 (UTC)

Here's a better idea. Don't worry about something not worth worrying about. Eat to hunger and enjoy your life.

The Lounge Rio 2016 Aug 13 2016
01:26 (UTC)

Katie Ledecky's on pace to break the WR in the 800 free.

Young Calorie Counters what foods make you gain weight temporarily?? Aug 13 2016
01:12 (UTC)

You need to fess up to your doctor and say that you still have disordered thinking and these thoughts are interfering with your attempts to gain weight.

No one with a conscious is going to help you perpetuate a fraud on your doctors so you can continue to damage your health and potentially ruin your life.