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Foods What's your favourite type of.... Jul 22 2016
00:28 (UTC)

Depends on the ice cream. If it's a more basic flavor, like chocolate chip, in a sundae.

If it's a more artisan flavor, e.g. sea salt and cookies, then just w/ a spoon. I want to enjoy every bite uninterrupted.

Favorite fusion meal or style, e.g. korean tacos

Foods What's your favourite type of.... Jul 21 2016
18:25 (UTC)

Cool Ranch Doritos

Favorite dried food

Weight Loss Eating once a day Jul 21 2016
15:57 (UTC)
Original Post by jweincom:

270 calories per 100 grams.  A 400 gram serving.  So that'd be 1080 calories which is a bit more reasonable.

Nothing reasonable about trying to eat 1080 calories a day or getting all of your calories from pie.

OP get a therapist.

Weight Loss Eating once a day Jul 21 2016
01:24 (UTC)

How the hell do you think you're going to gain weight eating 270 calories a day?

Eat regular meals like a normal person and get a therapist. 



Weight Loss I'm 109-112 and want to be 102-105 Jul 20 2016
16:44 (UTC)

110lbs is a good weight for your height. 

If you want a better shape, eat more and exercise. 

Fitness Accurate bf% calculation? Jul 20 2016
16:42 (UTC)

Try to give your other friends a fair chance. You can't assume that they don't really like you because your former best friend turned out not to be a good friend.

I think joining the track team is a good idea. It will give you the chance to meet new people and exercise can be great for the mind.


Weight Loss I'm 109-112 and want to be 102-105 Jul 20 2016
14:30 (UTC)

How tall are you?

Fitness Accurate bf% calculation? Jul 19 2016
23:06 (UTC)

Nothing wrong with joining the track team if you'll have fun doing it. You just need to eat a lot more.

Foods lucky charms Jul 19 2016
18:48 (UTC)

Probably because they're low fat and low in saturated fat.

The food grades here are kind of stupid.

The Lounge Mediation over job loss Jul 19 2016
15:35 (UTC)

double post

The Lounge Mediation over job loss Jul 19 2016
15:35 (UTC)

I would still try to meet with a lawyer with employment law experience. Even if you can't bring him with you, it can still be helpful for preparation and for planning the next steps if a resolution is not met.


Weight Loss Hey need help! Jul 19 2016
00:36 (UTC)

If I were in your shoes, I would do the following:

Eat at least .8g/lb goal weight in protein every day

Eat at least .4g/lb goal weight in fat every day

Make the rest of the macros whatever you want

More calorie dense food can make this easier, e.g. whole eggs instead of just the whites, salmon instead of tilapia sometimes, some peanut butter with the banana and oatmeal

Also, exercise will help. Not sure what you can do right now, but I'd start w/ something easy like incline walking or the exercise bike

As the weight starts to come off, think about lifting weights.

Weight Loss Should i start building muscle/exercising? Jul 18 2016
19:58 (UTC)

It's best to lift weights while losing weight, so you retain more muscle and lose more fat.

Can't say if 150lbs is too light without knowing how tall you are.

I would look at some novice routines, like Starting Strength, Fierce 5, or AllPros.

The Lounge Mediation over job loss Jul 18 2016
16:19 (UTC)

I would contact an attorney, and if possible, I would take him or her with you to the mediation meeting. If you are in the US, then I would reach out to your local Legal Aid.

If you're international, I would reach out to any pro-bono lawyers services available to you.

Fitness JULY Fitness Challenge - all are welcome Join anytime Jul 17 2016
15:18 (UTC)

I don't really see any point in doing asst pullups. If I need more volume, that's what lat pulldowns are for. 

  • Pullups 3x1
  • Bench Press: 6x2x160lbs
  • DB Shoulder Press: 5x6x35lbs
  • Curls/Db Extensions: 4x9x60/4x10x30
  • Lat Raises: 5x10x10
  • Cable Flies: 3x8x25.3
  • Hanging Ab Raises/Decline Crunch 3x8/3x10x50
  • Limber 11
Fitness JULY Fitness Challenge - all are welcome Join anytime Jul 16 2016
20:57 (UTC)
  • Weigh in: 185.9
  • Stepper: 20 minute intervals w/ 6 min cool down
  • Kettlebell swings 20x75lbs
  • Pullups: 2x1- first time doing them w/o assistance
  • Trap Bar Deads: 10x95lbs
  • Limber 11

Chubby girls can do pullups too, lol. Will be adding to these as the weight comes off.

Foods Nuts Jul 15 2016
21:24 (UTC)

Stop posting the same thread in every section.

Weight Loss Feedback appreciated Jul 15 2016
21:12 (UTC)

You should be eating a variety of foods every day, not just binging on nuts.

Also, eating clean is meaningless. Just because you're eating nothing but healthy foods doesn't make your diet healthy.

Try eating 2200 calories every day from a variety of things, meat/ fish, fruits and veggies, whole grains, eggs/dairy, AND some nuts.




Fitness Getting into lifting- some guidance please. Jul 15 2016
15:32 (UTC)
Wwight lifting is safe for teens. You just need to put form ahead of your ego and give your body enough rest and food.

You will have to use trial and error to see how many calories you need. I would start with at least .8g/lb protein and .3g/lb fat in terms of macros.

Fitness muscle gain and training Jul 14 2016
00:05 (UTC)
Original Post by davel4815:

Are you looking to gain muscle mass or just lean up a little? At 17, your metabolism is probably high and at 5'5" 124lbs you are def not an over weight person in anyway but eating 3600 calories at your size seems like a lot considering I am 6' 208 lbs and eat 3200 cal a day... Depending on your goal if you are looking to be a body builder just cut maybe a day of weights and keep the cardio cause that burns the fat most and weight burns fat but builds muscle.. I eat 300g carbs 80-120g fat and 140-200g protein a day but I'm trying to lean up a little and then gain muscle back slowly... So really it depends on your overall goals.. There are a few thigs that u could try...

This is rubbish