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Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 11 2016
13:09 (UTC)

yuck, mainly cause shrimp is gross.


Weight Loss Weekend of Overeating Sep 11 2016
01:43 (UTC)

Just work on making smarter food choices.

E.g. have at least one serving of fruit or vegetables at every meal, eat more baked potatoes and fewer french fries, 

Cut back on soda and drink more water, milk, tea

Save the sweets for dessert and work on having just one instead of multiple.

It is a process. You won't get it all right in one day, but the goal is to have a healthy diet that is sustainable.

For most people, an 100% perfect diet is not sustainable and when people try to be too restrictive, they end up binging.

Instead, I would work on making 80-90% of your diet, nutrient dense foods and save the last 10-20% for the pizza, the fries, the sweets. You can eat those foods sometimes and there's no reason to feel guilty about it. Just don't go overboard.

Weight Loss Weekend of Overeating Sep 11 2016
01:04 (UTC)

You're young, still growing, and at a healthy weight. You shouldn't be trying to maintain your weight. Allow your body to grow normally. 

Stop counting calories.

Stop weighing in.

Live a normal life.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 10 2016
15:05 (UTC)

Bland- The one dragon fruit I had tasted like nothing. Maybe if I'm ever in Asia, I can get a better one.


Foods Goes Best With... Sep 10 2016
13:58 (UTC)


WGBW lemon curd

Young Calorie Counters Motivation help!! Sep 08 2016
23:33 (UTC)

Work on portion control and eating high quality foods:

fruits/veggies, meat/fish, dairy/egg, nuts+seeds, grains

Foods Goes Best With... Sep 08 2016
23:31 (UTC)

Pie ... well apple slices should go into a pie.

WGBW apple pie

The Lounge is it just be orrrrrr Sep 08 2016
23:30 (UTC)

BRB too busy partying with Ryan Lochte.

Foods Goes Best With... Sep 08 2016
14:56 (UTC)


Motivation Easy Methods To Damage Weight Sep 08 2016
14:55 (UTC)

^^That's a bunch of bs.

Motivation looking to make new friends Sep 07 2016
15:53 (UTC)


Fitness How can I tighten abdominal muscles? Sep 06 2016
11:16 (UTC)

You don't tighten muscles, you build them. 

You are no where near overweight. You are at a perfectly healthy weight for your height.

If you want a flatter stomach, I would suggest a calorie deficit (so you lose weight) and resistance training (so you retain your muscle mass and lose more fat).

Weight Loss How to pass the "platform period"? Sep 06 2016
11:14 (UTC)

You're not losing weight because you're at maintenance now. As you get lighter, you need to eat fewer calories to maintain your weight which means you need even fewer calories to lose weight.

If it took you 3 years to lose 13kg, then you were at a very small deficit to begin with. It's no surprise that the weight loss came to a halt. 

Changing from jogging to yoga will probably make it worse as yoga probably burns fewer calories than jogging.

You just need to eat less food.

The platform period does not exist. Your body doesn't arbitrarily refuse to lose weight. If you're not losing weight, then you are not in a calorie deficit.

Weight Loss A few questions regarding foods Sep 05 2016
16:52 (UTC)

There's nothing wrong with eating bread. 

Stevia is gross. 

To lose weight, all you need to do is eat fewer calories than you burn; the source of food is irrelevant.

To retain lean mass (and lose more fat), it would be prudent to eat enough protein. I would start with 1g/lb goal weight or 130g protein in your case.

For hormone health, you want to eat enough fat. With your stats, I would eat at least 60g fat per day.

You want to get enough micronutrients and fiber (I would aim for at least 25g) per day.

You should limit industrial trans fat. There's debate as to how much is a problem, but I would keep it under 4g a day if you eat any at all. This shouldn't be too hard.

Food names are not relevant. What matters is that collectively, everything you eat meets your nutritional needs and you don't over eat.


Foods Goes Best With... Sep 05 2016
15:32 (UTC)

More dark chocolate?

Lol, I'll go with hazelnut.

Weight Loss How to Stop Binge Eating Sep 05 2016
15:31 (UTC)

It sounds like you need a therapist. You should not feel so terrible after having some little cookies.


Weight Loss How to pass the "platform period"? Sep 05 2016
14:22 (UTC)

Your friend doesn't know what she's talking about.

If you're not losing weight, you're eating too many calories, and how tall are you?

At 61kg, you're probably at a healthy weight already

The Lounge Starvation Mode - When will I get out of it? Sep 04 2016
11:09 (UTC)
You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

Op has convinced herself that it is okay to eat like a toddler. Until she recognizes that her position is dangerous, nothing you say will register.

I hope she gets help but I don't think she will until she hits rock bottom.
Fitness arm slimming Sep 02 2016
16:39 (UTC)

Eat less.

There's no way to direct your weight loss to a particular part of your body without liposuction.

Get active. Try a hobby or a sport, anything you like doing.


Weight Loss Help on losing weight? Sep 02 2016
16:37 (UTC)

If you're not losing weight, then you eat much more than 1000 calories on most days (and possibly that day).

Get a $10 food scale

Weigh and log everything that goes into your mouth.

Adjust until you are steadily losing weight.

Physically, it's a very simple process. The hard part is changing your relationship with food.