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Foods Yummy or Yucky? Oct 28 2016
17:49 (UTC)



The Lounge Drag and drop function Oct 28 2016
15:22 (UTC)

You can change it though. When you click on lunch, you can change any entries that are currently under lunch to dinner.

Weight Loss I see a lot of terrible diets out there... Oct 26 2016
21:00 (UTC)

I eat ice cream every day ... come at me!

Foods What's your favourite type of.... Oct 26 2016
16:00 (UTC)

drink it? I guess if it's chai, have it with milk and honey.

What is your favorite stinky food?

Foods What's your favourite type of.... Oct 23 2016
19:47 (UTC)


Favorite street food

Weight Loss Help please. Need answers Oct 23 2016
19:15 (UTC)
Original Post by ritacha7:

Try the 3 days military diet.

That's a scam. I can't tell if you're trolling or just completely uninformed. 

The Lounge plateau blues Oct 23 2016
00:12 (UTC)
Original Post by minn_kota:

Original Post by smashley23:

Your TDEE decreases as you lose weight. 

You are not on a plateau. You are eating at maintenance now.

A plateau suggests that your weight is stagnant for no reason. There is a reason. Calories.


Weight loss is just energy in and energy out. If the energy going out goes down, you must put in less energy to lose weight.

Plateaus are not real. Making excuses for yourself, though, is very real.

Weight Loss Help please. Need answers Oct 22 2016
23:39 (UTC)
Original Post by ritacha7:

If there is a will, there is a way... the best healthy short cut is go vegetarian ... instead of eating your food, drink it. Blend your fruits and veggies with protein powder together into a blender. Use lots of greens, kale.. parsley... .. snack on bell pepper... tomato... a head of lettuce... you got the idea... And get multi vitamin multi supplement pills. Switch to law carb... fat free dairy products... and do some light exercise ... or join Zumba classes .. it's a fun way to sweat the fat weight ... and drink water a lot... So, 3 smoothies a day, one of them with protein powder. Lots of water... low carbs and calories snacks... wave goodbye to processed food... eat 1 egg a day, add oatmeal flour to some of your smoothies like this one is so yummy ( ripe banana, 1/4 cup of oatmeal flour , 1 teaspoon of ground nut meg or cinnamon, and 1 cup of fat free milk or coconut water, and a handful of green leafy veggies of your choice... if you are going to invest in a blender, I recommend nutriblast ... it's a great to have. Good luck.

What a bunch of nonsense.

OP- the most feasible way to lose weight quickly would be to buy Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss Handbook and do what it says.

It's not for everybody, but if you can adhere to it, you can lose weight quickly while maintaining most of your LBM.


Foods What's your favourite type of.... Oct 22 2016
19:27 (UTC)

fried chicken

Favorite fatty food (dietary fat, not necessarily a food for fatties but that’s good too).

Young Calorie Counters 14 year old and cheat day :)? Oct 21 2016
22:47 (UTC)

Cheat days do not exist. They're just made up by people addicted to their meal plans.

Stop counting calories. 


Weight Loss what to do after MASSIVE binge (5000 cal). help! Oct 20 2016
18:30 (UTC)

Don't have cheat days.

Don't drink either if it causes you to lose all self control.

Weight Loss Eating back calories to 1200 minimum for women... Oct 19 2016
17:09 (UTC)
Original Post by raphaelleislip:

Unless I eat less than 1000 calories I don't loose weight, no matter how active I am.  That's just how my body rolls.  I still don't lose much weight - usually 0.5 to 1 lb a week.  If I eat more than 1000 I just plateau.  I can get 56g protein, less than 50g fats and I skimp on the carbs because that's what will prevent me losing weight.  Carbs are supposed to be 130g, but I usually get around 100g or less.  It's what's working.  We all have different bodies.  I am middle aged woman so my body does not need a lot of energy.  If I'm feeling active and building muscle which I am then I don't see how 800-950 cals a day can be wrong...

Either you are 1 years old, comatose, or are inaccurate with your tracking. 800-950 calories is for infants.

Weight Loss Just keep Oct 18 2016
17:19 (UTC)

You're eating more than you think you are.

I would get a food scale and double check every entry you make.

Weight Loss Will I lose weight doing this!? Oct 18 2016
12:08 (UTC)

Don't eat back calories from exercise.

Weight Loss Stress & Weight Gain Oct 16 2016
15:29 (UTC)

You're overeating.

Get a food scale and eat less.

Weight Loss new to this . Oct 16 2016
00:27 (UTC)

Counting calories will work if you get a food scale, are honest with your tracking, and adjust based on your weigh ins.

100% guaranteed. 

Weight Loss Eating healthy and working out, still gaining weight Oct 16 2016
00:04 (UTC)

I have found weighing my food to be invaluable. I was easily off by 500-700 calories a day before I got mine.

Weight Loss How to Rev Up My Metabolism After Weight Loss Oct 16 2016
00:02 (UTC)

Start eating at maintenance. Your body will make the needed metabolic adaptations on its own.

Lifting weights is a good idea though.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Oct 14 2016
21:31 (UTC)

Never had, but I'll give it a yum

White cheddar popcorn

Weight Loss Carb "blockers"? Anyone with experience? Oct 14 2016
21:30 (UTC)

Carb blocker's don't do anything and raspberry ketones are a scam.