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Young Calorie Counters Opinions? Please Sep 25 2016
22:36 (UTC)

Not at 13. Your body’s going to keep developing through your teens.

Most people your age just eat what’s served to them: breakfast, lunch, dinner, maybe a snack or two. No reason to overthink it.

Weight Loss Not losing weight! Sep 25 2016
21:46 (UTC)
Original Post by billchia:

Maybe you should try this - break down your 1200 calories into 6 meals a day. This will help boost your metabolism. Hopefully this helps you to lose some weight.

It will not "boost" her metabolism. 

Weight Loss My parents don't want me to lose weight Sep 25 2016
21:45 (UTC)

You're not overweight.  You're still growing and if you're dieting unnecessarily, then that could stunt your growth and development.

If you're concerned about your body composition, play a sport. Start lifting or something.


Foods Fave Five :) Sep 25 2016
19:00 (UTC)

Fried chicken, potato chips, tacos, carrot sticks, and I’ll go with a waffle cone, because I can’t think of a 5th one.

Five favorite orange foods

Weight Loss How many calories? Help please! Sep 25 2016
18:58 (UTC)

Stop having cheat days. Instead, have a less restrictive diet so you don’t feel the need to “cheat."

Young Calorie Counters Opinions? Please Sep 24 2016
21:21 (UTC)

Forget about losing weight.

You’re a growing teen at a healthy weight.

Enjoy your youth.

Foods What's your favourite type of.... Sep 24 2016
15:15 (UTC)

The best aisle is the baked goods isle.

I usually get muffin mix, scone mix, and chocolate :D

What is your favorite food to have with tea?


Weight Loss flat belly but fatty arms and legs Sep 24 2016
00:36 (UTC)

Get this book and eat more. You’re under muscled. 

Foods Fave Five :) Sep 23 2016
23:11 (UTC)



peanut butter

salted caramel


Five favorite barbecue dishes

Weight Loss How to get a flat stomach? Sep 20 2016
22:31 (UTC)
Original Post by Mhanekoon:

What foods are recommended to getting a flat tummy ????

There is no one food that will give you a flat stomach.

Calorie deficit + resistance training, that is it.

For health, I would suggest nutrient dense foods be the bulk of your diet, e.g. fruits/veggies, meat/fish, nuts/seeds, whole grains etc, but this doesn’t actually give you a flat stomach.

There are people (albeit few and far between) who are in great shape and eat crap every day.


The Lounge is it just be orrrrrr Sep 20 2016
15:02 (UTC)

Alas CC has gone way downhill.

The fitness section is dead. The weight loss section has become spammers v. bsers who will win.

The only place I really post around here anymore is in the food section.


Foods What's your favourite type of.... Sep 20 2016
15:00 (UTC)

Turn them into chia pets

Favorite stuffed pastry. Mine is pork buns.

Weight Loss How to get a flat stomach? Sep 20 2016
13:35 (UTC)

^You need a therapist to help you with your disordered relationship with food.

Also, that diet looks terrible.

Foods What's your favourite type of.... Sep 19 2016
23:44 (UTC)

Would have to go with none. Never tried an WF product.

Favorite food with crust. Mine is broiled mac and cheese.

Weight Loss How do I give up chocolate? Sep 18 2016
14:24 (UTC)

Sugar addiction is not real.

It’s hogwash made up to sell diet books based on poorly done rat studies.


Weight Loss Help, not losing weight anymore? Sep 17 2016
13:45 (UTC)

Are you double checking the food entries are accurate?

Either you’re eating more than 1250 calories a day or you’re comatose. That’s the only way you wouldn’t be losing weight on such low calories.

Weight Loss Suggestions/Improvements to my diet Sep 16 2016
22:05 (UTC)

Food names are irrelevant.

What matters in your diet is that you’re eating an appropriate number of calories, have enough protein and fat, and are getting your micronutrients and fiber. It helps, of course, if you like what you’re eating.

Raw eggs are less bioavailable than cooked ones fyi.

Foods Fave Five :) Sep 16 2016
19:19 (UTC)
  • ice cream cake
  • butter cake
  • lava cake
  • cheesecake
  • strawberry short cake

Fave 5- fall foods or drinks

Fitness arm slimming Sep 14 2016
23:16 (UTC)
Original Post by emmydancer:

I feel the same way and I'm only ten I'm so self contence about my thighs I feel like every one is watching mean don't just not eat at all like the other person said wathching what your eating make sure it's healthy start to get active go to gym or take a walk run alittle

You’re ten years old? Get off this site immediately You have no business counting calories. Go be a kid.

Fitness Toning for Teens Sep 14 2016
23:09 (UTC)
Original Post by emmydancer:

No squats make your but bigger. Try going for a run or walk around your neighborhood

You get “tone” by building muscle + removing fat. 

Lifting and eating well is literally the most efficient way for her to reach her goal.