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Weight Loss Is 1200 calories too low for me, I have alot to lose. Aug 27 2016
22:20 (UTC)

You don't get loose skin by losing weight too fast.

You get loose skin by getting fat.

Whatever loose skin problem you have will be come apparent once you lose the weight, no matter how fast or slow you lose it.

There are other reasons why 1200 cals/day is probably not a good idea though.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 26 2016
23:32 (UTC)


Banana nut muffin

The Lounge I'm that unhappy with my weight ( I want to stop eating altogether ) Aug 26 2016
23:12 (UTC)

If you're not losing weight, then you're not in a calorie deficit.

You have to control your intake.

Let's say it takes you an hour to burn 600 calories through exercise. You can eat 600 calories in about five minutes.

Trying to out exercise your mouth is a losing proposition.

Get a food scale; it will be about $10-$15 dollars. 

Weigh everything you put in your mouth that has calories, food, drinks, etc and track the calories.

If you don't lose weight, keep reducing calories until you are.


Foods Help! Calorie intake Aug 26 2016
17:08 (UTC)

Eating processed food would be better than undereating. 

Young Calorie Counters opinions please? Aug 26 2016
14:54 (UTC)
Your problems have nothing to do with my sarcasm. You're eating enough for a 4 month old baby. That's just absurd no matter how many excuses you make for yourself.
Foods What's your favourite type of.... Aug 26 2016
00:05 (UTC)

Sweet fruit, I'd say mango

Overall fruit- tomato, tomatoes are GOAT

Favorite cookie flavor

Weight Loss Sticky Lets get nerdy: Large Calorie Deficits Aug 25 2016
23:46 (UTC)

^^ Don't think there's an answer to either of those questions.

A refeed can be five hours. It can be 2 days. It depends on how the diet is structured and the needs of the person.

There could be five lbs gained. There could be weight lost after a refeed. Again, that depends on a lot of variables.

My two cents- refeeds can be a useful tool for people who know what they're doing, but a lot of people treat them as glorified binges and wonder why they don't lose weight.

If you don't know why you're using a refeed or what you expect it to do for you, then don't refeed.

Fitness August Fitness Challenge- All are Welcome Aug 25 2016
18:39 (UTC)

Weigh in: 182.9

  • Paused Squats 5x3x280
  • Paused Front Squats 4x4x120
  • Paused Leg Press 3x7x400
  • Limber 11 + Starting Stretching

Alas, the fitness section is basically dead. Hopefully all who used to post here are getting their fitness on.

Weight Loss I'm afraid I'm not eating enough while on my diet. Aug 25 2016
18:33 (UTC)

No it's called calculus. 

Weight Loss I'm afraid I'm not eating enough while on my diet. Aug 25 2016
17:39 (UTC)

Your metabolism doesn't "speed up" with more meals. 

Weight Loss Fat from drinking slimfast Aug 25 2016
17:38 (UTC)

Humans haven't even been around for millions of years. Do you even history?

The Lounge Spam: which is the most irritating? Aug 25 2016
12:58 (UTC)

The sheer volume of the spam is ridiculous. There's more spammers in the fitness forum than there are people talking about exercise.

Fitness Powerlifters unite? Aug 24 2016
17:33 (UTC)

One thing you can do is try to eat more satiating foods. Unfortunately, the one big study they did on satiety didn't compare that many foods, but what they did find was that potatoes are very satiating where as croissants are not. More protein and more fiber should help. I'd aim for at least .8g/lb protein every day, .4g/lb fat every day, and 25+g fiber every day.

Another thing you can do is experiment with meal frequency/sizes. If you eat fewer/larger meals now, try more/smaller meals. If you're eating several meals now, try fewer/larger ones.

I've found my own sweet spot to be 4-5 meals a day, spaced around 4 hours apart, but everyone's different, so find what works for you best.

I also have 2 maintenance days every week (back to back) and eat at a deficit the other 5 days. In theory, this should help mitigate the metabolic slowdown that comes with dieting. I've only been doing this for a few weeks, but it's been working pretty well so far.

The Lounge Rio 2016 Aug 24 2016
15:52 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

I'm back to being on Lochte's side.  It's sounding more and more like he and his teammates got shaken down by the security guard.

So what. They got drunk and vandalized a bathroom. At 32 years old, you should be able to handle your booze well enough not to break other people's stuff and if the guard made them pay for it, good for him.

Would gladly give Lochte away to another country and give them some of our golds as compensation.

Canada, we can double your gold count.

Vegetarian daily lack of calcium and iron as Vegan...any help? Aug 24 2016
15:50 (UTC)

You may need supplements to get your daily requirements. I would take them with food, ideally with food that have iron and calcium in them for better absorption.

Legumes, lentils, nuts/seeds, fortified cereals, kale, cabbage, etc.

Fitness Powerlifters unite? Aug 24 2016
14:30 (UTC)
Original Post by arroki:

Just enter the meet regardless, honestly. You meet like-minded people and network that way.

^I agree. There are awesome people at meets, and they're of all strength levels, so there's no reason to think you're "too weak" to compete. If it's a meet for the big dogs only, it will be an invitational anyway.

The experience is invaluable. Competing in a meet is very different from gym training, and I've seen people bomb lifts they've probably made a dozen times in the gym because they didn't know how to compete, e.g. wait for the commands, or they picked openers that were too high (the first attempt should be easy IMO).

Competing is a skill in itself, so it's worth getting a start on it whenever you can.

Young Calorie Counters Need Help Dieting!! Aug 23 2016
13:18 (UTC)

It's a scam

Fitness Powerlifters unite? Aug 23 2016
01:45 (UTC)

My lifting has been a bit sporadic.

I started 5 years ago. Lifted for almost 3 years pretty consistently and then I didn't lift at all for a year.

I started lifting about 1 year and 3 months ago, and it took me 3 months to either reach or beat my old numbers.

Long story short, I have about 4 years of lifting experience.

My current program was written by my strength coach. I have 3 bench days, 2 squat days, and 1 deadlift day each week. I have the state records in squat and deadlift and am trying to get the bench record next, so we're focusing on that lift.

In the past, I've done: Starting Strength, Madcows, 5/3/1, Maximum Strength, Candito Linear Program, and a Bulgarian Method inspired template.


I think the most underrated part of getting stronger is form. The heavier the weight, the more significant any flaws in your form become. Many people fail lifts at meet not because they weren't strong enough, but because proper form wasn't drilled into them, reaching depth on their squat, being able to pause long enough on the bench, etc.

Recording your lifts is key. A cheap camcorder can go along way. When you can actually see what you're doing, you have a much better idea of what you need to do to improve.

The Lounge Dating an older man Aug 22 2016
18:05 (UTC)

I'm glad you went to your parents house. 

Young Calorie Counters Normal or not? Weight Loss? Aug 22 2016
18:04 (UTC)

So you're basically underweight and are only eating enough calories for a 4 month old baby, that sounds like a great idea.