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Motivation Worst nightmare....ruptured Hamstring!....need U Guys right now! Aug 29 2006
02:02 (UTC)
OUCH!!!  Hope you get better soon.

I usually hurt myself right after I start getting motivated to exercise.  A couple years ago it was a bulging disk in my lower back.  I literally did no exercise for like 6 months (part of which was me being stubborn and not going to the doc sooner)  Once I started physical therapy, I was up and moving pretty good within in a month.  That was the best thing to ever happen to me though.  I learned how to work out without hurting myself. 

Hoping you have a speedy recovery and are training again soon.  Good luck at your appointment tomorrow.  Praying for good news!!  :)
The Lounge Party for Ob!!! 100.25 lbs Gone! Aug 28 2006
18:22 (UTC)
I guess this is one time you don't mind if someone says " your going down hill"  :)

You are so totally awesome!!!!

Congratulations, well done!!!!!!!!!!
The Lounge something most can relate to.... Aug 25 2006
02:23 (UTC)
I am for equality.  So what about those male appendages...........  ;)
Weight Loss Hello from a new member... Aug 25 2006
00:50 (UTC)
Welcome and congrats on your success!!!! 
The Lounge ....... Aug 25 2006
00:16 (UTC)
Omg, Vlinder.  That same story was just on not an hour ago, here in St Louis, MO.  I think I detected some Irish accent in that one cow :)

I thought I was the only one who did the scenario thing in my head.  I once thought about what I would do if something happened to my husband.  I bawled my eyes out so bad, I had to pull over.  I then called my Dh to tell him how much I loved him.  I know I can be a bit morbid sometimes.  Most of the time, I just love to sing along with the radio or my (current) Leanne Rhimes cd.  No, I don't sing well at all.  ;)  Windows must be up at all times while I am singing :)  It is safer for the others on the road.  :) 

I hate ketchup!!!  Mustard is the way :)
Motivation sooo frustrated! Aug 24 2006
23:54 (UTC)
(((((HUGS))))  You will get there!!!!!
Motivation 100 to lose club - Staying away from fast food Aug 24 2006
18:17 (UTC)
Wow, lots of great info. 

I guess I will tell my tale of whoa too.  :)  Wendy's is my downfall.  I loved the spicey chicken sandwichs.  I use to eat that at least 3 times a week.  Well that all changed when I looked up the calorie count for that sandwich, with biggie fries and a diet coke.  OMG!!!!  So I still go to Wendy's about once a week, but I get the grilled chicken sandwich with only lettuce and tomato on it.  NO mayo or sauce.  And then I throw away half a bun on top of that.  My fries are now a side salad (without dressing) and my diet coke (most days) is a large iced tea!!!!  I did have a spicey chicken sandwich the other week.  I had been craving it for a few weeks.  So I decided to give in.  You know what.  It didn't taste as good as I remembered it.  So now I don't crave it!!  :)  I think I am cured of the spicey chicken fever :)

Another tip I have heard that seems to work, is keep your purse or wallet in the trunk of your car.  That way you aren't tempted to go through a drive through.  Ok, you might be tempted, but you will look silly getting out of your car in the line to get your purse out!! :)  Also, if you can, take a different route.  Cut out the street that has all the fast food places on it.  Out of sight out of mind kind of thing.   

I also have had the delima of wanting something, but not knowing what.  So I keep going over in my head the options I have and if none of them sound good, I just keep driving past the exit and go home!!! 

Hang in there, it takes time to change habits.  I am still working on it, probably for the rest of my life!!  Baby steps.    
The Lounge Woman's World Shout Out To CC Aug 23 2006
14:19 (UTC)
Motivation A great article on six traits that lead to long-term weight loss and maintenance. Aug 23 2006
14:15 (UTC)
Great info, Thanks!!!
Motivation Welcome to the new over 100 to lose club! Aug 23 2006
14:12 (UTC)
Kimne, I use to do that too, but with fast food.  I would vary my fast food purchases.  One of my favorites is Wendy's and their spicey chicken sandwich.  I would usually order 2 and get a large frie and large diet coke/pepsi.  Some weeks I would go 3 - 4 times.  I wondered how I got so big, :{  anyway, I would go to the Wendy's closest to me one day, then another Wendys' in a different town and so on.  Still didn't stop the Cashiers at the window from asking me if I want my usual!!  :)  I still go to Wendy's only now, it is once a week max and I get the grilled chicken sandwich with only lettuce and tomato (NO honey mustard sauce or Mayo) and I throw away half the bun.  No more fries, usually a side salad and a large Ice Tea!!!  I did have a spicey chicken sandwich last week.  It was the first one since March 23, 2006 and you know what.  It didn't taste as good as I remembered it.  I think I have broken the spell!!  :)

You keep up the good work.  Matter of fact EVERYONE, keep up the good work.  You all are doing great!!!!  As Jules likes to say "One day at a time". 

Motivation Am I the biggest person here? Aug 23 2006
14:00 (UTC)
Congrats on the weight loss!!!!
Weight Loss ...... Aug 23 2006
13:54 (UTC)
Big hug for you.  Sorry you are still stressing.  Divorces suck, especially when children are involved.  Just keep hanging in there.  A good day is just around the corner for you!!!!
The Lounge Yes, we have men, but where? Aug 22 2006
20:11 (UTC)
She doesn't live on the MOON!!!!  :)
The Lounge Yes, we have men, but where? Aug 22 2006
15:58 (UTC)
Forgive me for mothering, I just have that mothering need building up.  :)  I am the forever Auntie Trish!!!  No kids of my own, so I got to put that energy somewhere!!  :)

Kirs10marie, whats this I hear about cute treadmill guys ;)  Ok, OK, I won't go there ;)

But darn it I just want everyone to be happy!!!  My Dh and I have been together 18 yrs almost (16 yrs married) and I still get little chills running up my spine when he kisses me.  (the good kind of chills)  ;)

So finewine you deserve to have someone who makes you see rainbows everyday.  You are good looking, kind, funny, wicked sense of humor and have so much to offer a woman.  Any woman would be blessed to have you in her life!!!!!  Be STRONG!!!

Ok, I am done mothering now.  :)   
The Lounge Yes, we have men, but where? Aug 22 2006
15:26 (UTC)
Shy guys are so darn cute!!!  Hk, is right, there is gotta be a nice unattached CC girl for you!!!  *runs off to start studying profiles*  :)
The Lounge Yes, we have men, but where? Aug 22 2006
15:24 (UTC)
Yes, that is a great start!!!!

You could always reak havoc with her account.  She definitly would be in soon.  But that just wouldn't be right, not to mention against the law!!!  So hopefully she saw rainbows too when she saw you and she will come back soon.  ;) 
The Lounge Yes, we have men, but where? Aug 22 2006
15:22 (UTC)
Hopefully she is not a mind reader!!!  :) 
The Lounge Yes, we have men, but where? Aug 22 2006
15:17 (UTC)
HK, Your right!  I did say "probably", not 100%.  :)  Yep, some of my friends are "gay" too and most of the guys are HOT!!!  But most in the gay community are just beautiful people anyway, inside and out!!!

Finewine, that hot girl probably is thinking the same thing about you.  He is too hot, and out of my league.  I hope she comes back to the office real soon. :)   
The Lounge Yes, we have men, but where? Aug 22 2006
15:02 (UTC)
Well you guys have it easy,  You see a HOT chick and know she is probably not gay.  Us girls (not me, I am married :)  Ok, I do have eyes ;)  ) see a HOT guy, and know he is probably gay!!!  So sad. 

The Lounge Yes, we have men, but where? Aug 22 2006
14:59 (UTC)
dude, I say you need to start hanging out at taco bell!!!!!  But not like a stalker or anything.