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Fitness ChaLEAN extremists... should I buy weights or resistance bands??? Nov 05 2009
16:21 (UTC)

I forgot to mention, it's probably best to get the bands that you can get online at  the chalean Extreme website.

Fitness ChaLEAN extremists... should I buy weights or resistance bands??? Nov 05 2009
16:20 (UTC)

Hi there!

I have been doing Chalene Extreme for a month now, and for starters I'll let you know that it is really helping a lot. I feel a lot better and am already seeing visible results.I can even fit into jeans I bought this summer that I wasn't able to before I started the program!

Anyways, to answer your question, I feel that even though they say bands work just as well, they're a little more difficult to maneuver with certain exercises, especially those working the back of the arms and the deltoids. It is a little more difficult to track your progress as well. Instead of being able to write down a number of pounds , you have to take note about whether or not you wrapped the band around your foot. It's just a little less concrete than numbers of pounds. I have ended up buying a set of 5 pound dumbells, 8 pound dumbells, the medium band and the heavy band. They have, as I said, worked. But it just took a little more time to get into the swing of things and learn how to situate the bands. If you have the money, altogether I would recommend buying weights.

Best of luck! I have no doubt you're going to get the results you're looking for with Chalean : )

Motivation My love handles are disappearing! Nov 05 2009
16:07 (UTC)

This morning I got back into a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear for a month or so! I was pretty excited : )

Foods How do I stop eating so much BREAD? May 24 2009
04:34 (UTC)

Thanks so much for taking the time to type that little paragraph out. I will most definitely give that a try. It sounds like it could work, although it might be a little difficult at first to mentally think through that each time at first. Once again, thanks! Let me know how it goes for you too.

Foods How do I stop eating so much BREAD? May 23 2009
04:24 (UTC)

protein is a little bit hard to come by in my situation...there are sweets and cracker snacks (wafers, cookies, crackers) sold literally everywhere. yes, there is a LOT of beef here. but I don't have a lot of say in what I eat. Lunch usually consists of some sort of meat or chicken. but it's not usually enough to last me until night. unfortunately argentinians are not big on breakfast either. nuts are sold at the grocery stores, however, which would be a good alternative. Someone suggested peanut buttered toast (I can't seem to find the post now) but peanut butter is no where to be found here! I think I'm going through peanut butter withdrawal... it was a life saver at home when I needed something to fill me up! plus i looooove it.

cold turkey. yikes. i have actually found though that when I don't start the day eating bread I don't usually crave it the rest of the day. 

Thanks for all of the suggestions every one! This is so great that we can all help each other out like this.