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Health & Support Have you ever binged but not gained weight from it? Apr 08 2008
00:06 (UTC)
Original Post by brendabender:

You may have a high metabolism but if you think you burn a lot of calories by fidgeting, you are fooling yourself.

it's completely ridiculous that people blame genetics and metabolism for weight.  if you're fat, it's fairly simple: you don't move enough - you eat too much.  do some research.


Slow Metabolism Makes You Fatter

We've all heard for years that people who are thin have won the biological lottery. They look like they can eat whatever they want without gaining a pound. We think they're lucky to have a high metabolism.

"It's generally false that your metabolism is the reason for your weight," said Oz. "And this has been looked at numerous times."

To figure this out, we turned to Dr. Jim Levine, an obesity researcher at the Mayo Clinic, who's studied the metabolism of lean and heavy people, such as lean Kathy Strickland and a heavier Dawn Campion.

"Dawn's numbers are actually higher because we find continuously is that people with weight problems who have obesity have a higher basal metabolism compared to people who are lean," Levine said.

"Your basal metabolism is the calories you burn to keep your body going, so if your body is bigger of course your basal metabolism is greater," Levine said. "If your body is smaller your basal metabolism is less."

So if a slow metabolism isn't solely to blame, why is it some poeple gain weight and others don't. "People with obesity have a tendency to be seated, a natural tendency to be seated for two-and-a-half hours per day more," Levine said.

It adds up tp 350 calories a day or 30 to 50 pounds a year. Dr. Levine says it isn't about sweating at the gym. It's simple things like walking to your car or playing with your kids Levine believes people can combat obesity by simply moving more. Even standing up at your desk can increase your metabolism by up to 40 percent if you're moving around.

"We're talking about shaking up everything we do because we have no choice in it," Levine said. "Obesity is collapsing corporations in America, but much more importantly, it's devastating our health and it's taking over our children. We have no choice but to do something. We have no choice but to do something big."

it's also ridiculously to think that the fact that i literally have never exercised in my life, and weigh less than 95 lbs has nothing to do with the fact that i shake incessantly roughly 20 hours a day to the point that several people ask me if there is something wrong every time i'm in public, and disturb things across the room with the violent jarring. 

Weight Loss I'm 5'2 and want to lose 8-10 pounds!!! Apr 07 2008
07:57 (UTC)

yeah, i've been coming to realize that, honestly.  i guess it's not the number on the scale, but what i look like.  i wouldn't care if i weighed 400 lbs if looked how i wanted to look.  i'll have to rearrange my goal weight once i find out how much i weigh when i feel and look how i want to look.  feeling good is something that i haven't done in a long time, so it wouldn't definitely be a nice change of pace.

Fitness Hanging Belly Syndrome Apr 06 2008
16:38 (UTC)

yeah, honestly, i'm just going by what doctors have said on tv.  i think pretty much everything on tv, even if a doctor is saying it, probably has an ulterior  motive.  i am  by no means an expert or have any personal experience, so i definitely wouldn't make any decisions simply based on what i say.  sorry that i made it sound like i really know what i'm talking about, especially regarding something as serious as getting surgery.  that was pretty irresponsible of me.

Fitness Hanging Belly Syndrome Apr 06 2008
06:54 (UTC)

honestly, it's your call.  make a cost/benefit rewards sheet for getting the surgery.


- self esteem
- comfort


- financial costs
- pain
- risk of complication

i think you get the idea.  you seem to have a great sense of humor and aren't like standing on a ledge over the problem, so psychologically i think you're in the position where it's totally up to you.  i wouldn't judge either way.  obviously my recommendation is that you're a beautiful person and you shouldn't worry about your body, but that's way easier said than done.



Motivation Deliberate sabotage Apr 06 2008
06:48 (UTC)
Original Post by mpatitucci:

That sucks. If that happens again, I'd suggest throwing it away or giving it away. I have a built-in dislike of throwing food away, but I tell myself that no starving children in Africa are going to suffer if I don't eat something.

i remember being a child and my grandma saying, "there are children starving in africa, blah blah blah" and i would be like, "please, gramma, if you can figure out an effective way to ship these leftover, perishable food items to ANYONE in need, please do."

my dad used to also comment on how america is the only country with fat poor people, and how it's really an oddity. 

anyway though, that sounds really screwed up about your boyfriend's twin sister.  it seems like if he doesn't step in and ask her what the crap her problem is that you should definitely do some re-evaluating of the relationship.  i mean, i'm sure he probably didn't realize since boys can be really daft in the conniving ways of some women, but you should bring it to his attention and request that he bring it to her attention.  it's not about starting a family feud, but a stern look and a "come on, now, that wasn't nice." is the least he could do to get her to step off. 

Health & Support Provera Apr 06 2008
06:36 (UTC)

dude, seriously, what the heck you guys?  i'm 20 and i got my first and only period when i was 14.  i started on the depo provera shot IMMEDIATELY following my first period.  i flat out told my doctor that this is the 21st century and if he refused to use modern medicine like a civilized person to stop it, that i would do it on my own with a clothes hanger.  i was bluffing, but sometimes you really need to put your foot down when it comes to something as severe as BLEEDING FROM THE GENITALS.  seriously, i don't understand why anyone would willing endure the disgusting and barbaric monstrosity that is menstruation.  i feel like i'm in the twilight zone reading all this stuff about people WANTING to bleed from the genitals.

Fitness Hanging Belly Syndrome Apr 06 2008
06:18 (UTC)

although i do have to say, risking your life with surgery for the sake of a cosmetic problem seems a bit extreme.  i'm sure it's 1000 times worse in your head than it is to anyone else. 

Fitness Hanging Belly Syndrome Apr 06 2008
06:16 (UTC)

there is literally nothing you can do to make your skin go back once it's been stretched to a certain point.  they won't have to make a new scar, they can use the line from the C-section.  honestly, i've heard from like over a dozen places that there is nothing you can do once you've stretched your skin to a certain point.

Health & Support Have you ever binged but not gained weight from it? Apr 06 2008
05:22 (UTC)
Original Post by crazy247:

well just saying..and i was at the airport traveling alone at 2am waiting for my next flight which is probably why i went crazy..

it really shocks me that more people don't commit suicide in airports.  i've spent more time contemplating blowing my brains out while being stuck in an airport than i'd like to recall.  they should have like kitten and puppy rooms in airports to keep people from becoming dangerously bored. 

Weight Loss I'm 5'2 and want to lose 8-10 pounds!!! Apr 06 2008
04:24 (UTC)

p.s. that came out kind of wrong - i'm not saying your boyfriend isn't right for you or is emotionally abusive or something, i'm just overly sensitive about certain things. my exboyfriend wasn't a dick or anything when he said that, he was just the type to say that sort of thing and not realize that anyone would be offended by it. it's just a matter of being incompatible in that capacity. i'm not saying anything negative about your boyfriend. = )

Weight Loss I'm 5'2 and want to lose 8-10 pounds!!! Apr 06 2008
04:17 (UTC)

yeah, that sounds kind of messed up about your boyfriend asking you if you really want to eat that.  one time i was just having a typical girl fat day at like 98 lbs and my boyfriend at the time said to me, "sweetheart, you can't expect to be the same size you were in high school"  i didn't even have to unbutton my size 0 pants get them off or on and when he said that i felt like the fattest girl in history of mankind.  that was one of those epiphany relationship moments when you know this person isn't right for you. 

Health & Support Have you ever binged but not gained weight from it? Apr 06 2008
03:59 (UTC)

by the way, i also think the amount of calories you inadvertently burn in a day is highly dependent upon learned behaviors from your parents.  people might think i have a high metabolism, but really i expend more energy just sitting down watching tv than the average person because i'm constantly fidgeting and shaking, just like my mom.  i remember my dad always saying to my mom, "karn-mary, yer shaking the whole house, do you mind?" because she'd shake her leg constantly.  i also remember him saying when i was a really little kid, "look at that, you've got the kids doing it, that's really an obnoxious habit" 

Health & Support Have you ever binged but not gained weight from it? Apr 06 2008
03:53 (UTC)

i've never noticed a weight gain after a binge.  i think it's in people's head that they gain weight after one binge, and in reality they've just been eating way more calories than they'd like to think they are on a daily basis, and it makes them feel a lot better about themselves and their self control issues to blame it on one period of over eating.  i see people over eating constantly and claiming that they just have a slow metabolism.  i really think it's a delusion though, i honestly think they believe they aren't eating any more than someone like me does.  i think most of what overweight people think and what is reality is genuine delusion, just like with chronically underweight people.  it's not like they're consciously lying to themselves, it's really a real misconception of reality.  i also think it has a lot to do with how you were raised and the examples that were set for you.  the portion size that you become accustomed to is dictated by the portions that your parents ate and the portions that they gave you.  i remember going to mcdonald's as a family when i was a child and all of our food easily fitting on one tray, and we'd see another family have one tray full of food for each person.  also, my parents never made us "clean our plates" like a lot of my friends' parents would, and my grandparents always used to say.  we ate when we were hungry, and we ate as much as we felt like eating.  there was never really an emphasis put on food one way or the other.  my parents didn't have to limit us on junk food or anything, they'd buy a box of twinkies and it would last for a week or two.  there was always pop and juice or whatever in the fridge, but we drank more water than pop.  we were also never limited on video games, tv, or computer time because we spent enough time outside doing stuff as you would want your kid to.  it's really all about what a child is raised to perceive to be normal.

Health & Support Upset, need support Apr 05 2008
23:50 (UTC)

my coping mechanism for food issues is pulling hairs with a tweezers from my legs and arms for hours on end.  i also take sleeping pills and just go to sleep when i'm hungry and feeling anxious about food.  both of these things cost very little money, but unfortunately i can say it's probably the worst advice anyone could ever give you. 


please, hold your applause, everyone. 

Weight Loss I'm 5'2 and want to lose 8-10 pounds!!! Apr 05 2008
21:45 (UTC)

i probably have some things to sort out, but i don't know.  it's confusing.  food makes me anxious, and like, i don't know, it's hard to explain.  i know it doesn't make sense, but i really do have a lot of body fat.  it's really frustrating, i know it doesn't make sense, but it's there.

Weight Loss I'm 5'2 and want to lose 8-10 pounds!!! Apr 05 2008
21:03 (UTC)

i'm 5'4" and weigh about 95 lbs, sometimes i'll inch up towards 100, but i'm most comfortable about around 93.  i think it's all about bone structure.  i feel like i'm at a pretty healthy weight.  i put in a goal of 90 lbs for my birthday on may 17th.  people that don't have a lot of weight to lose have really a very similar struggle as people that have a ton because it's way easier to lose weight when you're severely over weight.  5 lbs is a LOT of work for someone that only weighs 95 lbs.