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Maintaining "Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works" Dec 19 2010
19:56 (UTC)

That's been on my reading list for awhile. It looks so interesting!

Recipes Sauces Ideas Dec 19 2010
19:55 (UTC)

So, I love to cook, but making sauces from scratch takes awhile. I have a 'cheater' method I use often. Instead of buying premade spaghetti sauce, for example, I buy tomato sauce/paste, which has very little sodium in it, and then I'm able to control how much 'chunkiness' I put in. I put in tons of garlic - usually 5 clovesish.

I also do lots of 'gravy' sauces. I get low/no sodium broth of whatever kind I want, then I thicken it using either cornstarch or flour.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but I don't know how experienced/comfortable you are in the kitchen. Might I recomment for lots of very useful recipes and tips on making things from scratch? Is also a really great website and gives lots of helpful explanations on how to make many things - check out the orzo and chicken recipe for a good idea on making 'gravy' kind of sauces.

Weight Loss Fast Food Trade-Ins Dec 19 2010
19:44 (UTC)

I'm a pretty busy person myself, so I completely understand! Here's a few ideas that I use:

Breakfast: I tend to run out the door pretty fast in the mornings, so one thing I've developed is making egg 'quiche' (or casserole) for myself and bake it in a round pan, then cut the slices and wrap them up so i can run out the door. I pack it with all sorts of healthy stuff, so it's basically a baked omelet. If I make it Sunday night, I can usually have breakfast all week for work.

Meals: The best invention ever for a busy person is the crockpot.

I'll often make 2-3 meals on the weekend, then I'll divide up portions - some gets refrigerated, some gets frozen as my other meals. You can unfreeze pretty much anything, so making your own 'frozen meals' is really helpful.

Another great trick: When you go shopping and buy your veggies for the week, wash, precut them, then store them in the fridge. Do the same with meat portions if you're doing diced meat. That way you don't have to have prep work - it's all ready for you so you can just dump the ingredients and cook. :)

I hope some of this helps!

Weight Loss I'm getting McDonalds ads all over calorie count Jun 09 2010
15:58 (UTC)

It's Smirnoff and jillian for me. Drink and then recover by being brow-beaten, hmm.

Motivation How do you reward yourself for weight lost??? Jun 04 2010
23:45 (UTC)

I try to stay away from food rewards, because I believe in lifestyle changes, and a food reward seems like bad wiring to my brain (celebrations for other things are one thing, but not for weight).

What I usually do is I get a massage or facial. That's healthy for my body and nourishes me in other ways, too. And usually I take a day off from the gym and really relax. :)

The Lounge Stupid roommate... Jun 02 2010
21:02 (UTC)

Ahh, roommate horror stories. Let me tell you this little gem about my current roomie:

I moved in with a roommate who owns his own house in January. As I was moving in, he'd mentioned at some point he was thinking about asking his girlfriend to move in when her lease was up; sometime this summer.

In April he sat down with me and told me he'd spoken with her in detail about her moving when her lease is up in June - which means being in a new place July 1. She expected when she moved in that it would only be the two of them, and she felt since it's his place he should kick me out when the time came.

She got mad when he disagreed and they fought about it. Since then, she's calmed down and said her extending her lease isn't such a big deal - she thought it was $50 more a month, which was ridiculously expensive to her, but it's only $25, which is acceptable.

So he left the decision as to whether I should stay or go in 5-6 months up to me.

He doesn't feel she should get her way just because, and he's actually hoping I will stay because he would like to retain his bachelorhood for a few more months.

So my choices were to either leave by July or basically promise I would stay for 5-6 months.

On the surface, it doesn't seem like it's a big deal either way, but my roommate's girlfriend is one of those strident toned, perpetually displeased women who will probably have mouth wrinkles up the wazoo by 30 from all of her sour-faced looks. Staying means putting up with snide looks at best, snide comments and rude behavior on the high end.

And let's not forget my roommate copping out and not telling her no when he wants to. He leaves me to do it and is encouraging me to make the decision the way he wants so he doesn't have to cop responsibility.

What's ironic about this is that we basically cohabitate 3 people now as she stays here 5 nights a week, so her complaints about a 2 bedroom house being too small for 3 people sounds silly.

All of that over an extra $25 a month...

The Lounge Best/Worst Part of Day Apr 23 2010
07:11 (UTC)

Best: Actually getting my butt to the gym and making it through my full workout. I've had a crazy week at work.

Worst: Being woken up my roomie's girlfriend who makes terrible noises while they... "cha-cha" and now being unable to sleep. Like a yipping poodle OR a ware hawker. And another full day planned tomorrow.


Weight Loss Please Vent with Me! Apr 23 2010
07:08 (UTC)

Oh man, here's mine.

When half of your coworkers are in the process of changing their eating behaviors and trying to get healthy, a few are on maintenance, why is it when we have a birthday that somehow we still all bring unhealthy food?! We have special events that load us with catered crap like 3 times a month usually anyways.

This is why the weight gain happened in the first place for all of us. I hate you, higher education. You suck for making healthy lifestyles. You promote **** like stopping smoking and offering a weight loss seminar, but you don't allow any changes in the workplace to keep it healthy.

Eff you.

Fitness Women at the gym Apr 23 2010
07:01 (UTC)
Original Post by trainmanup:

Put the phones DOWN! It's slightly annoying seeing 5 girls sitting on machines, face down ass up with their nose buried in their cell phones texting. You're there to work out, your personal conversations can wait til you're done in 30 minutes.



As one of those women who sometimes is "face down ass up" - you can tell that to my boss and my clients whose high dollar funding I handle that I need to wait. The only way I get away from my job some days is to work out - and the promise that I'm available by smartphone.

I don't let my job sacrifice my health, so if my phone work bothers you, sorry mate. I'm not sacrificing my cardio time for you, either.

Foods Whole Foods Pizza by the Slice Apr 21 2010
21:50 (UTC)
Original Post by gotborked:

Anyone had this?  Anyone venture a guess on the calories? 

It's pretty good, not too expensive for whole wheat pizza (2.50 for a pretty big slice), and it's very convenient for lunch where I work, so I would love if the calories aren't outrageous.

Did you try asking them? Oftentimes places are happy to provide it if you ask?

The Lounge When I say 'Texas' you think............? Apr 13 2010
21:05 (UTC)

Walker, Texas Ranger.


Weight Loss Things we've learned along the way... Apr 13 2010
18:35 (UTC)
  • Changing my diet makes me feel a lot better - not because of the weightloss, but in terms of energy and my mental state. I can go all day on the right fuel!
  • Junk food isn't the devil; eating too much of it is.
  • Junk food is also incredibly easy to ignore when you eat a satisfying meal.
  • Having what I really want is key to keeping mostly healthy food consumption. (as in, I'm craving sweets because I need sugar - and my fruit solves the craving, not a 500 cal cookie).
  • Working out feels really, really good when I've had a crummy day or my divorce gets me down.
  • A bad day or meal isn't the end of the world. Whatever. Blow it off.
  • Above all, changing myself starts with a change in attitude and focus. My behavior is what shapes my today and tomorrow. So use it to my advantage.
Weight Loss Really?... Really. Apr 12 2010
15:49 (UTC)
Original Post by samantha81:

So, do you say you don't want to be that small because you never have been?... you think it's gross?... you don't think you could do it?... you don't want to set your goals to something that would take you from 'cute' to 'hot'??

I'm sure you didn't mean it like this, but this came off sounding as presumptuous. Getting smaller doesn't make a person go from cute to hot - it's all in attitude and confidence. Body size doesn't matter if you can't give yourself the oomph to be hot.

I don't want to be 'that' small, personally, because of several factors:

1) Reaching the theoretical ideal BMI weight of 133.2 lbs for me means my hip bones stick out and I'm hungry all the time. I look borderline anorexic.

2) I rather enjoy have breasts and a round butt. Even though I'm naturally curvy, I like to keep it there.

3) I'm hungry all the time, and in general mentally 'twitchy' at that phase. But then keeping this size means working out a lot to maintain it in a fashion I can't afford to do, time-wise, since I have two jobs.

Being sterotypically 'stick thin' means I'd lose my curves. In order to do that, I'd end up looking like skeletor because it's not my natural body type. I don't find that to be hot in anyone.

Also, as someone who's had an ED in her younger years, I'm leery of putting myself at any weight low enough I start kicking those thoughts around again.

The Lounge Food Revolution Wake Up Call Apr 08 2010
16:16 (UTC)

If you like the show, you should check out the blog of the US school teacher who's eating the school lunch every day for a year and discussing the food served to the students with it to raise awareness about our school lunches as well. It's just as eye opening:

Weight Loss Me and my slender mate are "overweight" Apr 08 2010
16:02 (UTC)

If a doctor calls you overweight, I'd say the thumping is justified.

And you probably have the muscle to do it. ;)

Fitness Good Friday: What exercise did YOU do? Apr 03 2010
01:21 (UTC)

I walked for a half hour at lunch (hit close to 2 miles), and then I hit the elliptical for an hour.

I feel good. :)

The Lounge Let's talk about Chat, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Mar 25 2010
18:02 (UTC)
Original Post by hksquared:

NTS: Don't be silviar's friend

you can't be my friend, you're my boss, boss. :O

The Lounge Let's talk about Chat, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Mar 25 2010
17:50 (UTC)
Original Post by pandamouse:

Original Post by silviar:

Original Post by pandamouse:

I may have to kill my best friend. . . She had me do her "easy and quick" leg work out with her yesterday, and now I'm so sore I can barely walk.

That, or I need less fit friends. . . :)

I vote for less fit friends. >.>

Hee hee. I'll take that into consideration.

I really have no room to talk. I'm usually the person who wants people to do the easy leg workout that you're cursing, so... XD

The Lounge Let's talk about Chat, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Mar 25 2010
17:48 (UTC)
Original Post by pandamouse:

I may have to kill my best friend. . . She had me do her "easy and quick" leg work out with her yesterday, and now I'm so sore I can barely walk.

That, or I need less fit friends. . . :)

I vote for less fit friends. >.>

The Lounge Let's talk about Chat, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Mar 25 2010
17:43 (UTC)
Original Post by hstirling:

Original Post by silviar:

Original Post by hstirling:

Huh...... All the crazies left...... GOOD!

No, i'm still here.


Sorry to disappoint you. :P

Hi Kathy!

 HHEHheheheheh Talkin bout werk again. I luff yous and yous will never be crazy!!!!!

Aww thank you! <3

Although, I am a wee bit crazy, in all fairness. We writers have a touch of insanity.

And I'm spamming all of my FB friends with a short story today. So far the response has been positive.