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Journal I'm back!!
Entry on Jul 03 2008 08:34
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Journal The last 1.5lbs
Entry on Feb 13 2008 15:00
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Journal Maintenance Concerns, any suggestions?
Entry on Jan 05 2008 09:14
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Journal 25lbs lost - Really Need Assistance
Entry on Dec 30 2007 07:41
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Journal Weight Maintenance, need assistance
Entry on Dec 20 2007 15:23
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Project Manager for an EMC test lab.  Goals are to loose weight before my vacation next year, in May, 2008.
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Interests 4: cooking, family and friends, gaming, swimming
Groups 3: Gluten free living, Gluten-Free Lifestyle [Celiac Disease], Gluten-free weight loss support (View Details...)

Supporting 3: andrewotto, sheareen, susannahlauren

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