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Last Login Jun 14, 2010
Location Elkhart IN US
Website Weight Loss Blog
Birthdate 1989-12-27



Age- 17

Height- 5"7'

Start- 240 pounds

Current- 207.6 pounds

Goal- 150 pounds

Total Loss- 32.4 pounds

Start BMI- 37.6

Current BMI- 32.4

Start Size- 18/20

Current Size- 15/16

My Myspace-


My Rewards

2 lbs.- Red Heart Earrings

4 lbs.- New Shirt

6 lbs.-  Pinstripe Pants

8 lbs.- Conch and Rook Piercings

10 lbs.- First Tattoo

12 lbs.- Industrial Piercing

14 lbs.- Haircut

16 lbs.- Nipple Piercings

18 lbs.- New Shoes

20 lbs.- Clavicle Piercings

22 lbs.- 2 Cartilage Piercings

24 lbs.- Second Tattoo
and I'll add a new one for each weight later...overall I want to be at 150 pounds.

My Fitness Goals

Quit Smoking

Run a mile non stop

Do 10 push ups

Work Out for 1 month straight, 5x a week

Not be clinically obese

Things I Want To Do

Have a healthy relationship with food

Eat fast food once or twice a month

Get married at the weight of 150

Ways To Measure My Success

Measuring Tape

Scale (every Sunday)

Trying on old pants once a month

My Weight Ticker
Interests 12: animals, cats, ddr, drawing, exercise, fashion, friends, health, music, myspace, nutrition, poetry
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