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The Lounge waht do you do for a living? Jan 04 2008
19:19 (UTC)
I am a Realtor (Real Estate Agent) which in the US right now really means i'm unemployed!  LOL
The Lounge What one word would you use to describe yourself? Jan 03 2008
23:03 (UTC)



Weight Loss Holy Crap! I gained 10 pounds in 12 days! Jan 03 2008
18:38 (UTC)
I'm thrilled I only gained 2.5 lbs.  The way I was pigging out on everything, it could have been worse.  I hope to get on track in a couple of weeks too.
Weight Loss How hard do you rock? Jan 03 2008
02:00 (UTC)
I like my eyes, my neck, and my boobs (although they were paid for).  I like my abs especially when they aren't hiding under this layer I currently have.  They'll be out for summer though.  I promised them.
Weight Loss McDonalds McFlurry. Nooo :( Dec 22 2007
01:52 (UTC)
I also have a Mcflurry problem.  Don't stress it, you can't take it back, so just chalk it up to learning and move on.  I think stressing over calories make you gain stress pounds anyway!  LOL.  Don't feel bad.  I ate about 4 slices of cheese before I realized that cheddar is EVIL.  Chin up
The Lounge Return of Randomly Offensive Post Dec 22 2007
01:44 (UTC)
Post tear-jerker of a story with a lovely moral then threatens everyone who does not re-post said story will lose the family pet or get an STD.
Fitness the lovehandle muscle?? Dec 22 2007
01:38 (UTC)
It's called an oblique muscle, and I'm afraid you're pretty much stuck with it.  When you do crunches don't twist.  The twisting motion builds the oblique muscle.  Everyone's ab muscles are different.  For instance, I have a 4 pack and a baby belly that won't go away.  I feel your pain.
The Lounge Return of Randomly Offensive Post Dec 18 2007
20:17 (UTC)
Points out marvelous weight loss effects of the bird flu ....  and ebola.
The Lounge Return of Randomly Offensive Post Dec 18 2007
17:00 (UTC)
Threatens to call DEA on hk's cat drug ring.  Proclaims that hippies are the reason for most world's problems such as drugs, bell-bottomed pants, and smore's.  Accuses hk of being an escaped charles manson cult member.
The Lounge Return of Randomly Offensive Post Dec 17 2007
22:27 (UTC)
Is totally offended by the fact that molly wears cat fur.  Splashes red paint on thread and feels triumphant that I've finally stood up for something.  Proclaims that I'm also a vegetarian, except I eat chicken and fish cuz they don't count.
The Lounge Return of Randomly Offensive Post Dec 17 2007
19:24 (UTC)
Totally offended by brandy's ghost "joke" as everyone knows that ghosts are here from satan.  Goes on to note several examples where witchcraft has taken over the world via the Harry Potter and Golden Compass movies.  Blasts all people who haven't found Christ......or the toothfairy.
The Lounge Return of Randomly Offensive Post Dec 17 2007
17:16 (UTC)

Comments that hk and spoiled have let the power go to their heads.  Demands to know how to become a moderator so that I can have the power to delete personally offensive posts.  Adds evil "muah ha ha" as this is just the beginning to taking over the internet that Gore built.

Foods What got you here? Dec 14 2007
19:07 (UTC)
oh yeah...those soda pop beers like bacardi silver strawberry and Mikes hard lemonade are also a problem for me.
Foods Post your favorite treat/splurge Dec 14 2007
18:54 (UTC)
Original Post by t_rexia:

Original Post by minie13:

 Not a big cheesecake fan...
FINALLY, someone else who hates cheesecake. Surprised

Also HATES cheesecakes!  And they serve them at every lunch function I attend. Gag. But good for my waist.

The Lounge Return of Randomly Offensive Post Dec 14 2007
18:51 (UTC)
Calls this entire thread and everyone in it "boring" in an attempt to look bad@## and cool. (profile photo shows an eat $%^& look on the face of a 15 yr old from the burbs in California)
The Lounge Return of Randomly Offensive Post Dec 14 2007
18:19 (UTC)
Sobs about hk's obviously personal attack on my character and intellect.  Regails thread with examples of how I'm a genious and no one takes me seriously.  Vows to make voodoo dolls of all posters who've offended me intentionally or not and stab them with sharpened carrot sticks.
The Lounge Return of Randomly Offensive Post Dec 14 2007
01:05 (UTC)
Chastises csthomas for obviously having an ED.  Relates story of second cousin once removed who once suffered from an ED and now looks like something from night of the living dead.  Begs csthomas to please eat or IM me for private chat.
The Lounge Return of Randomly Offensive Post Dec 13 2007
19:10 (UTC)
Comments that hk has issues that go far beyond dead horse beating and asks him to please seek counsel.  Recommend's watching Dr. Phil this Thursday as it is on people who just can't let go.  Goes on to praise Dr. Phil and offer's to start own Dr. Phil religion.
Weight Loss could two different scales weight be off by 6 lbs? Dec 13 2007
16:42 (UTC)

All scales are different.  I usually base the "true" weight on the ones at my doctors office.  I weigh on mine before I go to see how close they are.  If you have a 10lb weight, put it on your scale to see how close to 10lbs it is.

Weight Loss Holiday Tips and Tricks Dec 13 2007
00:57 (UTC)

This may sound completely deranged, but cold medicine surpresses my appetite.  Sudaphed to be exact.  I'm not recommending it as a weight loss pill or anything.  I just happened to notice when I take it I snack less.  Interesting huh?