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Weight Loss not sure, but i think ive been making a mistake :( Sep 19 2007
07:46 (UTC)
Instead of everyone advising people based on what they think based on what people have said over and over, how about let's quote some expert. Go to the website This site was founded by C Everett Koop, former US Surgeon general. The site has a long list of expert advisors, PhDs and so on. This site says to eat no less than your RMR... however if you want a greater deficit beyond eating your RMR, you can also exercise.  When I was about 150, this site says my  RMR was 1300-something. So to lose weight quicker, I could exercise... I did not have to eat back calories if my net was below 1200.  I have also before pointed out studies from places like Johns Hopkins University etc, where they put obese people on programs of 1200 calories plus exercise. No one has yet been able to find me a study or obesity specialist who says you have to eat back calories if your net falls below 1200.

The whole eat-back calories concept is exclusive to this website.  Yeah, don't do 1200 calories and go run a marathon... keep it within reason.
Weight Loss Nearly a year of plateau? Sep 19 2007
07:30 (UTC)
Argh, Evan, you beat me to a response. Why is it whenever people plateau the suggestion is "You must be in starvation mode, eat more!"  
Weight Loss Nearly a year of plateau? Sep 19 2007
07:26 (UTC)
This is really a simple one. You need 1500 to 1700 calories a day to maintain.  I am 128 and eat about that much to maintain. I am older than you but much taller than you, so that means our RMR is likely close to the same.  To lose weight I ate no more than 1200 calories a day and exercisesd six days a week... I did not eat back calories for exercise.
Weight Loss diet drink, artifical sweeteners Sep 16 2007
20:25 (UTC)
I always seem to have an uptick in the scale after I drink diet soda... thought not sure why since the sodium in soda is slight.
Weight Loss Cheap and healthy foods Sep 16 2007
20:23 (UTC)
Powdered milk is a staple in my diet. I use it to make homemade hot chocolate mix,  in smoothies and in making 0% fat yogurt.
Weight Loss Been slacking, but still losing? Sep 16 2007
20:19 (UTC)
It may have something to do with the way your body stores glycogen in muscles...  glycogen is stored with a lot of water.  Perhaps when your body doesn't need as much glycogen it doesn't replace it? I know when you suddenly increase exercise, your body stores more, and so you will see a temporary gain.  When I go away on vacation, so basically don't exercise, I lose weight.
Weight Loss Getting 50-60g of fiber daily Sep 16 2007
02:51 (UTC)
50 to 60 grams of fiber sounds like a lot, but maybe depends on your body size... double-check to be sure this is right. My understanding is that a woman needs about 30... and to achieve that I find that just about all carbs have to be high fiber.

You can get too much fiber. Although fiber will prevent you from absorbing calories, it also prevents you from absorbing nutrients. It is one of the major foods which prevents you from absorbing calcium, for example.

If you want fiber that helps with cholesterol, it has to be soluble fiber.. which means is gets gummy and sticky... dissolves in water.  Like oatmeal and barley.
Maintaining Ugh! Up 5lbs Sep 14 2007
23:14 (UTC)
Yes, I think it's possible that 1500 to 1600 may be too many calories for you.  That's about what I eat, and maintain 128 pounds.  I maintain on about 12 calories a pound.  At 110, that's 14 calories a pound.  You usually have to be a fairly active woman to do 14 calories a pound.  I would keep it right at 1500 for a week or so and see what happens. If you are still gaining, back it up to 1400... or work in more exercise.

Back when you were heavier, I am sure you said to yourself, "I'd give anything to be thin."  Well, here you are. Do what it takes to stay there... even if that means 1400 or more exercise.

I find it helps to eat smaller portions at meals, so I have more calories for snacks.  I used to fo a 400-calorie dinner, but then I found I was just as satisfied on 300, and then I still have a couple hundred calories sfor an evening snack.

Maintaining Just how DO I do it?? Sep 14 2007
23:02 (UTC)
When I reached my goal weight I increased cals to 1300... I lost a little more, so I increased to 1400. I stayed there a month or two, but could see I was still losing slightly, so I increased to 1500.  Through this process I dropped another 5 pounds, down to 128... unintended, but I like it.  Now any day I am at my target weight ot higher I weat 1500.  When I am below, I eat a little more. So I average 1550 to 1600.  I weigh in daily, figure the average for the week. I've meeb maintaining about 20 months. I know that if I went back to 1200 I would lose again... just very slowly. 

So I agree you should increase calories slowly.  If you overeat by 100 calories, it takes 35 days to gain a pound. So don't worry, just take it slowly.
Weight Loss Stuck at 140! Goin' crazeeeeeeeee. Sep 14 2007
19:35 (UTC)
I'm maintaining 128 pounds on 1500 to 1600 per day. To get to this weight I ate no more that 1200 calories, and exercised most days.  As I neared my target weight, I lost less than 1 pound a week. .. sometimes just 1/4 pound. 

It seems to me that we all used to eat way more, and our metabolisms didn't speed up enough to compensate for our eating. Eating more is how we gained weight. So if you think the way to lose weight is to eat more, go ahead and give it a try.
Weight Loss weight loss! Sep 14 2007
12:09 (UTC)
When you're already in the low weight ranges, and trying to lose more, you have to get more precise. If you don't count calories, you might eat less than is actually healthy.  But the most likely reason you are plateauing is that you are eating the right amount of food to maintain your current weight.  Not counting calories is like this: You desperately want to save money at the grocery store, but you don't want to bother looking at prices of things you buy.  You think if you at least buy only healthy foods, you should be able to save money... how come you can't save any money?

A lot of healthy foods come with a high-calorie price tag...  walnuts have 200 calories per quarter cup.  To lose the last pounds, you will likely have to eat about 1200 calories a day, maybe 1300. 1400 might be too high.  Then, to figure out if you're making progress, you have to weigh yourself once in a while. You have to expect it will take you a few months to lose the last ten pounds, and you want to know it the first weeks, if what you are doing is working.

Yoga probably doesn't burn many calories either. My guess is that even walking is better. But weight loss is more about what you eat than how much you exercise.
Weight Loss weight loss! Sep 13 2007
22:53 (UTC)
How many total calories are you eating?
Weight Loss Feeling 'Hard Done By!!' Sep 13 2007
12:03 (UTC)
What is your age, height weight. How many caloires have youbeen eating, and how long since you haven't lost weight.
Weight Loss Should I really be eating this much? Sep 13 2007
00:02 (UTC)
I use the calculator at to figure RMR.  The BMR is based on the Harris-Benedict formula, which was devised back in the early part of the century. But yes, different sites give different numbers... pick an average.

The important thing to remember is that the number given for RMR (or BMR, basically the same thing) is based on averages for people of your same stats. You might be different. Metabolic studies show that even when comparing people of the exact-same fat-free mass, their RMRs can vary hundreds of calories above or below the "mean."  In addition there have been a number of studies that show that the formula to compute BMR is typically about 12% high, as compared to tests of real people. 

Take me, for example. Supposedly my RMR is 1250. I maintain on about 1550 (more if I am doing some heavy-duty house renovation or maintenance project). Of the 300 calories in between RMR and total expenditure, about 10% of my total daily calories is used to digest food (not part of RMR). So 300 minus 155 is 145. That leaves me 145 calories to fuel all my activities for the 16 hours I am awake. Huh? Obviously my RMR is lower than 1250.  Supposedly RMR is about 65% of all the calories you eat during the day.  65% of 1550 is 1008 calories... that makes sense to me as more likely my RMR... basically 42 calories per hour in a fasting state doing nothing.  So say I have 40 calories on top of the RMR 42 for the 16 hours I am awake... an average of 82. Yeah, this is possible, I do a lot of sitting most days. But this is why, when people are SO confident that they burn X amount of calories at the gym, I kinda wonder.

I just go to RMR as a starting point, usually a good number for people to start to diet on, and adjust from there if losing too fast or slow.  I also like to look at it the calories-per-pound way, which to be honest, is about as accurate for figuring the total calorie need.
Weight Loss Should I really be eating this much? Sep 12 2007
22:52 (UTC)
Most sedentary to  moderately active adults need between 11 to 16 calories a pound. A quadruplegic needs about 10. It is pretty hard to find any adult that needs less than 10 calories a pound. If you are 1000% sure, at 261 pounds, that you gain weight on 2200, then you should see a doctor.  But at 261, if you are eating 1800... I might say that could even be slightly low. There is a school of thought that you should not eat below your RMR, and I come up with 1921 for you. That's 7.3 calories a pound... plenty low.  Even if you have a very slow metabolism of 10.3 calories a pound, that's still a 783 calorie deficit per day (261 x 3).

As you lose weight, your body needs fewer calories to sustain itself, you will need to eat less to get the same rate of loss. So a small women trying to get to a low body weight (under 130) might need to diet at 1200 to get to her goal. I'm maintaining 128 on about 1500 to 1600 calories per day, so clearly I would gain if I ate 1800... but it is a good number for you to lose weight on.
Weight Loss Nothing changed help please!!!!! Sep 12 2007
13:33 (UTC)
Your current RMR is about 1230 a day.  The website was founded by the former US Surgeon General C Everett Koop and also has a long list of PhDs and experts as advisors. This site says if you eat below your RMR you might slow your metabolism... but to increase your deficit, you can also exercise (and not eat back calories).

You are very likely not losing weight because your current average calorie level is close to your natural maintenence level.

I am 128 pounds, age 52, and so my RMR is about identical to yours. I maintain on about 1550 per day... I do three strenuous weight-lifting classes a week, plus other exercise, housework and so on. This past week I ate a little more, because I was doing housepainting for several hours a day. ... lots of going up and down ladders.

If you are basically maintaining at 1500, then you have to expect to lose less than a pound a week if you dieted at 1230. It is unrealistic to expect to lose 10 pounds in 2 months at your current weight.  107 is your lowest weight... under that is underweight.  I agree that you are currently at a good weight.  If you choose to lose more,  do it real slowly. 

You shoud check out the "featherweight" posts too.
Weight Loss What should i do about nondieting friends.. Sep 12 2007
13:11 (UTC)
I had this problem... especially weird because I was dieting and weighed less than they did.  Basically, if I ate what they did, I would not lose weight.  I don't enjoy eating out anyway, too much money for too much food... if I eat something low cal (iceberg lettuce salad) it seems a stupid waste of money.  My friends would want to do an outing that also included a restaurant meal.  I was perfectly happy to go on the outing, and sit in the eat eating my better cheaper lunch... but even that didn't make them happy. After a while, they just left me home, and I was okay about that.

There was a recent study that showed that the greatest predictor of obesity was having obese friends. It makes more sense then to find new friendships with people who are make healthier choices.  The way I see it, if I'm not part of the solution, then I am part of the problem.  If I don't stand my ground (go along and pretend I'm not limiting calories) then I am contributing to the culture of obesity.  I don't preach to anyone, just don't hide or apologize for eating the calories I need to do to maintain my target weight.  As a result, one of the above friends was inspired and lost 50 pounds.

So, I don't know if there is any good answer.  It is socially awkward, and unfortunately that's one of the hurdles.  You deal with it, or find new friends. But the more you are there setting a good example, the easier it becomes for others to also do the same.

Weight Loss Stuck at 140! Goin' crazeeeeeeeee. Sep 12 2007
12:58 (UTC)
First, really wonderful at your progress so far.  I am maintaining at 128, and didn't like weighing 140... so I know where you are coming from. What's your age, gender, height and total calorie consumption on average... including cheat days.
Weight Loss advice needed ;-) Sep 12 2007
00:01 (UTC)
Of course cheat days matter! It's the average that counts.
Weight Loss help!!! Sep 11 2007
21:41 (UTC)
Ultimately it comes down to the Nike slogan, "Just Do It!"  There are no tricks and strategies helpful enough if you are unwilling to resist temptation. The reality of maintaining is that you have to forever eat less food... about 100 cals less for every ten pounds you lose.  So if you can't hack it, you might as well call it quits now.  Don't bother losing any weight you are going to regain, because you lack will power... because you still allow food to have power over you. The way you get power over food, is that you simply decide that you have power over food. It IS that simple. Do you define yourself as someone who lacks will power, or are you someone who you decide is strong. Is having self discipline part of your self image?

People say to me, "I just don't have will power like you."  I guess not...  I've lost weight and maintained, in the same time, they really haven't started their diets. As long as they define themselves as lacking in will power, they likely will not succeed.

I start my every day with a calorie plan, and I stick to it no matter what.  I space my food put so I am never hungry.  There might be times when I would like something... my mouth is bored... but I remind myself, I am not hungry. Maybe I'll have some fruity herbal tea instead... no cals, but tastes like something.