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Weight Loss letting you guys know about my progress Apr 26 2006
17:19 (UTC)

You will reach your goal before you know it. You have already accomplished so much.
Weight Loss . Apr 26 2006
17:17 (UTC)

On a lighter note, I don't think I have ever been formally quoted before. You just made my day. :-)
Weight Loss . Apr 26 2006
15:37 (UTC)
So true mary6. I wish I could afford to take a leave from work and get some counseling. It just isn't possible. This site truly is a BIG help to me. My attitude weighs greatly on my ED, and so many of you have such a wonderful and upbeat attitude.

Does anyone know of any meetings or programs that are free or tailored for those who can't stop working? I don't think they exist. Especially not where I am currently living.
Weight Loss . Apr 26 2006
14:22 (UTC)
Obsydian +Meredith,

I am glad you both chimed in on this subject. I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect Kelly80's. I don't agree with it though. I use the boards to out myself. I feel like when I acknowledge my problem and share my feelings with others, I make it easier to address it. It uncovers the shady behaviour, and lets me in on other's methods of coping and healing. ED can make you a very lonely person. I am glad to have found such great support on this site.
Weight Loss Working out...GAINING weight!?! Apr 26 2006
14:08 (UTC)
Try M,W,SAT running and free weights, and Tuesday and Thurdsay doing just cardio. Have you tried a step class or spinning? Running is great, but if you mix it up with some different cardio programs you might really boost your metabolism.  Take Friday and Sunday off for rest. Whatever you do, don't quit. If weight loss were quick and easy, sites like Calorie-Count wouldn't exist!
Weight Loss I am annoyed Apr 25 2006
21:23 (UTC)

I hope the bad egg doesn't make for any emergency weight loss!
Weight Loss How much have we lost collectively? Apr 25 2006
18:47 (UTC)
plus one more. Sweet!

Weight Loss How much have we lost collectively? Apr 25 2006
15:51 (UTC)
Weight Loss I am annoyed Apr 25 2006
14:13 (UTC)
You won't want to hear this, but maybe you should up your caloric intake for a few days. Then graduate back down to your current level. Your body will boost it's metabolism again. You might gain a pound or two, but you should start losing again once your calories come back down. Good Luck!
Weight Loss Working out...GAINING weight!?! Apr 24 2006
21:47 (UTC)
You are gaining muscle. Try every other day. Your body continues to burn calories without the addition of muscle bulk. Also, what kind of workouts are you doing (weights, treadmill, nautilus)?
Weight Loss Healthy weight loss after an eating disorder.?.? Apr 24 2006
20:51 (UTC)
Thanks Neeners. She is beautiful.
Weight Loss Healthy weight loss after an eating disorder.?.? Apr 24 2006
20:18 (UTC)
Unfortunately, I think the problem is that ED generally produces an obsession with both. I workout obsessively, and on top of that am very concious of my "number". It sounds perfectly rational to think that way. Ed is about having completely distorted views though. I know I have trouble seeing things the right way.

People would guess my weight about 15 lbs less than I am, but it only matters to me what I know. Hence, the ED issue.

Good thought though Choco! :-)
Weight Loss something I find interesting... Apr 24 2006
19:30 (UTC)
Because that way, you always know where you stand. You can really trend your water weight and average weight better. I do the same thing.
Fitness Hey,'s the run training going? Apr 24 2006
17:44 (UTC)
Thanks Kadieladie!
Weight Loss Healthy weight loss after an eating disorder.?.? Apr 24 2006
17:40 (UTC)
Thanks Neeners. I am aware of everything you posted. I too have always been an athlete. I have gravitated to running because of the euphoric effect is has. I think it really helps balance my mind. I am also very aware of healthy foods and sadly have studied to be a personal trainer! I know exactly what I am suppose to do, it just takes a lot more to get my mind and body in sync. I am sure you understand that feeling. It is just like a smoker who won't quit. You know it's bad for you, but it is habitual.

I usually top out at about 1000 calories. If I don't work out, it's less. I just can't bring myself to snack or get full. I have gotten much better with it though. It is a far cry from water and tic-tacs! It's only funny to me now that I would be like that, or sad rather.

I really don't ever want to be like that again.
Weight Loss Healthy weight loss after an eating disorder.?.? Apr 24 2006
16:51 (UTC)

One thing I would never do is purge when my daughter is home. I rarely come to that point of purging anyway. I do deprive myself at times though. I worry that my daughter will catch that I don't eat every time she does. I would do anything for her, and believe me, I would be completely out of control if she weren't in the picture. She may have saved my life! I really have done so well until lately. I am just at a low point, but things will change. I am staying positive, so that depression doesn't fuel the fire. It's an ongoing process.

I am a great mother, and don't at all take offense to your post. It would be crazy for someone not to be concerned about their child. Thanks for your concern and input. It feels good to know I am not alone with my illness.
Fitness Ladies: ?????? regarding Sports Bra Apr 24 2006
16:02 (UTC)
If you can find your size at Wal-Mart, Danskin active sports bras are a God sent. They a little akward to get on, but once you get it on they are soooo comfy and supportive!
Weight Loss anyone in their 100's?? Apr 24 2006
15:54 (UTC)
126 here.
Weight Loss Healthy weight loss after an eating disorder.?.? Apr 24 2006
15:53 (UTC)
Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I appreciate that people are truly concerned. I really think I need a support system. I have the knowledge and not the tools to follow through. It is a slow process. Hell, it's a total lifestyle change. It's like someone asking all about you, then telling you to change everything you are. It's hard.
Weight Loss Healthy weight loss after an eating disorder.?.? Apr 24 2006
15:48 (UTC)

I wouldn't be the best to give advice on the subject, but I will tell you what I can. I know that my problem is more to do with self esteem than weight. Everything that makes me uncomfortable and vulnerable makes the issue of the ED worse. I know it's about control. The times when ED has been easier to avoid is when I am surrounded by friends and people who are positive and fun to be around. People who are very negative or complain a lot make it easier for me to do the same. The more people draw attention to the bad things, the more I focus on them. I want people to notice that I am thin, and think I look good. I just don't want them to know how or why. When I am around people who aren't concerned with weight or looks, my mind doesn't revolve around it. I am really struggling with feeling normal. The fact is, I am not. To me, ED is like alchoholism or any other addictive behaviour. It is always underlying and always something you will have to overcome. I have come a long way. I hope you can have relationships that make you happy (no matter what), and friends that always keep it real. I hope you have family that loves you unconditionally, because we all need that. I am lucky to have found the people in life who give me daily reality checks!

Just remember too , that things that you feel are so important to you now may not matter tomorrow. You're health, family, and SANITY are all that matters. Maybe we'll figure it out together.