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Health & Support PCOS withouth Birth Control Dec 03 2010
14:01 (UTC)

I have PCOS and have only been on BC once, for a very short amount of time (20 years ago and not for the PCOS). I don't take any meds, I don't like putting crap in my body.

I agree with the low GI diet. When I eat my best, I feel my best. I basically try to eat low carb, high protein and low/no sugar.

It is a life style change but it does keep my weight in check as well.

Weight Loss Do people especially other women automatically judge you when you are obese/overweight Jul 29 2010
14:12 (UTC)

If I look at someone overweight, I don't judge them. For me, I feel sorry for them (not that this is right either). The believe that food is an addiction, especially with what has been done to our food supply in this county. I look at them and pray. Pray that they can some how over come the addiction and get beyond the life they live now.

I totally understand your ovarian issues. I had a 7+ pound ovarian mass removed a few years ago (grew very quickly) and am now heading for my second ovarian surgery (new cyst has doubled in size in the last six weeks-I get ultrasounds every six weeks) in two weeks. Double surgery this time as I also have a growth on my uterus now. Ever since I've started with these issues, I've learned that my body can't tolerate carbs (even good carbs) very well. They make me more hungry and cause me to gain weight. Now, to keep my weight down, I live the low carb life. I try to stay away from processed foods and stick with foods from nature, natural carbs. Lots of nuts and veggies. Fruits give me sugar cravings so I stay away from them. Maybe this is something you can experiment with and see if your body has the same reaction.

Best of luck and keep up the good work.

PS I also think that excessive sugar consumption can cause depression in some people (from reseach that I've done). Don't know if you eat a lot of sugar but you may try keeping an eye on that too.

Health & Support so one side is bigger than the other? something wrong with me? Jul 29 2010
13:49 (UTC)

My upper left leg muscle is WAY bigger then my right. My right leg is a tad shorter so my left leg works harder, I guess.

Maybe you should mention it to your doctor next time your in.

Health & Support Bloated, chronic diarreha, increased hunger and big time water retention? Jul 01 2010
13:24 (UTC)
Original Post by maiden:

Well, this is more of a legit hunger really. It's almost to the point that my stomach is growling (sometimes it does). It's mainly in the morning I've noticed. I can't seem to get enough water. It sucks becuase I'm trying to combat anemia and low red blood cells and I know this isn't helping with nutrient absorption. But I wake up bloated, go to bed bloated...even when I haven't eaten in hours. I always feel "full" but not really, does that make sense? Like I'm full of stuff but it doesn't matter because my body is hungry. It's driving me insane really. I can't decide if I should give in and eat or just drink more liquid and soup instead.

I drink coffee (maybe 2 cups) and green tea (maybe 3 cups) a day. Usually just water and crystal light.

No abnormal stress (lol).



 Did you just starting drinking the Crystal light?? Artificial sweeteners of ANY kind to EXACTLY this to me.

Weight Loss What to do to break my plataeu? im gonna cry T.T Jul 01 2010
13:17 (UTC)

The best way to break a plateau is to keep your salt intake below 2,000 milligrams a day and drink lots of water. Make sure you're not eating any processed carbs, period. That's right — no chips, sugar, white flour, and so on.

From Jullian Micheals. The whole article is posted here somewhere.

Foods If you had to eat only eat one item for a week (or more)... Jun 30 2010
13:40 (UTC)

Peanut Butter!

Foods Why are people afraid of carbs? Jun 28 2010
13:04 (UTC)

Here is a good one for you to watch. Study done by the U of C on the obesity epidemic. It's long but worth the watch.


Some of us don't handle sugar (simple, complex, and everything in between) as well as others. 

This is very true for me.

Weight Loss high fructose corn syrup Jun 26 2010
14:10 (UTC)

Why does Dr. Lustig think the “sugar is poison” lie will work better?  It is because a diet higher in fat and lower in sugar is more satisfying.  He also promotes eating more fiber.  He believes that if you eat more fat and fiber and less sugar you will feel fuller longer and end up eating fewer calories. 

This does work (for me). I live my life this way, never count calories and maintain by weight at 115 pounds.

To recap, in 1982 the USDA declared what amounts to be a war on dietary fat.  They declared that the first law of thermodynamics does not apply to food.  They said that a calories is not just a calorie.  They said that dietary fat led to obesity and heart disease.  They said fat makes you fat.  People believed them and food manufactures jumped on the “no” or “low fat” craze pumping thousands of new products into the market.  The population just got fatter.

My own mother lives these rule. No fat, fat....fat makes you fat. As a result she ends up eating a lot of "diet" and processed foods. She can't understand why she does not lose weight despite her low calories.

What he was telling us was that the laws of thermodynamics do apply and that not only is fructose not a poison or toxin in a calorie balanced diet but that it is actually beneficial.  So when he was telling us that the first law of thermodynamics doesn’t apply, and a calorie is not just a calorie, and fructose is a toxin he was lying.

You missed something. Benefit for ELITE ATHLETES!!! You may be one but the population that is eating and drinking this stuff ARE NOT.

Wrong that sugar is just the same as HFCS?  He says I'm right

Again, the whole story. HFCS and sugar are NOT processed by your body the SAME way, even if they are the same. HFCS is toxic to your liver and converts to fat with a much larger % then table sugar.

Another thing to mention. HFCS is used as a browning agent in meats. It does the same thing to the inside of your body.

Weight Loss high fructose corn syrup Jun 25 2010
18:47 (UTC)

 rage675. Watch it. This is a VERY good study done by the U of C.

Weight Loss high fructose corn syrup Jun 25 2010
13:40 (UTC)
Original Post by sybil878:

Trhawley I'd be interested in your thoughts on this lecture ... if you have time to watch it, it's pretty long. I'm not a doctor so I wouldn't know if he's out to lunch on his description of how the liver breaks this stuff down.

 This is VERY good. If you have any doubts about HFCS, take the time and watch it.

Weight Loss high fructose corn syrup Jun 24 2010
14:29 (UTC)

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a type of sugar that has been processed and combined with corn syrup to produce a cheap, easily dissolvable sweetener. But this sugar is quickly absorbed by the liver where it is converted into fat. Since your brain doesn't recognize HFCS as regular food, it never shuts off the appetite center -- so you keep eating. Blood sugar levels rise, massive amounts of insulin is recruited to metabolize it and then you crash and feel hungry again.

Yep, this is the problem with HFCS. It is also as toxic to your liver as alcohol. Studies have shown rat and mice will become addicted to HFCS faster and more often then drugs. They will even choose HFCS OVER drugs.

To aviod it, you have to become an avid label reader. HFCS is in a WHOLE LOT of foods. When you cut it out, you will surprised and how less hungry you are and your drive for food/to eat goes way down.

I talked to someone here who was REALLY hungry every morning despite sometimes JUST eating breakfast. It was her coffee creamer, full of HFCS. She cut it out, problem solved.

Foods Kashi GoLean Rolls Jun 22 2010
17:40 (UTC)


Foods Kashi GoLean Rolls Jun 22 2010
16:49 (UTC)

This is a MEDICAL LECTURE done and presented by the University of California. Someone was kind enough to post it on YouTube. This IS valid research, not YouTube junk. Please do take the time to watch it.


Foods Kashi GoLean Rolls Jun 22 2010
16:04 (UTC)

Watch that study, you might just learn a thing or two. Nope, I'm not the one looking like the fool.

You told me to post some research so there it is. Watch it. You need to grow up.

Foods Kashi GoLean Rolls Jun 22 2010
14:26 (UTC)

Here is a good one for you to watch.

Foods Kashi GoLean Rolls Jun 18 2010
16:21 (UTC)

O, and why am I on this board??

Because I am trying to HELP people!! I've spent A LOT of time on research, reading and studies. What a lot of people just don't have the time for these days. Most people are just simply misinformed.

I'm done posting here.

Foods Kashi GoLean Rolls Jun 18 2010
16:14 (UTC)

There is a diabetic, cancer and obesity epidemic in this county. Why do you think that is?? What has happened to our food supply?? Yep, processed foods, HFCS, and convenience food.

That's what is great about our country. You have the freedom to do what you want including taxing the health care system.

Foods Kashi GoLean Rolls Jun 18 2010
15:38 (UTC)

Calories in < calories out = weight loss.  THIS is a fact.  I eat processed foods and sugar, and I am able to lose weight.

Neither processed foods or sugar are good for your health. Sorry. Losing weight should be more about health then vanity.

I am also doubtful about the above statement. Some reasearch has also shown that to be false.

Look, to make my long story short.....I had two cancer scares a few years ago (ovarian and breast-NO family history). I have read study after study, read and read some more. Done so much reasearch. What was I told, get off the sugar and processed foods. Have I stuggled at times, yes. I even stuggled with an eating disorder. The most important thing I have done for my health is to get off these foods. I feel better, can maintain my weight (@ 115 pounds) and have a ton more energy.

Foods Kashi GoLean Rolls Jun 18 2010
15:22 (UTC)

My bad TSP, not TBS. My reasearch is 4 grams of sugar to a TSP.

13 grams of sugar=3+ TSP

Thanks for the correction!!

Foods Kashi GoLean Rolls Jun 18 2010
15:13 (UTC)

Like I said before, whatever works FOR YOU. It just does not work FOR ME. Your getting defensive.

Yep, EGGBEATERS everyday. Eggbeaters have NO, AS IN 0 CHOLESTROL. Bacon is a treat and fat does NOT make you fat.

Processed foods and sugar make you FAT. Current reasearch PROVES that is a FACT, period.

For your 13 grams of sugar in that Luna bar, that is like swollowing 3 TBS+ of sugar from the sugar bowl.