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Weight Loss Yikes! This has to be wrong right?! Nov 19 2008
23:53 (UTC)

Wow! You're right, this is insane! This website told me to eat 714 calories per day! That's awful...I wonder if the fact that I don't use any of their products has an affect on what they predict.

Young Calorie Counters Teens: what did YOU eat today? Nov 19 2008
23:46 (UTC)
Original Post by amberrr:

lol this is kind of off topis but WHAT THE HECK DOES XD MEAN!?!?

is it like one of those smiley faces "=)" or is it some like slang that i don't know lol...

It's a smiley, see the  X is eyes closed really tightly and the D is a huge grin. It looks like an expression from the South Park characters and I think that's how it originated. XD

Young Calorie Counters Um...I want to look like a boy... Oct 19 2008
20:39 (UTC)
 I would personally rather have a boy-like butt and chest. I'd also LOVE to have strong and somewhat visible arm muscles! But I dont consider myself transgendered. I'd just like to be a girl not a woman.

 I felt this way for a long time and just thought that I was a tomboy...I had a lot of issues around my sexuality, I'm not a lesbian, I'm not transgendered and for a long time I was really depressed because I just thought that I was a freak without a name. Recently, I came accross the term 'bigendered' and it really seemed to resonate for me, seeing as how I'd rather have a boy's body, but I don't hate my own, I relate to guys more than girls but I don't feel like a chick, and how sometimes I switch back and forth from feeling like I should be a boy one day and feeling like I should be a girl the next. It is honestly like having a dual personality only the other one is a boy...that's really what it feels like. I dunno, maybe I'm even more messed up than I realize, but until I figure out what I am I'm going to keep telling myself that deep down I'm both and to embrace both sides, it just sucks that lately I've been really depressed over these curves. I dunno...what you said just sounded kind of like how I feel.

Young Calorie Counters Um...I want to look like a boy... Oct 18 2008
18:22 (UTC)
Original Post by bicycles:

Shelby, I think we may be in similar situations, except you're very light to begin with (I'm currently trying to lose my excess weight). As someone recommended above, you might want to start working on your muscles - not aiming for a 'beefcake' look, but just to give more definition to your arms/stomach/legs. PLEASE eat healthy and enough.

Also, seems that you're naturally disposed to having an hourglass figure (like me, grr). Have you thought of binding tops? You can either wear tight tops underneath T-shirts, or look into chest-binding:

Short hair also helped to boost my confidence. I've been called 'young man' once or twice by strangers. It felt awesome. :)


To pgeorgian - I like being a woman. I enjoy the social and psychological aspects of being a woman. But not the physical. End of story.


Hi there! Thanks for your concern, it's good to talk to someone who really does understand personally. I've tried binding in private, but never in public and when I'm feeling especially boyish I wear baggy layers...boy's jeans and t-shirts. My parents laugh at me sometimes and so do my friends...they don't understand but that's okay. Like I said, it's good to talk to someone who gets it. I do have short hair, and have since I was 11.

The reason that I've resorted to this is that most of my friends (who are boys of course) are all super-thin. It's strange how when someone sees a skinny girl, they know that she most likely had to work really hard for it, but skinny boys are just skinny boys. My one friend eats like such a pig and if he sucks in his stomach he can fit his fist under his ribs! It's absolutely crazy! I guess I just look at them all day and feel like I don't fit in unless I have sharp elbows and knuckles.

I know what you mean, saying that you like the social and psycological aspects of being a woman...guys can be so stupid sometimes, can't they? haha...just joking...sort of. I swear, if I wasn't there to take care of them my boys would have gotten in so much trouble on various occations.

Thanks for your advice, too. I am going to start eating a little more, but the thing is I've never been a huge eater anyways. I'll just have to make healthier choices and work out more.