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Young Calorie Counters Books Anyone?? Apr 12 2008
03:07 (UTC)
Soeme good girly books: gosssip girl, the it girl series, secret lives of fortunate housewivessss...all super good :)
Foods CHOCOLATE CRAVING?! Apr 12 2008
02:51 (UTC)
Yummm i love chocolate pudding :) Or you guys could try vitamuffins, chocolate protein shakes, chocolate milk with light/sugar free hersheys syrup, Lightfull Satiety shakes in chocolateee (taste just liek sweet chocolate milk)!
Foods What's your favorite salad? Time for some new ideas! Apr 12 2008
02:51 (UTC)
I love like santa fe style salads:) I put some romaine, black beans, corn, bbq grilled chicken, light tortilla chips crushed up,and whatever dressing youd likeeee!
Foods cinnabuns Apr 10 2008
01:32 (UTC)
DUDEEE!! That girl that died from water poisoining was my old neighbor! its really sad though,because the radio station that held that contest had to fire the morning crew that always did the morning show for like the past 10 years,because that girl died. i feel bad for the girl, and for the people that got fired.:/
Foods ColdStone is evil... Apr 07 2008
23:57 (UTC)
I LOVE COLDSTONE. i really dooo. its my favorite place And the light cake batter is deliciousss :) I was so happy when they brought the light version to laguna because i was never willing to give up cake batter ice creaaam. i even tried making a light version at home but going to coldstone is much easier :) and delicious-er
Foods Rip It Apr 07 2008
23:54 (UTC)
Go girlssss :)
Foods Larabars vs Luna bars Apr 07 2008
04:03 (UTC)
LUNA BARSSSS without a doubt. personally i cannot even stand the taste of larabar's. they're grosss. luna bars are amazing
Foods LightFul Satiety Smoothies Apr 06 2008
19:02 (UTC)
Yesss i have tried them in the chocolate and the caffe latte or something like that its coffee flavored. They are really gooddd and taste really good. The chocolate one tastes like really sweetened chocolate milk.
Health & Support another day of bingeing...i thought I had kicked this Apr 04 2008
02:04 (UTC)
Hooooly cow....What did this turn into? First off.. The original poster asked a question if she was underweight. I looked at her pictures, and i GAVE MY OPINION. Why is saying that she looks like she's at a healthy weight a bad thing? Thats a compliment. Second off- i don't understand what this has to do with my age. Third why was that whole olsen comment necessary? I under stand that the Olsen twins aren't at a healthy weight and by looking at their pictures i can see that they are underweight. all i said was that by looking at the posters pictures, she does not seem underweight.
Health & Support another day of bingeing...i thought I had kicked this Apr 03 2008
00:41 (UTC)
It takes daysss of binging to gain REAL weight Because the rest will just even out! You look like you are at a pretty healthy weight, not underweight.
Foods Larabars Mar 31 2008
02:48 (UTC)
ok i usually love bars...but i tasted one of these in cashew cookie which sounds like it would taste pretty good but it was soo grosss!! what the heeckkk.
Young Calorie Counters Workout Music? Mar 08 2008
06:24 (UTC)
Foods Best source of "perfect protein"? Mar 07 2008
02:07 (UTC)
I read in a book that egg whites are the purest source of protein on earth. Im sure theyre both good for you tho.
Foods What new food products have you found to be most helpful in weight loss? Mar 07 2008
02:06 (UTC)
Things that have helped me a ton: -Quaker Rice Cakes...mmmm! The multigrain cinnamon ones are SOOO AMAZING and only 50 calories each. -Dannon light n fit yogurt in vanillla. fill me upppp and are only 60 cals -Incorporating more fruits/veggies into my diet has deff helped me out. -Fiber One bars. Oats and chocolate ones are SOOO DELICIOus and addictive so watch out! -Luna bars. 180 calories...but great for a snack/meal on the go -Smart Ones macaroni and cheese...270 calories for a decent portion and great for that kraft mac n cheese craving! -South beach pizzas...TASTE SOO GOOD! chicken/vegetable and 4 cheese -Pistachios/cashews. great source of good fats -Almond butter! Delicious and nice change from peanut butter once in a while. -Thomas's light multigrain english muffins. only 100 cal and tons of fiber -Sugar free jello at only 10 cal each! -Edamame...the most delicious vegetable EVER!!! add some salt to the shelled ones and theyre delish. -Hummus! So goooddddd as a dip for practically any thing. aand super healthy -Pita bread/Pita chips. Buy whole wheat pitas and stuff them with chicken/veggies for lunch, or bake them in the toaster oven like pita chips!!
Foods Do you like over microwaved food? Mar 06 2008
04:16 (UTC)
omg this is the craziest thting of my life! I was thinking of this today as i was eating my smartones meal and I thought i was weird! Dude i looove it on the mac and cheese, when it gets crispy on the side! I was even thinking of putting it in the microwave longer.
Foods What should I buy at Trader Joes? Mar 06 2008
04:13 (UTC)
I really like their blueberry crumpets in whole wheat...they aare 100 calories and delicious for breakfast! They have lots of different types of nut butters. Almond butter is my favorite they have it unsalted,roasted,salted,etc. Cashew butter, pumpkin butter, etc is also there! Their fruits/veggies are realllly good usually! I like to get their low fat cheese puffs...theyre like cheetos but sooo low cal! Their granola selection is good
Weight Loss midnight rolls around... Mar 04 2008
01:48 (UTC)
Ya but they burn more calories since theyre awake
Foods You kno what I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv? Mar 04 2008
00:12 (UTC)
That website is hilariousss
Foods Chipotle Mar 04 2008
00:10 (UTC)
I loooooove chipotleeee! SO many choices And pretty much the only place that doesnt yell at me for being extremely picky.i ask for white rice without the cilantro hahahaa. But ya their salads are in general pretty healthy, just make sure they dont smother it with cheese. And I agree-the salsa would be a lower calorie choice instead of dressing.
Foods cheeseeee pleaseeeee Mar 04 2008
00:07 (UTC)
Omg over a year? Thats crazy! I personally dont looove cheese unless its in/on something (pizza..mac n cheese.etc) But the one thing I do love is grilled cheese! Its really pretty low cal too so i Say go for it? I use 2 pieces of Light wheat bread (80 cals) and a slice of 2% cheese (i have Some that are 40 and some that are 70)..and i use a sandwich griller or pam spray. Comes out to 120-150 cals. Not bad :)