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Weight Loss Can you take calories in if you've thrown-up? Jun 05 2008
23:24 (UTC)
Actually that could be true, because if you takea look at bulimic people, they aren't quite as emaciated as anorexic people. because i heard you only lose half the calories when you vomit, and since bulimic peoopple usually binge alot then purge, they are still getting caloires.
Health & Support Planning a Mother's Day Brunch - would this be ok for a diabetic? May 11 2008
18:43 (UTC)
Im sorry i have noo idea but thats SOOOOO SWEET that you did that for her!!
Weight Loss what's your healthiest, low cal most filling food? May 08 2008
23:18 (UTC)
Ya i agree with the edamame! with a little salt theyre delicious.

but my fav is dannon light nfit yogurt. 60 calories per little yogurt cup, seriously SOOOO filling. oh and two eggwhites with ketchup=50 cal
Foods Protein Drinks May 01 2008
05:17 (UTC)
I loovee kashi go lean shakes!
Foods Favorite types/flavors of desserts and snacks Apr 29 2008
01:17 (UTC)
Cake: blah none

Pie: pumpkin!

Bread: delightful whole wheat : )

Donut: glazeeed...simple

Cookie: chocolate chip or sugaaar cookie with frosting

Muffin: almond

Ice Cream/sorbet/popsicle: cake batter ice cream from coldstone!

Cereal: honey nut cheerios and captain crunch

Energy bar: fiber one oats and chocolate, or clif z kids bars

Cracker: whole wheat water crackers, or wheat thins

Chips: hate chips except PITA CHIPS mmm

Dip: hummus

Hard Candy: jolly ranchers

Nut: cashews

Fruit: apples

Cheese: swiss only

Dessert topping: sprinkles : )
The Lounge This girl has more courage than I ever could! Apr 24 2008
23:47 (UTC)
honestly, i first saw an article that just had her head shot and i read the story and thought omg thats sooo gooddd!! what an amazing change

then i saw this article, with the body shot, and i was kind of caught by surprise.

she is WAYYYY over weight. Like not even lying. i doubt she's even a size 16, either way, if she really did eat healthy and excercise as she claims, then she would NOT look like that.
Foods highest protein vegetables? Apr 18 2008
05:10 (UTC)
does edamame count as veggies?
Foods Z Apr 18 2008
04:38 (UTC)
I think your comments are rude
Foods Z Apr 17 2008
02:46 (UTC)
Yeah, I agree with jules. I dont think anyone was trying to put you down, and if your post was just simply asking what some healthy choices at outback steak house would be, then i'm sure you'd get a different reply. however, the fact that you say that you would drink diet soda for dinner is completely unhealthy. but no one is trying to personally attack you, it's just that since you're planning ONE meal a MONTH away and contemplating subbing in a drink instead of dinner, shows signs of unhealthy habits/disordered eating.
Weight Loss anyone else? Apr 17 2008
02:35 (UTC)
You dont want food to control your life and stop you from doing things with your friends!
If you want to go to the dining hall, make healthy choices, and stick to them. Choose what you will eat BEFORE you go, that way theres nothing to have to decide on.
If you have already eaten, theres nothing wrong with going to the dining hall and hanging out with them. You don't HAVE to eat. alot of times my friends will go to chipotle or coldstone and invite me when i've already eaten, and ill go for the social atmosphere, not the food.
Health & Support Who wants to join me for a week- binge free Apr 15 2008
07:39 (UTC)
Oh my goshhh i wanna join!! :) ive been 3 days binge free so far. today didnt go AS planned, but its ok. i didnt binge and that is what matters/
Motivation Gym pet peeves Apr 15 2008
00:23 (UTC)
hahaaaahahahaha oh goodd definitly agree with number 6. and even worse some ladies at my gym go fully naked. im like whattt the hell
Foods Toxic Food Confessions Apr 14 2008
06:29 (UTC)
omg that oreos thing sounds AMAZINGGGG
Foods Healthy dinners out. Apr 13 2008
01:46 (UTC)
Customize your own sandwich! whole wheat bread, skip the mayo/cheese and fried stuff and stick to some yummy chicken or turkey with barbeque sauce or mustard.
penne pasta with marinara sauce
baked potato without fatty toppings
a kids size burger without the french fries
teriyaki chicken and brown rice
chicken tacos with salsa
Health & Support Reallly need some advice. Apr 13 2008
01:40 (UTC)
Perfect. thank you so much! :)
Health & Support so im jumpin' back on the bandwagon... Apr 13 2008
01:40 (UTC)
wow good luck! that sounds exciting.
some good foods/snacks high in protein and generally low cal:
EDAMAME for sure (they're delicious and high protein/super low cal veggies), yogurt (dannon light n fit in vanilla is delicious and 60 cal.), grilled chicken, egg white's, almond butter and whole wheat english muffins, protein shakes and protein bars (i reccomend the kashi go lean shake mix), small portions of nuts (almonds, pistachios), oatmeal, peanut butter sandwiches on wheat bread, sliced deli turkey for sandwiches, or ground turkey, boca burgers, soy milk, beans (black beans, pinto, white)
hope that helps :)
Health & Support PLEASE!! Someone STOP me before I'll commit SUICIDE!!!! Apr 13 2008
00:31 (UTC)
Hey girl, first off take a deep breath! now don't even think about commiting suicide over something so silly as food, thats not even a joke! it doesn't even look like you ate THAT much, you will be totally fine. one day of messing up won't do any thing.
Your first mistake was starting your day off with ice cream. especially four servings of it. Often times i find myself binging all day if i don't get a healthy breakfast, so if you start your day with healthy, your more liekly to continue the pattern. make a specific meal plan for tommorow, with a healthy breakfast, and enough snacks in between to keep you full.! good luck
Young Calorie Counters ahhh finals! food adding to stress Apr 12 2008
21:07 (UTC)
Heyyy. I know how you're feeling, i just had my finals too except im in high school so i bet colllege is alot harder. My problem isnt gaining weight its that i never have time to eat and I always forget to eat when im studying. But if you like to snack while studying, don't make the chocolate fudge brownies! theres no secret way to making you not want them, so just dont have them available! make your fruits and veggies cut and ready at hand, have some 100 calorie popcorn, keep up with the tea, have some whole wheat crackers and hummus, and some quaker rice cakes. have low calorie snacks. but if possible, have a nutritious and filling dinner or lunch before you start studying that way you feel the need to snack less.
Health & Support Went on a binge today.. Apr 12 2008
18:50 (UTC)
i agree with feanor.
We all have seen WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY TOO many posts about people starving themselves and saying they eat "x" amount of calories (usually a number at or under 1200) and are wondering why they binge.
And when people keep asking the same question, or proposing the same problem, over and over, it gets EXTREMELY annoying.
if you have another problem, or want to talk about your binging, or perhaps want to talk about how to get your calories up to a normal, healthy level, then fine. But if you're going to post something that a thousand people have already posted and we're gone over this a million times, and you're not willing to listen, and learn to be healthy, then thats ridiculous.
Its not harsh. it needs to be said
Health & Support Reallly need some advice. Apr 12 2008
18:43 (UTC)
Thanks to both of you guys for the tips! ill be sure to not let my self to get to that point any more...but like IF i do, should i just drink water and eat slowly?