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Vegetarian Need a fellow vegetarian weight loss buddy! Jun 27 2014
17:11 (UTC)

Yes J, I started lactoveg. Sunday is fine with me...


Foods ColeSlaw Dressing Jun 25 2014
15:58 (UTC)

Sounds very good thanks!

Foods ColeSlaw Dressing Jun 25 2014
15:56 (UTC)

WOW thanks that does look good! I do want to eat more cabbage! 

Vegetarian Need a fellow vegetarian weight loss buddy! Jun 25 2014
12:17 (UTC)

Hi Magan, I have been a Veg since 2-26-2012 and I can't loose the weight either. I am aiming at being raw but it is very hard. Right now I am trying to start my day with a lemon or lime water and then have a veggie juice. Then at lunch I want to have a green smoothie or salad. And of coarse dinner is my problem meal. I need something that "sticks to the ribs" so I end up eating a potato or rice or something starchy. I would be happy to check in with you however you like. I am here for you!

Books wheat belly Aug 30 2013
21:12 (UTC)

This video explains about wheat problems


So far this month I have lost 9 pounds.

Weight Loss I'm I eating too little? Jul 24 2012
14:50 (UTC)

It is best to try to have fresh fruits and veggie juices while sick so your body get the nutrients it needs but isn't over taxed with digestion. 

Fitness could you lose muscle after one week of inactivity? Jul 23 2012
20:43 (UTC)

I would say no. It is very hard to make muscle so your body isn't going to use it for energy that fast. 

Foods Name your salad dressing Sep 09 2007
12:30 (UTC)

I use Walden Farms 0 cal 0 fat 0 sugar 0 carbs. I found it while I was on a low carb diet and they are great! I love the french and honey mustard dressings but they also have bbq sause and pancake syrups. I order from their site and it comes the next week.

Motivation I can't forget his insult - can you advise? May 26 2007
14:44 (UTC)
Why give him another chance to hurt you.

I would try to use the pain to help me lose weight. UNLESS you are not ready to lose the weight.

As far as being too old I met my husband when I was 42 and he is perfect. All I kept thinking was never give up and keep being as fun and happy as you can be, be someone you would want to hang out with...
Motivation Any suggestions? May 26 2007
14:38 (UTC)
The only thing I know is you need to use as heavy weight as possible to burn fat.

The rest looks great!
Motivation Clean Eating Challenge May 26 2007
14:36 (UTC)
Still here!
Motivation i dont think i can do this.... May 21 2007
12:53 (UTC)
The first thing I would do is change your name stuckonflab. You don't realize how powerful what you say to yourself and others is. Your photo is adorable and you should have a name that says something about what you want to happen like, happyloser or stucknomore!

Don't give up you're here to learn what to do. Read this site it is great! 
Motivation Chest Fat and stuff ... May 21 2007
12:44 (UTC)
How much weight are you now? Did you have them when you were thin? If not, it probably isn't a deformation and they should go down as you weight goes down.

My advice would be to start doing a little weight training. If you can't afford a gym, go to your local thrift store and look for weights there.

Here is some places to learn the right way to work with weights =PmWiki.ExerciseDescriptions deo_index.htm

Good luck! 
Motivation i feel sooo bad. can someone help? May 21 2007
12:33 (UTC)
I know exactly how you feel. Nut are one of those things that can seem very bad because you eat them without thinking, like potato chips. But remember that the fat they have is GOOD fat that your body needs.

When I eat things I souldn't I too get that guilty sick feeling but you need to control the urge to purge. Give yourself permission for mess up once in a while.

Sure you have motivation to exercise, you want to lose weight, that is great motivation. Do something, anything that makes you move, I love to shop so I go to the mall and walk around all the different stores, I don't buy anything but I end up walking a mile or so.

Be kind to yourself, you are the best you we have on this wonderful world!
Motivation Think it~Say it~Become it! May 21 2007
12:14 (UTC)
grrrlgone: I heard that if you do something for 30 days in a row it will become a habit for you. So what I would do is type the main one out and put it all over, I have it on my fridge, on the steering wheel of the car (In a safe place), in the bathroom so I can see it from the pot and next to my bed so it is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night.

I also have made a page of photos that are my goals. For weight loss I took a pix off the internet of a girl with the size 7/8 body I want to have and put my head on her body that way I can program my mind to know how to make my body look.
Motivation im having major problems.. May 21 2007
12:07 (UTC)
Sweet_Tart is so right.

You need to take 100% responsibility for your life, now. You need to look at your life and decide what it is you really want. Once you do, just do the things that people do who have what you want already. So if you want to be thin find out what people with your med problem do to get thin, I bet once you are thin your problem will resove itself.
Motivation Clean Eating Challenge May 21 2007
11:58 (UTC)
I'm here and I ate a little more then I wanted yesterday but it was foods that are still on my plan. So I think I'm still clean.

mabear32059 Great pix, and yes that should go away.
Motivation anyone found a good motivation! May 20 2007
13:57 (UTC)
OMG YES Video tape or photographs. The only thing is once you know what you really look like you want to make yourself a goal photo. I took a pix of Anna Nicole and replaced her head with mine. I look at it everyday and tell myself that is what I will look like by my next birthday!
Motivation Need some motivation!!! May 20 2007
13:54 (UTC)
I'm here for you too...
Weight Loss Am I overdoing it? May 20 2007
13:53 (UTC)
It sure would be if it was me doing it. I figure if you are having fun then it is not overdoing it, but if not...