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Vegetarian Alternatives that taste like "The REAL thing!" Feb 20 2007
00:05 (UTC)
I'm in the UK and think that Linda MCCartney's sausage rolls are like the real thing (even my dad likes them and he's not vegetarian) and Fry's traditional burgers do also. I avoid most of the fake stuff though, just because just the thought of eating half of it reminds me too much of the real thing. I've been fine for 17 years being meat free, and have found so many other foods that I didn't know even existed back when I ate meat (or even when I was vegetarian - as opposed to vegan as I am now).
Vegetarian Vegan Friendly Fast Food? Feb 20 2007
00:00 (UTC)
My whole life is a fast food diner... in the comfort of my home! I don't often eat out - although eat vegan pizza, chips, bean burgers etc at home. If I was going out I'd search for a vegan place. Last couple of times I've visited New York on vacation I've gone to Blossom's restaurant and had their soya cheese pizza. When I went to Foodswings in NY I had their grilled soya cheese sandwich.
Vegetarian I became a raw vegan last summer. Anybody else here a raw vegan? Feb 19 2007
23:53 (UTC)
I wish I could eat raw but I have the worst diet in the world and just don't like many fruit or vegetables (and HATE nuts and seeds). I've just ordered a raw eating book in the hope it might actually convince me to try it.
Vegetarian fellow vegans.... Feb 19 2007
23:51 (UTC)
I eat a lot of of soy products... mostly soya cheese (either on pizza, or grilled cheese sandwiches, usually once, possibly twice a week), soya milkshakes (one each morning at weekends), once in a while soya sausages or burgers, something like that. I'm sure there's more that I eat. I probably eat too much of it but I go through phases. Over the last couple of weeks I've eaten a lot of pot noodles (Sainsburys own) which have soya protein in, and Hungarian goulash pies which also has soya in. I'm not sure I could say an exact amount.
Vegetarian being cold a lot Feb 19 2007
23:30 (UTC)
I just did a search for 'vegetarian feeling cold' and this thread came up in the search engine. I too have always felt cold. I'm vegan (been vegan 4 years and was vegetarian for 13 yrs before that) - however I used to be cold before I was even vegetarian. I remember when I was a kid having raynaud's syndrome where my fingers would go numb when I was outside in the cold. I actually haven't had that for years and years - so in some respects maybe being veggie/vegan helped... but I don't know... I am still really cold, but I'm not sure if it's anything to do with being vegan. I'm a bit confused about my metabolism. It's always been quite high. My whole life I've had a kind of 'junk food' diet. Now I'm vegan I eat vegan cheese pizza, chips, bean burgers etc. I am wondering if drinking too many energy drinks has caused my metabolism to lower recently as I've put on about half a stone in the last 6 months, and I did put on a little weight when I became vegan (I'm blaming soya cheese milkshakes and things like that - which I never used to drink before being vegan - I actually didn't drink any sort of milk for 13 yrs while being veggie but then discovered the soya milkshakes when I became vegan).

Basically though, I did also wonder if being vegan made you colder/anaemic. I spend most of the day with a heater on at work (when others come in they say 'wow, it's hot in here). When I'm at home I have a hot water bottle under my feet and a heater there too. But then again, I do think I've always been cold - especially with having raynaud's syndrome when I was a kid... so maybe it's just part of my being. I haven't been to the doctors in years because to be honest, unless something really serious happens, I don't want to go. I know that's probably the wrong attitude - but I've always been 'ok' and don't see the point in going to a doctor unless you're really ill. I also think that you can probably find more out online these days than by going to a doctor and him telling you what he thinks. So until something happens where I really need to go, then I'll carry on as I am.