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Pregnancy & Parenting I'm ready to run away...does anyone feel the same? Oct 23 2008
19:10 (UTC)

"But to answer your question about men going to doctor's appointments, no, they don't."

I agree with almost everything you have written except for this. My husband has come to every single doctor's appt he could (He missed a few due to working), all the prenatal classes and has even come baby stuff shopping with me and put together lots of of baby stuff. He seems very excited about it all and spends lots of time hugging and kissing my belly (and me). So not all men don't go to Dr's appts and stuff.

But can I get him to clean out the crappy dresser he has and we don't need so we have room for the changetable...nope...he still hasn't, haha. Yell

But I'm so thankful for him as he has given me a lot of help through this pregnancy as it has been a rough one for me.

I hope you feel better soon nenewa. I'm going to second the massage thing if you can, I've had two since I found out and it relieves a lot of that stress.

I understand the procrastinating boss hasn't even started looking for my replacement and I'm off on mat leave in 6 weeks! He doesn't want to start looking until November! It's driving me nuts!



Pregnancy & Parenting Birth Plan...where can I create a good one or find a good one? Oct 16 2008
20:18 (UTC)

Are you taking any prenatal classes?

My husband and I have gotten so many handouts and resources from our classes and an excellent birth plan fill out sheet was one of them. It's two pages long and covers everything.

I've learned so much about childcard, labour and delivery from these classes and I'm so glad I went. Plus my husband feels more like he's a part of this all and that he will be able to help lots now and when the time comes :)

From the other thread, I think you an I are due pretty close. My date is Jan 5th, 2009.

Pregnancy & Parenting How's everyone doing? Oct 16 2008
18:32 (UTC)

I'm definitely in the zone of chanting "I'm pregnant, not fat." I've put on almost 25lbs and I'm 28 weeks. (5.9" with a large frame). I'm having a hard time with it because I am keeping track of my food/calories and eating super healthy (sweets only once in awhile, no white refined carbs). Yet I still put on 4lbs in a week this week! I just don't get it! Oh yeah, AND I'm walking 30-60 minutes a day plus other exercises.

Other than that I'm doing really well the only things that are bugging me are the round ligament pain and trying to get comfortable to sleep at night. The baby is moving lots and my husband and I are super excited.

Pregnancy & Parenting how much have you gained? Oct 03 2008
13:41 (UTC)

I'm 27 weeks and I've gained about 20lbs (I'm 5'9" with a large frame), most of that in the second trimester. I'm having a bit of a hard time with it since I'm trying to watch what I eat and eat very healthy but I seem to keep gaining! I've put on 5lbs in the last two weeks and even though I tracked my calories to see what was up, I shouldn't have gained that much!


This is my first pregnancy, so it is hard to see the scale go up.

Pregnancy & Parenting Pregnant Ladies with Belly Rings Sep 24 2008
15:39 (UTC)
Original Post by sunnybra:

My SIL bought a maternity belly bar when she was pregnant, it;s just longer to allow for your expanding bump. :o)

 Yep, I have one of those like I said in my OP post :) 2" long!

"When I was 16 weeks or so I put one of those long, flexible 2" pregnancy bars in"

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Fitness How Active am I? Nov 19 2007
15:16 (UTC)

Thanks Melkor!

That helps me a lot. I was wondering why I was feeling so hungry on my dancing days.

Much appreciated,


Weight Loss 5'9-ers? Nov 02 2007
19:27 (UTC)


I'm a 5'9 and I have a large frame and quite a bit of muscle. I got down to 160 once and I was almost too slim then (my cheeks started to go a bit gaunt!) and I had to eat very little to maintain that. I'm 180 now with a goal of 170 for now. I've been 180 for about 2 years now but I have lost quite a few inches.

Weight Loss is 1200cal enough for workout days? Nov 02 2007
17:59 (UTC)
The minimum calorie intake for males for basic organ function and what not is 1500-1800 so you shouldn't be going under 1500 even after your exercise.
Weight Loss halloween candy Nov 02 2007
14:09 (UTC)

I made myself a deal for Halloween. I would indulge in the candy on Halloween night and not count calories but not make myself sick or anything providing I was back on the bandwagon the next day and it's worked so far for me. You can still have candy on a healthy diet, some people have one piece a day as long as you save calories and fat for it.

Just remember how good you feel when you eat healthy. I had a bit of a yucky feeling in my intestines the next day from the candy so that was even more motivation to stay away from it until Christmas. 

Don't lose hope! 

Weight Loss Quick grab and go ideas? Nov 01 2007
14:58 (UTC)

I always have boiled eggs on hand as the protien keeps me full while I'm doing all my running around.



Weight Loss help needed!!!!! Oct 26 2007
20:01 (UTC)
If you are eating 850-900 and burning 900-1000 then your are not giving you body any calories to run on, or even in the negative! It will start eating your muscle and organs if you keep that up. I'm pretty sure you liver alone needs at lease 144 cals a day to function properly! As a male you shouldn't be going under 1500 for running your body and should be eating more if you are exercising!
Weight Loss Question for those who have reached (or nearly reached) their weight goals Oct 25 2007
19:29 (UTC)
I only have 10 more pounds or so to lose. If I restrict my calories to lose more than 0.5 lb a week then I stall out. As long as I keep my intake to lose 0.5lb I will lose (deficit of 250cal a day). If I have more of a deficit my weight stalls. I've accepted that and just make sure I am eating healthy and keeping up my dancing and walking.
Weight Loss GAH! Boss and Cake! Arghh! Oct 25 2007
18:37 (UTC)
Well, I'm allowing myself some Candy on Halloween, for sure. But only on Halloween, no each day after for a week this year, hehe.
Weight Loss GAH! Boss and Cake! Arghh! Oct 25 2007
16:58 (UTC)

Oh I wasn't worrying or stressing at all! I was just proud of my resistance! Of my cake ninja-ness! Buahahaha...

I'm aware that the 100 won't affect me. It's about the nutritional content of the food, not the calories really. I don't like eating too much sugar and processed stuff. is boring today... 

Weight Loss GAH! Boss and Cake! Arghh! Oct 25 2007
16:51 (UTC)
It was alright I guess. I've had better. But it was nice to get some sugar!Laughing
Weight Loss GAH! Boss and Cake! Arghh! Oct 25 2007
16:38 (UTC)
Yes I did. It was a very small piece so I just counted 1/2 a slice of home baked yellow cake w/o frosting. I probably ate less than that, but i would rather over estimate a tiny bit then under estimate.
New Members Burn Meter Help!?! Oct 18 2007
18:18 (UTC)
It is how many calories you will burn for the day and it rises when you add more activity and burn more calories based on your age, weight, and activity level you entered when you joined.
Weight Loss "Cheat" Days Oct 18 2007
14:53 (UTC)
I tend to let myself relax on weekends. I don't eat everything is sight but I do allow myself a few treats and cheat meals on weekends. It keeps me sane. I just try not to go over my limited too much. I usually still lose or maintain depending on how bad I was.
Weight Loss Only two drinks: is this normal? Oct 18 2007
14:50 (UTC)
Yep very normal. I never weigh myself either right after or the next morning after having a few drinks. I always gain temporary weight after drinking alcohol. I just drink extra water the next day to re-hydrate my body.
Weight Loss Pot Belly Oct 18 2007
14:25 (UTC)

It could easily be water retention! That happens to me sometimes when I don't get my 4 liters of water a day. Drinking more water can really help and laying off high carb (Bad carbs like sugar and white flour) and salt for a day or two can really make a difference.

Are you working your muscles while you are losing weight? And are you eating the right amount of calories for your height and weight? 1200 is the bare minimum for your organs to function. Most people need more.

Some people eat too little calories and end up losing muscle/going into starvation mode during their loss which sometimes leads to extra fat deposits as the body is holding on to those calories. The best way to defeat this is too eat the right amount of healthy food, protein and don't forget to work your muscles. Drink lots of water!