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Fitness Anyone doing Chalene Extreme? Nov 27 2014
03:03 (UTC)

Wow, 35 pounds. Isn't insanity only 2 months? That's awesome.

I hope you get similar results from T25 :)

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 14 2013
12:08 (UTC)
Original Post by corbetc:

Having an awful week-was away at the weekend and have lost focus completely! Need to get back to basics and start again. I love the idea of action goals so I'm going to get back to weighing my food and walk at least 3 times a week along with 2 nights at bootcamp. 

Sorry to hear about the bad week.

I've been trying really hard to reset and get back to basics for 3 months now!  I find motivation to be a mysterious thing.  

I hope your week gets better...

Larcher - Have a good trip :)  Will you still be posting messages even if you can't weigh in?

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 13 2013
19:52 (UTC)

I'm so glad you guys like the action goal idea!  I think I set too many for my first week... I need to take it a bit slower so that the goals are accomplishable and I can make the habits for life. 

I'm going to look for that dorm room workout Jilen!  I'm away from home for 2 weeks and that means away from the gym too.

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 13 2013
09:44 (UTC)

I read an article a long time ago that said that when we plateau our body is resetting our set point, and it also gives your skin a chance to catch up and be less saggy.  I don't know if that helps... plateaus are excruciating, but there may be some positives hidden in there.

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 11 2013
20:19 (UTC)

My cutespiration isn't really a person.  It is really vain though.  I want to sit down, look down, and see a completely flat stomach.  I want to feel beautiful and curvy in everything, even old PJs. 

I'm going to go off topic here for a bit :) I've had a mental breakthrough this week. I read a book on increasing metabolism, and the author said that people often make the mistake of setting outcomes goals (e.g., I will lose 2 pounds this week) instead of actions goals (e.g., I will exercise 3 times).  We have 100% control over actions and really no control over outcomes (they will eventually work but we have no idea when or how much).  Then when we don't meet outcome goals we get depressed, unmotivated, and give up or cheat.  

He also said that almost any plan that you're on will work if you stick to it 90%, so if your plan allows you to treat yourself or divert from the plan 10%, then the few times you slip up won't break your momentum.  The example he gave was meals.  If you eat 21 times in a week (3 meals x 7 days) then you can have small treats 2 times that week and you should still see good results. This wont account for binging.  You can't eat a whole pizza in one go, but it will allow you to have a small dessert or a really yummy coffee with whip cream, and not lose your momentum.

I'm writing action goals today!! :)

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 08 2013
23:28 (UTC)

Wow Tina, next week you may be in the 20s :)

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 08 2013
20:54 (UTC)

I only lose in spurts :)  Congrats on being in the low 40s! That's amazing.

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 08 2013
19:23 (UTC)

Week 1: 189  (and that will be my weigh in for weeks 2, 3 and 4 too)

I'm up a pound, but I think that's okay. I'm trying something new.  

I'm focussing on my health instead of my weight. I'm going to spend the next 3 weeks reprogramming how I think about me, how I think about food, and working on being more healthy (sleeping more, moving around more, working less, and playing with my kids more). I'm also going to make time for me at least once a week.  

I noticed that I get depressed and eat more when I gain weight (vicious cycle). I'm breaking that pattern.  I'm away for half of March and won't be able to weigh in, so I'm going to take advantage of that and not weigh myself for all of March. 

I'm hoping that if I balance my life, my body will mirror that. So March is my test period to see if this idea will work for me.

Thank you to everyone in this group for being my sort of "safe place."  I feel more committed now that I've shared this with you.

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 07 2013
21:13 (UTC)
Original Post by tankerraid:

Catherine: I'm no dietitian, but let me hazard an answer from my own experience. It sounds like our BMR is about the same. I have found that when I eat well below my BMR (1200-1300 range) my weight loss stalls, but it comes off in spades when I re-up my calories. A while back I lost nothing in 7 days eating too little, then upped my calories and lost 8lbs in 11 days eating around BMR. I guess what I'm saying is that in my case, my metabolism seems to be fairly responsive and starts revving when I up calories, but when they're low... well, not much happening. Hope this helps a bit.

Catherine, I haven't effectively lost weight in months, but when I did I was eating around 1400 to 1450 cals, exercising a few times a week, and other than that I'm really sedentary.  Working out a lot and eating 1200 per day would definitely had made me stall, and then I'd get tired, sleepy, and grumpy.  Again, this is going way back in time for me. 

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 07 2013
02:02 (UTC)

It's a guided meditation.  It says things like "now relax your forehead, feel all of your muscles and tendons relaxing and releasing" and I just listen to it before I fall asleep.  

It's supposed to be focussed on weight loss, but the only change I've seen so far is that I'm really excited about exercising (I signed up for a gym membership, I've gone 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks, and I also started going to a Tai Chi class).  

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 07 2013
01:08 (UTC)

Thanks for sharing that info from your specialist Tina!  There's so much contradictory info online.

Has anyone in this group tried visualizations or meditation to help keep you on track or help with weight loss?  

I've been trying a visualization CD just before bed and it hasn't helped yet, well, not with the weight loss...  although it's got me really really motivated to exercise, which is a great change.  

Anyone else had good/bad experiences with this?




Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (10-week group) [SIGN-UPS CLOSED] Mar 04 2013
16:49 (UTC)

Thanks!  I'll just do what I want until I feel like I need to change something :) 

I don't have the reply problem, but I think this software works really differently in different web browsers.  I'm on a Mac using Chrome.

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 04 2013
01:24 (UTC)

Welcome Stout!

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (10-week group) [SIGN-UPS CLOSED] Mar 03 2013
23:36 (UTC)

Do you think mixing it up helps?  I'm a creature of habit, and I'll fall into a routine and not divert from it at all.

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 03 2013
22:26 (UTC)

Hi again everyone!  I really like watching the list at the top grow :)  

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 03 2013
19:10 (UTC)
Original Post by bcharlton11:

Original Post by larcher91:

That's a good way of thinking about it :) I'm hoping when I have my plateau I'll keep thinking like that and rather than be discouraged and eat too much chocolate I'll just keep doing what I'm doing until my body has readjusted!

Here's my little secret on chocolate. The Lindt 70% cocoa smooth dark chocolate bar is only 12g of sugar and 250 calories in 4 HUGE squares.

I am shocked and amazed that a chocoholic like myself is usually happy with 1-2 squares.

Use daily :)

I like Lindt's "Intense Mint" :)  It's also dark chocolate, but it has a bit more sugar.  Their dark orange is also really good!

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (10-week group) [SIGN-UPS CLOSED] Mar 03 2013
18:28 (UTC)

Thanks so much for sharing that :)  I just joined a gym a week ago.  I can't imagine burning 500 calories!!!  I ran for 20 minutes and that was like 180, so you must be running for an hour straight!



Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (10-week group) [SIGN-UPS CLOSED] Mar 03 2013
09:05 (UTC)

Your inch loss is amazing!  How did you do it? Just counting calories? Exercise too?

I'm really quite disgusted with myself to be honest.  I could have been 5-10 pounds down. Now I have to lose 10 pounds just to get back to where I was in December.  I'm hoping that I can lose these pounds more easily because I just put them on :)  

I have this mental image of new fat not being as um... tenacious... as old fat.  I have no idea if it's true or not.  It's completely unfounded as far as I know, but I still believe it.

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 03 2013
08:58 (UTC)

I recently read that plateaus are when a body adjusts it's weight set point, and it gives you a chance to readjust your mental image of yourself.  It also allows your skin to catch up with the weight loss.  

That perspective really helps me, because I normally find plateaus excruciating, but if it means I'm less likely to have saggy skin and it helps me reset my set point, then maybe they aren't so bad.

Motivation Schmooze & Lose 2013 (Round Two) (10-week group) Mar 03 2013
06:30 (UTC)

Woohooo!  Count me in :)  My start weight is 187.1. 

Thank you so much for hosting Catherine!