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Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 18 2009
04:42 (UTC)

July 15: 4.08 miles (19.32 - 4.08 = 15.24 miles to go)

July 16:  9.33 miles (15.24 - 9.33 = 5.91 miles to go)

July 17:  6.07 miles (5.91 - 6.07 = -0.16...achieved my 100 mile goal)

Well, I am going to keep walking so I guess I'll see how far I get.  Right now I am at 100.16 miles for the month. 

Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 15 2009
16:03 (UTC)

July 13: 5.47 miles (34.80 miles - 5.47 = 29.33 miles to go)

July 14:  10.01 miles (29.33 miles - 10.01 = 19.32 miles to go)

My 10.01 miles yesterday is the most I've ever done in one day!  I had 6.3 miles done yesterday and was planning on calling it a day, but my husband suggested an after supper walk.  We went just over 3 miles.  My previous biggest mileage day was 9.9 miles, so I kept walking my yard laps when we got home until I had 3.71 for a total of 10.01 miles for the day!  I was excited, I'm sure you other walkers will understand!  :)

Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 13 2009
17:49 (UTC)

July 8:  did another mile after posting my totals (53.13 - 1 = 52.13 miles to go)

July 9:  4.33 miles (52.13 - 4.33 = 47.8 miles to go)

July 10:  4.1 miles (47.8 - 4.1 = 43.7 miles to go)

July 11: 3 miles (43.7 - 3 = 40.7 miles to go)

July 12:  5.90 miles (40.7 - 5.90 = 34.8 miles to go)

I have gotten 2 miles so far this morning, but I am hoping to get a couple more this afternoon, so I'll wait to post my total for today. 

Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 09 2009
00:12 (UTC)

July 6:  3.57 miles (70.46 - 3.57 = 66.89 miles to go)

July 7:  6.40 miles (66.89 - 6.40 = 60.49 miles to go)

July 8:  7. 36 miles (60.49 - 7.36 = 53.13 miles to go)

I have been trying to do a couple miles in the morning, and then a few more in the afternoon...that works better for my schedule than one big long walk would.  Many of my miles are racked up from me walking laps around my yard while my kids play. 

I appreciate everyone's encouragement!  Looks like we are all doing a great job! 

Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 06 2009
02:33 (UTC)

Today: exactly 5 miles


75.46 miles - 5 miles = 70.46 miles to go!

Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 05 2009
03:08 (UTC)

Still at my maintenance weight of 145, even after my jinormous bowl of ice cream!  I guess there is room for an occasional treat if I keep up my exercise! 

Today:  4.93 miles total

80.39 miles - 4.93 miles today = 75.46 miles to go! 

I am happy with my progress...after so many years of being overweight and inactive, it feels so good to reach a goal and then continue in a healthy lifestyle.  Believe me, if I can do it, YOU can do it!!

Wishing a Happy and Safe 4th of July to everyone!

Fitness 30 day shred? Jul 04 2009
23:55 (UTC)
Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 04 2009
02:03 (UTC)

Did another unexpected 4 miles after supper last night.  Today:  1 mile this morning and 2.6 miles this afternoon for a total of 3.6 miles today.  My new totals:

87.99 miles - 4 miles last night = 83.99 miles to go

83.99 miles - 3.60 miles today = 80.39 miles to go

I expect my miles to slow down this weekend, we have a 3-day weekend for the holiday so I am hoping for 3 miles each day.  I am still trying to figure out the whole weight-loss maintenance thing and since I just polished off a large bowl of ice cream I am a little freaked out at the moment! 


Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 03 2009
02:20 (UTC)

I did 5.90 miles today...3 this morning and then 2.9 this afternoon walking with my kids.

93.89 miles - 5.90 miles today = 87.99 miles to go  :-)

Maintaining Transitioning from weight loss to weight maintenance Jul 02 2009
16:46 (UTC)

Thanks, ily51, I appreciate your encouragement!  So far, I'm hanging right in there at 145 with slight fluctuations of a pound or two...I still find myself estimating calories but I'm not weighing or measuring portions.  I like the idea of "intuitive eating" and I like giving myself the freedom to eat what I want in reasonable portions.  I think I'm starting to find that balance, it feels great!

Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 02 2009
02:01 (UTC)

I got 6.11 miles today: 

100 (goal) - 6.11 (today) = 93.89 (miles to go)

Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 01 2009
15:16 (UTC)

Hi, I am new to the forum and this is my first challenge...I'm excited about it!  I would like to join the 100 mile challenge.  I walked 142.17 miles in June, and that was my highest mileage month ever.  This month, I am planning to walk every day and also include some exercise DVDs for variety, so I think 100 miles is an attainable goal for me. 

Looking forward to getting to know all of you...I need some buddies!  :)

Foods Top Ten things you eat the most often... Jun 24 2009
23:32 (UTC)


 coffee, homemade whole wheat bread, oatmeal, eggs, game meat (elk, deer, antelope), popcorn, peanut butter, sprouts, carrots, bananas




Maintaining Transitioning from weight loss to weight maintenance Jun 24 2009
15:18 (UTC)
Pregnancy & Parenting Baby weight: how long did it take YOU? Jun 23 2009
23:40 (UTC)
Motivation Yeah me!!! Jun 23 2009
23:25 (UTC)

very awesome....great job!!

Weight Loss Diet and Fitness on a budget Jun 23 2009
23:23 (UTC)

I have bought many exercise videos at thrift stores, all for under $1.  I've bought a couple of new videos, too, for about $15 each, and I've used them many, many times so I consider them a bargain.  I also like to walk for exercise...would you be able to go for a brisk walk during your lunch hour?  I have an inexpensive pedometer ($5) and I try to go 2 miles in under half an hour, that is a pace that gets my heart rate up but I don't need to shower afterwards!

I buy groceries for my family of 9 and we have NO room for waste in our food budget!  I buy a 25 pound bag of oatmeal for under $20 and it lasts my family a would last much longer for your household!  We like to add a few nuts and raisins to our oatmeal, and while those ingredients are expensive a little goes a long ways.  Another staple breakfast at our house is homemade bread, toasted, with about 1 T of peanut butter on top, and a glass of milk.  I usually have about 400 calories at breakfast and that amount of food keeps me full until lunch.  Soup is inexpensive and can be very healthy and diet friendly!  I make enough soup so that if my family is having something off-limits for me, I reheat a bowl of soup for myself.  For me, portion control has saved money.  I was embarrassed when our grocery bill dropped significantly because I broke my habit of overeating! 

Good can be done! 

Health & Support 5'8" what is your weight Jun 23 2009
17:12 (UTC)

I am 40 years old, 5 ft 9 in tall, and 145 pounds.  I have seven children, so even at this weight, there are parts of me that are saggy (LOL) but I don't think I can do much about it.  I like how I look and feel and am working to maintain...sometimes I think I'd like to get down to 138 (not sure why I like that number) but I'd probably look too thin. 

Weight Loss 90% about food 10% about exercise Jun 23 2009
15:29 (UTC)

I would say my ratio is 50/50 as well...exercise motivates me to make good food choices (for me it is about portion control, my diet is very healthy but I used to eat enough healthy food for 3 people! LOL) and eating right makes me want to work out!  The exercising helped me resist eating out of boredom, too, because if I got the urge to eat (when I knew I wasn't really hungry) then I would just put on my walking shoes and go for a walk first, which usually helped me get over the craving. 

Maintaining I actually WANT to weigh what I weigh...Weird. Jun 22 2009
17:31 (UTC)

Congratulations on reaching your goal...that is a great accomplishment.  I am trying to make the transition in thinking from weight-loss to weight-maintenance myself so I am not an expert by any means, but my thinking is that if you continue a deficit in your calories you will continue to slowly lose weight.  Personally, instead of a fixed number, I feel more comfortable giving myself a small range of about 5 pounds with my "ideal" weight in the middle...that way I don't freak out if my weight fluctuates slightly!  When I get to the low end of my range, I know I can eat a little more or maybe do an easier workout, and if my weight is on the upper end I cut back slightly in food or exercise a little more.  I'm not there yet, my weight has dropped slightly under my goal but I think that's due to my fear of putting it all back on!  Hopefully we can both figure this out and enjoy being at our healthy weights!  Again, congratulations to you!