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Health & Support Fellowship of IBS-Sufferers Oct 14 2009
22:30 (UTC)

j_whitney, I wish you the best with TTC! Pills suck, for sure.

eringo2, the IBS diet is an individual thing. Everyone is different. Some people have problems with meat, others do best with lots of protein. There is no single IBS diet that works for everyone.

Basic elimination diet: make a list of foods you suspect are linked to your symptoms. These might include dairy, nuts, raw vegetables, refined sugar, eggs, wheat, cured meats, yeast, whatever. Next, cut them completely from your diet, one at a time for two weeks each. Read food labels carefully to make sure it's not hidden in the foods you're buying. Keep a journal of how you feel, what symptoms you have. For example, "day four without dairy, feeling more crampy than yesterday but also more energetic".

This is only one method, and it's best to design an elimination diet with your doctor. I didn't find it all that useful because my condition is mostly unrelated to what I eat, but a lot of people with IBS can narrow down their triggers to some extent with this method. Good luck!

Health & Support Fellowship of IBS-Sufferers Oct 14 2009
15:33 (UTC)

Hi Jawadnimri, welcome to the club. Are you saying that antibiotics for some unrelated infection caused your IBS, or that antibiotics were used to treat it?

Unfortunately, three months is not a very long time to learn what makes you feel worse or better. There is no quick fix and it could take you many more months to figure out what works for you.

A lot of people with IBS really have other conditions that aren't yet diagnosed. Some suffer for years before finding out it's really something else, like colitis or Crohn's. The tests you had were to look for these other diseases, but the tests aren't foolproof and you'll probably have many of them repeated.

Experiment with the foods you eat. Research how to do a proper elimination diet. Cutting out a single food for a day or two is not enough to learn what triggers your symptoms. Common triggers are raw vegetables, dairy products, and high-fat foods.

Internet cures. Those people are sharks. They know that we're in pain and we'll spend any amout of money to make it go away, and they're taking advantage. If treating IBS was that easy, word would spread very fast. All they are selling is false hope and ultimately disappointment. It's depressing that those kinds of people exist. *grumble*

My family spent thousands on alternative therapies trying to make me well. Personally, I started getting sick at puberty and was tested, tested, tested, and treated for IBS for about ten years before finding out it's not IBS.

I understand that this is disrupting your life and makes pleasure seem impossible. All you can do is keep pestering your doctor(s) or get a new one. For pain, try anything that's safe for you - pharmacy stuff, acupuncture, massage, elimination of trigger foods from your diet, or meditation. Some people get prescriptions for neurogenic pain killers, special medications that make your brain "forget" to pick up pain signals from the gut. These and many others tend to be constipating, so it's definitely something to work out with the help of your doctor.

I sincerly hope that you find relief soon. Bitching about it with other sufferers helps, too. :)

Health & Support Can you lose weight with Crohn's Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome?? Apr 25 2009
00:37 (UTC)

You'll probably get a lot more responses if you start a new thread.

I'm glad they got it figured out and that you're feeling better. A diagnosis of both Crohn's and colitis is strange. Some people who are advised to have surgical resections refuse, and do just fine. For others, it is life-threatening. Only your doctor can tell you if it's safe to put off the surgery. Don't be shy about seeing a different specialist for a second opinion.

The fact that you're eating and you've gained back your weight does not give the whole picture. Bowel disease and the medications used to control it can cause all sorts of other health problems. If you're heavily dependent on prednisone, for example, having a resection might be better than the long-term effects of the drug. Steroids could also be responsible for you getting your weight back. They make a lot of patients eat like hippos.

Regarding your vacation, when is a "drinking holiday" ever a good idea? Depending what they take out and how much, you could be left with the runs. This puts you at increased risk of dehydration. Binge drinking will not help either condition.

Good luck with your treatment. As time goes by, you and your doctor(s) will get really good at managing the disease.

The Lounge ****ing Jan 10 2009
14:11 (UTC)

Nobody's said "knockin' boots"?!

Sharing a private moment. Innocent

The Lounge What to get for someone who has EVERYTHING! Nov 27 2008
19:47 (UTC)

My family doesn't exchange gifts for exactly this reason. The gift of time is so much more meaningful, although not always possible due to timing and distance etc.

Some ideas are to bake for people, give alcohol, homemade soaps, or a hand-written letter about how special they are to you. You could also take a special photo and have it blown up and framed for them. Have you considered a magazine subscription? a massage or other spa treatment? socks? special chocolates/treats? concert or event tickets?

Things I'd personally like are a gift certificate to have my car cleaned or to find out someone had put money toward my tuition.

This year for colleagues I'm baking cookies, cakes, and rum balls. With friends, it's typically chocolate, books, alcohol, a restaurant supper, or jewellery. I prefer to give (and receive) consumable gifts or something I know will be practical for the recipient.

Foods Favorites that are only avail. in stores during the Holidays Nov 24 2008
12:30 (UTC)

Peppermint hot chocolate and peppermint mocha. Starbucks discontinued their skinny mocha Cry

Brandy beans. They last in the fridge forever, can't say the same for willpower!

Cream-filled easter eggs.

Fruitcake, well-soaked in brandy and/or rum.

Grapefruit, peaches, and clementine oranges. Can't get enough and their seasons are too short.


Health & Support Has anyone had success with Acai Berry? How about colon cleanses? Nov 14 2008
13:18 (UTC)

edamame3, your liver is not on the left side of the abdomen.

The whole purpose of the colon is to draw moisture out of our wastes so we're not dehydrated. It takes a lot of water to process our food (I'm oversimplifying).

Drugs are administered rectally because it's a quick way to get medicine into the bloodstream. This is done with painkillers and laxatives, for example.

"The caffeine in the coffee does not affect your heart because it is not metabolizing, but it DOES affect the hemmeroidal veins, causing the muscles to contract and you get a very strong enematic effect."

Caffeine most definitely gets into the bloodstream when administered as an enema. If it is too dilute to have much of an effect on the heart, that is another matter. But, if it's that dilute, how is it dilating blood vessels? Maybe I'm mistaken, but I think the heart is part of the circulatory system. Seriously, people! Detox is bunk.

Look up the effects of killing off your normal intestinal flora.

To the OP: Please be very careful. There are a lot of products/plans out there that can seriously hurt you. Most of them are garbage, unscrupulous people trying to get your money. Some of them really believe what they're preaching because they're lacking basic knowledge of biology and physiology. There are no majic fruits, pills, creams, or shortcuts. Eat wholesome foods in portions that are balanced with your activity level.


Maintaining has anyone ever considered getting a tattoo as a reward for their weight loss? Oct 30 2008
14:35 (UTC)

I regret my tattoo (very subtle, thankfully) and I regret not listening to those who warned me that piercings are permanent.

Getting a piercing because it's not permanent is not the right attitude. You can't just take it out and have everything go back to normal. Mine (approximately 10) have been out for years and there are still scars, holes, lumps of cartilage on my ears, and my belly button piercing gets full of gunk even though the jewellery has been out for about five years. Any advice on making them heal? How about removing excess cartilage and scar tissue? 

Long term reminders/rewards: jewellery, a vacation where you take lots of pictures to decorate your home with, laser eye surgery, a professional portrait, cosmetic dental work, or a symbolic gift that wouldn't usually fit into your budget.

I'm not against tattoos, I just think people should carefully consider it for more than a few weeks before juming in. Ofelia and pumkin made some great points, and I also love the henna idea.

Maintaining Stable weight points? Oct 30 2008
14:13 (UTC)

This is a great question. I'm curious what others have experienced.

How does one choose an appropriate final goal range and/or find our personal "happy weight"?

Health & Support I've officially made exercise a problem Oct 27 2008
20:43 (UTC)

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, right?

Don't push too hard. Respect your body and the need for rest. You'll get better results and feel better about yourself in the long run if you work with your body instead of against it. The "must-do-at-least-as-well-if-not-better-than- yesterday" attitude will bite you in the rear. Missing a workout should not make you feel bad, and an exercise routine should be invigorating - not "mentally and physically draining".


Motivation Runners (old, new, getting back to it) looking to increase their mileage Oct 24 2008
12:50 (UTC)

I pushed it on a bad day, and haven't run for over three months now because I got injured. Friends were telling me not to increase either distance or duration by more than 10% per 6 weeks, but I didn't listen. Getting hurt and having to stop completely is NO FUN. Doc says at least another two months before I can start training again.

July 19, '08 to October 24, '08: 0 kilometers

Health & Support After 17 years of dairy, I'm now lactose intolerant??? Oct 17 2008
20:18 (UTC)

A food allergy is not the same as an intolerance. A person who has lactose intolerance is not allergic to milk, nor lactose.

Health & Support After 17 years of dairy, I'm now lactose intolerant??? Oct 17 2008
12:26 (UTC)

I was 17, too! Over the years, I've discovered that it's not so much the lactose (milk sugar) as milk fat that causes me problems. Lactose-free milk still gives me issues, but skimmed milk and fat-free cheese don't. Cream makes me extremely bloated and crampy. It's miserable. Everyone has different tolerance levels, so it's hit*** or miss" until you figure out what works for your body.

My best friend has been lactose intolerant since birth and couldn't even take breast milk. For her, melted cheese is far worse than plain cheese or any other dairy product. Wierd, eh?

 *Edited to remove accidental profanity! Embarassed

The Lounge Lose vs. loose Oct 16 2008
18:28 (UTC)

Everyone makes mistakes once and a while. The quality of English classes in the public school system is enough to curve my appetite.

LOL @ "whoa" and "intensive purposes"!

Foods Diet Jell-o? Oct 16 2008
12:54 (UTC)

Only the lemon and fruit fiesta are 20 cals per pack (5 per serving). The others are all double that (10 cals per serving).

Health & Support Binge. What am I missing? Oct 03 2008
20:43 (UTC)

Wow, we overeat on the same things! Nut butters, cheese (yay, feta!), and any grain or pastry product. For me, this started in August and I frequently eat thousands of calories more than I burn. If you figure out how to curb this I'd love to hear about it.

(I also do the giant cereal thing: Kashi honey almond flax, corn flakes, wheat puffs, and almond breeze!)

Maintaining Dealing with awkward moments Oct 03 2008
19:35 (UTC)

I think you're hurt because she brushed off your medical problems as not as big an issue as her excess weight. Maybe she didn't mean that being fat is worse than dealing with your problem. I think she meant that she wants to be slim so desperately, just for a day, that she'd even endure your medical issues... She was probably trying to emphasize the strength of her desire, not the triviality of your challenges.

It's understandable that it felt like she was minimizing the pain and effort you've endured to get where you are, and the pain that may be ahead of you. In that position, I'd be offended, too. Talk to her. Maybe she doesn't realise how hard it is to deal with a chronic illness. People without chronic illnesses sometimes forget that they're permanent and full-time. Fat, however slowly, can at least be dealt with.

Congratulations on your new healthier lifestyle. Your influence is surely helping your friend do the same.

Edit: I had a conversation recently with an obese friend. We talked about how people feel fat/ugly no matter what kind of shape they're in. Slimmer people having a "fat day" are no better off than obese people having similar self-loathing thoughts. Your friend should be able to empathise with you feeling bad about yourself even if she doesn't agree with the reason.

Weight Loss What should I do? I won't have any free time until next Sunday. Sep 28 2008
15:01 (UTC)
I did C25K last year. I had to go away on a business trip overseas for two weeks. When I got back and started running again, I was able to run twice as long! I guess sometimes a break is good for progress. Don't sweat it. Worst case scenario is that you take an extra week to complete the program, but I sincerely think you'll pick up right where you left off. Enjoy your alternative workout!
Health & Support Plantar fasciitis? Sep 22 2008
17:06 (UTC)

Hello, can I add to the PF thread? Innocent kthompson, I don't mean to hijack the thread, but there's such good response/experience here and I'm sure you must be wondering when to start walking again, too.

It's been over two months for me without running. How is it determined when you can start training again? My physiotherapist has me running now for 5 to 10 minutes a couple of times a week and she seems to think that's enough. Sometimes my foot hurts significantly the next day, sometimes it is fine. When do I take it up a notch? My goal was to run a race of a certain distance by the end of this season, and I really really hate falling short of my goals.

Forgot to add that I just picked up Dr Scholl's "heel pain" inserts a few days ago. It has made a big difference, especially driving.

Thanks, and I wish you all happy feet in the near future!

The Lounge Who's Canadian!? Sep 17 2008
02:08 (UTC)
Ottawa born and raised, with short times in other parts of Ontario.