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Weight Loss Sticky what caused your weight gain? May 12 2015
13:35 (UTC)

Technically, I've never been "overweight" by BMI standards. I'm 5'1" and have a small frame, so technically I'm "allowed" to be at my current weight of 125 but it's on the faaaar end. We all know BMI is a bit whack anyway. (It also thinks I'm fine at 98 pounds which was one thing when I was 14 but seems absurd at my current age.)

I was short and skinny for the majority of my life - as a freshman in high school I really was around 98 pounds. I slowly gained weight as I got older, but some of that was from growing (I was even shorter then.) I think when I graduated high school I was 107. I started gaining weight in college as so many people do and my sophomore year I was 112 which is when I first started thinking about wanting to lose weight and get healthy. It did NOT go well at all and by the summer I was 120. I finally made a lot of major life changes in my senior year of college and that made a huge difference. I weighed between 110 and 115 for the next four or so years. I feel like 110 is sort of my "happy weight." There was a crazy period in my life around 2011 or so where I was all the way down to 102 due to a whoooole variety of factors. I had to buy new clothes and everything. I think it really backfired on me, though. Gave me a false sense of security for one, even though I never really expected to stay that low. Then last year I injured my back and since then I've gone back up to 125. To tell the truth, I look much better at 125 now than I did at 21 at 120 because I'm infinitely fitter. But the back injury really threw me off my game and pretty much killed my spirit and motivation. I feel like this last few weeks I am finally getting back on the right track. I've been reading and watching a bunch of extremely depressing stuff though, and so I'm feeling really paranoid that maintaing 110 will now never be as easy as it once was because of the fact that I've been heavier for the last year. 

Long rant. Not sure why but I felt like writing it all out. 

Books I need good book recommendations. Feb 17 2014
13:55 (UTC)

Have you read "The Fault in our Stars?" check it out.

Another good one is "The Tricking of Freya"

these don't totally fit into your categories - but give them a chance!

Weight Loss ehhh binging! or over reacting? Feb 17 2014
13:42 (UTC)

preach, linden.

Pathologizing normal behavior is bad news bears.


And yeah, 07eisuol -- go easy on yourself. A few too many indulgences is not the end of the world. I understand the frustration, though. I'm also in the habit of beating myself up about mistakes.

Calorie Count Fitbit Feb 13 2014
12:23 (UTC)

hey - i know you're saying it's not working, but I kind of want to try it. How do I sync the two? (I have the fitbit zip - does it work for that one? or only the fancier fitbits?)

Calorie Count Adding in Section for Users to Log Measurements Jan 19 2014
21:09 (UTC)

Um, it's been six years and I still love this idea and want CC to make it happen.

Foods walnuts Nov 26 2013
16:33 (UTC)
Thanks :)

Probably the second one... it doesn't feel like a craving, more like grumbling &c.

Or maybe my stomach is just really good at faking hunger :P
Fitness Sudden problem with planks? Mar 15 2013
13:16 (UTC)

It builds very quickly, but it's not like an instant jolt when i get into the position.

It's in one area of my lower back, close to/on the spine but not just on one side...

Fitness Sudden problem with planks? Mar 14 2013
20:00 (UTC)

Thanks, peeps! Will try the glute squeezing...

Maybe I did go off them for longer than I thought, but it doesn't seem like long enough to cause this much problem. Especially since I don't remember having much trouble with them when I first started out back in the day.

Again - danke :)

Fitness This is what the dietician said... Feb 12 2013
16:17 (UTC)

Makes me want to bang my head repeatedly against the wall

Weight Loss What's everyone's weight loss goal for 2013? Jan 02 2013
18:13 (UTC)

10-15 lbs - I had reached my goal weight (acutally a bit below!) but unfortunately gained a bunch back in the last 6 months. Time to buckle down again.

The Lounge Sweet talkin' CHATters.... Nov 09 2011
22:54 (UTC)
Original Post by melkor:


Yep, that's the way to do it ;)

 Go me! :P

In retrospect, I probably should have eased back into it a bit more instead of trying to start where I last left off. At least my quads have been saying so for the last 48 hours.... Tongue out

The Lounge Sweet talkin' CHATters.... Nov 09 2011
22:48 (UTC)

@kikt -- You can do it again indeed! Know what you mean on the sweets. I have a new BF (well not THAT new - almost 5 months) who keeps bringing me chocolates... dangerous indeed.

It probably wasn't all muscle, thankfully. I definitely needed some to be Maggie the cat... lots of crawling about on furniture, etc. However, doing 15 pushups is a LOT harder now than it was, say, a month or two ago.

Doing Sally Bowles in Cabaret next (we start rehearsals November 28th -- so I will once again be attempting to dance! Eep! Very excited to do this part, actually.)



The Lounge Sweet talkin' CHATters.... Nov 09 2011
22:43 (UTC)
Original Post by melkor:

..and picking up heavy things? They won't lift themselves, you know.

 Melkor, you'd be proud of me, I picked up (and generally moved about) lots of heavy things on Monday for this first time in a while. The plan is to do it again today. (Only different heavy different ways...)





The Lounge Sweet talkin' CHATters.... Nov 09 2011
22:28 (UTC)

Hi kikt!

Thankiez :) Good to be back. I did manage to keep mostly on track while away. Once again got entirely too busy with theatre.


Actually, I lost four pounds on the Tennessee Williams diet - haha! Unfortuantely, I think most of it was muscle.

The Lounge Sweet talkin' CHATters.... Nov 09 2011
21:49 (UTC)

Yay, I am not totally forgotten! haha! *buys everyone a round of drinks*

The Lounge Sweet talkin' CHATters.... Nov 09 2011
21:37 (UTC)

Haha! Hi Pavlov cat :)

Honestly, I wasn't a huge socialite even when I was on CC all the time, so I don't suppose very many people noticed I was missing, LOL.


The Lounge Sweet talkin' CHATters.... Nov 09 2011
21:32 (UTC)

Hey there, chatters!

Hows things in CC land...

I have been long away!

The Lounge Good Solutions that will Never Happen Jun 15 2011
18:05 (UTC)

Sounds fascist as hell to me

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Jun 08 2011
15:40 (UTC)

TTOM is giving me scary numbers... so I shall not weigh in.

At least I went to BodyPump on Sunday. My show is ending after this week so I can get back to serious exercising. I'm thinking of starting NROLFW in earnest soon.

Fitness NROLFW Stage 2 questions Jun 06 2011
22:10 (UTC)

Thanks AG! Yeah I realize I screwed up my cut and paste there.

I havent really started yet, although I've mixed in workout A here and there.

I might jump in to the program for real in july or august. writing everything out now to try to get my head around it. I enjoyed the book.

It'd be really hard for me to give up BodyCombat, though! Not sure if I'd be able to do it in addition as the workout schedule looks very challenging and he sounds pretty insistent about the rest days.