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Health & Support intervention Jul 16 2012
06:30 (UTC)
Original Post by melodic:

What do you do if you think someone might be planning an intervention and you'd really rather them not? Work and anorexia related.

I think the whole point of an intervention is that it happens whether you would 'rather' it or not. If the people around you think you need an intervention, chances are they're right and you're just too sick to see it.

Health & Support pitsea update - why did no one help me???? Until now??? Jul 09 2012
02:50 (UTC)
Original Post by pitsea: ...due to a BMI of 9! Yes 9! How did it come to this!!! I was BMI 13.9 when I begged for help (please see my other posts).

I was told yesterday I am so close to death that in all respects I should be dead and how was I walking around as I was. That was my question too! How can a hospital not treat a person begging for help?

It may sound kind of strange to say, but god Pitsea, you are one of nature's survivors. I cannot even begin to fathom the hell your body must be in right now, and somehow, impossibly, it is still going. Your body has gone above and beyond what should be humanly possible to keep you alive. Treat it, and yourself, kindly, because god knows you deserve it. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Health & Support Fat Hurts Jun 26 2012
04:11 (UTC)

Read this thread: 56#post1677425

Health & Support Haven't posted here in a while, need some help. Jun 26 2012
04:07 (UTC)
Original Post by christian220896: Now, I'm weight restored (177lbs) and feeling A LOT better. I've resumed exercise in order to build my metabolism even further; I started back running/lifting in the beginning of May. I have been running an hour, lifting a half hour, and walking 4 miles a day 6 days a week. I had to cut it back because I was getting burnt out again and it was feeling obsessive, and that started last week and recently have been doing more every other day of the week.

Yeah, you're right to be worried. That does sound excessive and pretty damn close to obsessive. Really watch yourself, make sure you're not relapsing.

Health & Support Does under eating make you sad? Jun 19 2012
04:36 (UTC)

Depressed, negative, unmotivated, inconsiderate, impatient, selfish, snappy... hungry people are not fun people to be around.

Health & Support 5'4" and 97 pounds, but want to be skinnier.. Jun 15 2012
04:06 (UTC)
Original Post by vonapathy:

Cardio is NOT the way to get toned, you have to lift weights, HEAVY weights. You won't bulk up, look huge, or whatever nonsense you might have heard. The only way to look toned and slim and whatever else you want to look, is to lift weights. Victoria's Secret models do it. Fitblr girls do it. Healthy happy people do it.

I eat more, look thinner, and feel better now that I'm lifting weights, rather than when I was eating nothing and doing endless cardio. I felt bad, scared, chubby and tired all the time.

Lift heavy weights, or at least try body weight exercises like calisthenics or Pilates. you'll look and feel soooo much better if you do.

No. I don't think you read the poster's stats - she has a very underweight BMI and lifting "HEAVY weights" could be extremely dangerous for her, particularly if her heart is being damaged (which is all too common in ED sufferers). Iesachan, you can't exercise until you are healthier, and that means gaining to a healthy BMI. It's a long, scary road, but the rest of your life is worth it.

Health & Support A day of restricting. Jun 12 2012
06:21 (UTC)

You're basically asking us to justify you relapsing for a day. No one's going to do that to you, because we want you to succeed and be healthy Smile If you can 'feel a day of restricting coming on' - don't. Just don't. Exercise that will-power and say 'no, I'm not giving in to ED'.

Health & Support = Jun 12 2012
01:27 (UTC)
Original Post by AvacadoQueen:

Original Post by helen23254:

Being seriously underweight is horrible.

I know from experience. I can go into why it is, because i don't want to seem nasty. But feeling your body closing down on you, is terrifying. 

Don't do it. You seem to be seeking a lot of attention - which is sad. I understand it must be lonely for you right now. Try speaking to someone, anyone..But be serious about it.. 

I've been underweight too..don't act like you're the only one. I actually loved it when I was underweight..I felt proud even though I felt like I was dying. 

See what you just did there? That was your mental illness getting competitive on you. Anorexia will do that, but you need to take control and recognise when the disease is speaking out of your mouth. Don't let it. Are you a person with a disease, or a disease that happens to be attached to a person?

Once you figure out the answer to that question, you'll be ready to get help. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's true.

Weight Loss should i break my rule? Jun 12 2012
00:01 (UTC)

Eat pizza with other people. If you're sharing a medium pizza with two or three other people, you'll have to stick to a reasonable amount.

Weight Gain Calories needed Jun 11 2012
06:52 (UTC)

3000 would be okay, but if you feel like you can handle more, go for it :) You are very tall.

Health & Support Regaining Periods during recovery May 27 2012
01:02 (UTC)

You need to go to a hospital. Your BMI puts you at serious, serious risk of losing your life. Periods are the absolute least of your worries. Please go to the hospital Frown

Health & Support I had a terrible weekend eating wise...:'(?!? May 07 2012
00:53 (UTC)

You already know what you need to do Smile You've had a slip-up, and the only way to deal with it is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going like you were last week.

Health & Support Ok this can't be normal please read! Apr 29 2012
21:21 (UTC)

I think you're right, it's not normal, especially if the blood is the wrong colour. Go to a doctor and make sure nothing is seriously wrong.

Health & Support I'm miserable, depressed and hate the way I look (TW) Apr 20 2012
01:46 (UTC)

Don't hate the way you look, because I swear you look just like Scarlett Johansson (uh, minus the cat and giant scary looking needle). /full/userpic_2714973_e89bec01fd0499dbf437b1e 6314e2275.jpg qz9qooo1_500.jpg


Health & Support Delete post please Apr 17 2012
21:58 (UTC)

I don't think you're going to like what I have to say, but I don't think 'just living with it' is really an option. A life of anorexia, especially as severe as yours long-term, is not a real life, it's just existence, and it's an unhealthy, painful, short existence at that. Is that what you want for yourself? Is it the life you dreamed of as a child? Please don't give up, because giving up on this is giving up on everything.

Health & Support Will gaining help with depression and bad thoughts? Apr 16 2012
01:30 (UTC)

It could be that you've lost some weight, or it could be for other reasons. The connections between anorexia and depression are very complex and not well understood. Counselling or some other kind of treatment for depression might also help you. If I were you, I'd try both. All you've got to lose is your sadness.

Health & Support Wanting to recover from anorexia now, don't want to go inpatient.. Apr 10 2012
06:06 (UTC)
Original Post by cystemic:

Hey, I'm 19 and recovering from anorexia too, and let me tell you that doctors are probably the scariest and least motivational people you can turn to in this situation. They told me things like I'm seriously mentally ill and plugged into a feeding drip with nutrients so i felt like a labrat. It didn't help and I got out of there as quick as I could. The most important thing is to want to get better yourself because the greatest help comes from yourself.

I'm sorry you had that experience, but it's not true of all doctors. My GP knew very little about anorexia the week I first came to see him - he gave me five days to make some progress (or else he was going to hospitalise me) and when I came back to see him he had spent ages reading up on the medical literature, just so he could help me better. There are some terrible doctors out there, but there are some fantastic ones who will go the extra mile for you too.

OP, your consultant does not sound like one of the good ones. Is there any way you can ask to be transferred to a different person?

Health & Support Bone Density Scan? :S Apr 04 2012
22:15 (UTC)

My take on it is that whatever damage you have is going to be there whether you do the scan or not. At least if you have the scan you'll know the extent of it and you can work with your doctor on how to treat it.

If on the other hand you don't have the scan, you're just going to be walking around carrying all that uncertainty, not knowing how bad it is and not having the tools and information you need to maximise your chances of recovery. The damage will be there either way, so you may as well face up to it and start doing what you can to heal it.

The scan itself is nothing to be scared of, not painful or uncomfortable or anything. When I had mine I was in and out in 20 minutes.

Health & Support Confusion of epic proportions! Apr 01 2012
04:31 (UTC)
Original Post by itskayluv:

 So my doctor told me a cppl months ago that I should be eating 3000+ calories a day. Then he said he would be happy if I ate "half that much". (WHAT am I supposed to do with that???)

He would be happy because it would be better than what you're doing now, but better does not equal best. I think you know what the best thing you could do is.

Health & Support Should I Be in the Hospital?? Mar 25 2012
22:04 (UTC)
Original Post by flor1234:

Thanks guys! I am just so scared because since yesterday I have been getting numbness in my extremities -- and some intense chest pain. The problem I have with my hip (that I am currently going to physical therapy twice a week for,) is getting worse -- and the pain travels down into my shins now.


Still trying to figure out what to do; so scary. I just DO NOT want to gain weight -- trying on clothes yesterday while shopping wiht my boyfriend was HORRIFYING. We went to buy clothes for me when I am a little healthier -- my team is thinking around 120; and I am at about 111, (I'm 5'5") I think. So not very underweight at all. I fit into the same small sizes at some places, and not so much in others. I ended up buying a single pair of jeans that were 2 sizes larger than what I wear, and they were HUGE, and my boyfriend took me back to return them today. Freaked me out too much.

I'm not sure if you're really taking in how scary. To be brutally honest: you could die today. You could die tonight in your sleep. You could have died walking around shopping with your boyfriend. Don't wait for Tuesday, because you may not have until Tuesday. Go to hospital TODAY.