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50-year-old guy with a hundred pounds to lose. I put on a lot of weight when the combination of job, home improvement, and raising kids clobbered my healthy eating. Things have gotten a lot more stable recently. Overall stress ramped down significantly about a year ago (then I gained 20 pounds - go figure). I've got a freezer stocked with healthy meals, and an exercise space set up in the basement.

These days, I'm weightlifting in the basement (squats, bench, military press, deadlifts, and barbell rows -  using the MadCow 5x5 program, which is outstanding) and doing cardio on most off days. I've worked up to where I can do an hour of moderate cardio without coming completely unglued (started out at about 6 minutes).

CalorieCount seems to work for me - so far, so good, anyway. I had been eating mostly healthful foods and getting good exercise, but not losing weight. CalorieCount adds the dimensions of careful portion control and avoiding periodic junk food.

I'd like to try to stay at a 750 calorie deficit per day and see if I can build muscle and lose weight at the same time.

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