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Weight Loss Have you lost 100 pounds or more? Jun 11 2012
05:00 (UTC)
I've lost 117 lbs total. Starting weight was 295, current weight is 178. I started in Dec 2010, and fell off the wagon for about 3 months. I have been going strong for the past year.

What the other people said, little goals will get you there. Its just like any journey, no matter how far you have to go, just put one foot in front if the other and you will eventually reach your destination. It can be frustrating at times, especially when you have lost as much weight as you have. You just want to cross the finish line. Its a great feeling when that day comes.

As far as my routine, I am still watching my calories, and am currently training for a half marathon. Ive found whats worked for me is making physical fitness goals. It keeps me exercising and working toward a non scale goal.

Good luck!!!
Motivation Vacation Fears Apr 25 2012
19:57 (UTC)

Ahh, that makes sense. Don't freak out too bad. Just have fun on your vacation and hit the diet/gym extra hard when you get back. One thing I do is if I'm going to a place that is a true dining experience, where the food is of note, I would get what I wanted ( on vacation). But if you are just stopping by a subway or something for lunch, there's no need to get a high cal sandwich just because you're on vacation. So you can still watch it a little bit, and splurge when it counts. 

And for the week when you're home but can't work out, just focus on your diet. You might not lose any weight (but maybe you will!), but at least you can maintain. And that's not bad at all. A week of not gaining weight is still a success in my book :)


Motivation Vacation Fears Apr 25 2012
15:44 (UTC)

On my last vacation, I made working out and exercising part of the trip. It only takes an hour a day, there's no need to completely cut it out. Most hotels have a gym, or you could always get out and run. Running is great because you would still be out seeing the city, and maybe even see/experience things you wouldn't normally. Just take an hour in the morning or evening and try to get something in. It will make you feel better about splurging a bit on the food side, too.

If you really can't make it work, you can pick up where you left off when you get back. You can't do that much damage in 2 weeks if you truly get back on the wagon after, and go really hard up until you leave.


Motivation Workout motivation.... where art thou? Apr 21 2012
14:08 (UTC)
The only thing I could say is that you have to make it something that HAS to be done. I'm guessing you don't like paying bills, or going into work, or cleaning your house. But you have to do these things, because not doing them isn't an option. The truth is you are not always going to love working out. But success will come if you are able to push past what you WANT to do and do the things you NEED to do. Push past it today, determine that you will work out. Mind over matter. Thats the tough love portion of my reply :) I'll add that maybe you want to find a new exercise (running, swimming, etc) that you can get excited about. Sometimes finding something new is a good way of doing that, and its also good to change up workouts anyway.
Motivation Plateau, constant urge to overeat and positive feedback Apr 19 2012
03:15 (UTC)
It gets even harder to stick with it when you get closer to your goal weight. Its easy to think "Ive done all of this, cant I stop now?" What has kept me going is making another goal. Since I have achieved weight loss success, I needed something else to aim for. For me, that is a half marathon. This has totally kept me going because if I dont train I wont make it. When I started out, one goal was to look better. So once you start getting positive feedback, that goal is sort of achieved in a way. Maybe setting some sort of physical challenge/goal would work for you.
Motivation lots of weight to lose blues Apr 19 2012
03:09 (UTC)
Take one day at a time. Focus on the next 5 lbs. If you think of the big picture its easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged. Focus on today, and tomorrow. And make a small little goal of a few pounds and celebrate when you get there! Take it one step, one day at a time
Motivation Before & After pics- 105 lbs lost Apr 17 2012
05:14 (UTC)

I think you are exactly right about changing the mind set from "diet" mode to "lifestyle" mode. That is so hard to the beginning you want to know when you can stop working out and when you can go back to the fast food. But like the old cliche goes, it really is a lifestyle change.

For me, I think it was just resetting what I had learned as normal habits. That it's not good to eat fast food everyday. That its not good to feel stuffed after every meal. Thats how I was living my life, and I had to unlearn those habits.

I think this time around I just thought of weight loss in its simplest terms...move more and eat less. If you follow that its hard to fail. It helped me to think of it as such an easy problem to solve. Not saying its a walk in the park :), but it helped that I could think of it as a problem I could overcome if I made a few small changes.

Motivation Before & After pics- 105 lbs lost Apr 15 2012
05:41 (UTC)

The crazy thing is that even after 105 lbs, I still feel like a work in progress. I was hesitant to even call the photo the "After" shot. My lifestyle has changed so much, and I want to keep going, that the word "After" makes it seem like I think I'm done. But I want to keep moving on and living a healthy life. When I look at the two photos, I still am working on getting used to seeing the "new" me. 

But yes, I do feel so much better, and I guess its good to look younger! Honestly what I am loving the most is just being average. Just looking like most guys and not being the fattest in the room. I've joked along the way that I was just fighting for Normal. I also like being athletic now. I feel like I don't have to sit on the sidelines and wish I could do something. I'm currently training for a half marathon. 

I've heard people say that the only thing they regret after they lose weight is that they wish they did it sooner. I don't think I would or could have handled it before now. I feel like I reached a point in my life where I was ready, I had time to dedicate to exercise, I was able to stay focused. A younger version of me couldn't have handled that :) Just wanted to mention that for those who are having trouble. A lot of things have to come together for weight loss to work...just take a step back and try to find those things that are getting in your way. I think your time will come like it did for me.



Motivation Before & After pics- 105 lbs lost Apr 14 2012
20:46 (UTC)
Thank you all!

@wwguy I haven't found there to be any formula for figuring that out. I think it is different for everyone and depends on where you carry your weight. I carry the most weight around my stomach, and I want to continue losing to focus on this area. But I have gone down 6 pant sizes, and I would say it happened pretty steadily.

When I started out I really wanted to know what my sizes would be at my goal weight, but unfortunately I don't think theres any way to figure it out. Just got to get there!!!

Goodwill is your friend when you are dropping sizes. But its nice now to finally be able to buy nice clothes that I can keep :)
Motivation Before & After pics- 105 lbs lost Apr 14 2012
17:49 (UTC)
You guys are super nice. Thanks for the comments. Its nice to get unbiased feedback from people who don't know me. I thought I would add my clothing size changes for any guys who might be interested. I know I always wondered where I would end up:

Pants: Before- size 44 Currently- size 34

Shirt: Before- size XXL Currently- size L

Fitness what is a good fitness approach to losing 100 lbs Apr 14 2012
17:43 (UTC)
I agree with the post above. Focus on your diet first and foremost. You can lose weight just by eating right, especially in the beginning. As far as exercise goes, don't worry too much about what to really just need to burn calories and get your heart rate up. And that can come from the treadmill or 30 Day Shred. I alternate cardio and resistance training every other day. It has worked for me.
Motivation motivation desperately needed Mar 22 2012
05:27 (UTC)
Hey Jen. All the advice you are getting is really great. I am a male, started at 295 and am currently at 196, so about 100lb lost. My only advice to add is that the secret is to add up as many good days in a row as you can. From your post it sounds like your food and exercise is going well. The secret is to keep. doing. this. every. day. Just keep it up. Treat everyday like its own small challenge and at the end of a successful day treat it like a victory. String those good days together and you'll find yourself exactly where you want to be.
Weight Loss I really dislike WEEKENDS Mar 22 2012
05:17 (UTC)
You can definitely do it! Any chance you can work out late at night? I actually like doing that on the weekends. The gym is empty. Also, if you feel like you are missing out on food, try finding some restaurants you can go to and get healthy food. That way you get to have a normal life but you won't go crazy. There's alot of good healthy food out there and there's no use in feeling deprived. Plan your meals in advance for the weekend. And get rid of any snack/junk food that would tempt you to binge. Start tomorrow and you'll be prepared for the weekend. You can do it!
Weight Loss binged bad Mar 22 2012
05:09 (UTC)
Don't focus on this too much. You need to get your mind on something else. Staying this focused on food is probably what made you binge in the first place. Don't think about it, move on, do something else, and leave this in the past. Tomorrow is a new day!!!
Motivation Motivate my husband? Jan 21 2012
09:34 (UTC)
Another Husband chiming in. At my heaviest I was 5' 10" 295 lbs. Currently lost almost 90lbs, weighing around 205.

No one ever told me I needed to lose weight. But I wish they had!

I agree with all of the others who have said that he has to want it for himself. However, I WISH that someone had talked to me realistically about my weight when I had gained so much. I think for me, it would have helped to hear from someone else the realities of my weight gain and how I looked. It is difficult sometimes to know what you look like. Thinking back, I think hearing someone else be concerned for me would have snapped me into action. I honestly didn't know how fat I had become.

I also wish I would have caught my weight before it had gotten so high. This journey would have been a lot easier! So talk to your significant others now, before the weight goes up even further and the road becomes that much harder. They need to hear it. I think it would help to make it a joint endeavor. Like recognizing that you could both be healthier and do it together, so its not all on him. Guys have a lot of pride, and may resist your nagging if you attack. I think if you don't single him out but tell him it is important to you that you do this together, you might have some luck.
Fitness P90X later.... What now? Jan 21 2012
01:15 (UTC)
I wasn't ready for P90x, and decided on Power 90. Im currently over halfway through. I would highly recommend it. With it I got out of a plateau and have lost about 30lbs while on it. Plus I feel like people at any level can do it, but if you push yourself you can get a lot out of it. I definitely feel ready for P90x which I plan on doing after this
Weight Loss Loss of Will Power? Jan 14 2012
17:55 (UTC)
It is more difficult in the beginning, where you are now. If you can buckle down and push past this your body will adjust.

One thing that might help is to try and get rid of any junk food from your house. If it is easy to get to, it is more tempting. I just don't keep bad food around.

Look for food that will help you feel full. Veggies work for me. And make sure you are eating the right amount.

Sometimes I get hungry late at night, but rather than eat I take it as a sign to go to bed.
Weight Loss 63 more lbs to lose and need friends to help push me Jan 13 2012
05:25 (UTC)
Brian-I have roughly the same stats as you...Male, 27, 5'10". Starting weight was 295, currently at 210 having lost 85 lbs. So I know it can be done! It sounds like you know what to do to lose weight. I will just add that sticking to it has been the key to success for me this time. Just keep it up and dont quit. Also try to be patient. Thats a hard one for me. I have been losing for a little over a year now. It seems like a long time, but life gets better along the way, not just when you get to your goal. So stick with it and I have no doubt you can do it!
Weight Loss Burn out on calorie count Jan 11 2012
13:38 (UTC)
I've been going for over a year and no burn out yet. It actually gets easier over time. Its the most difficult at first when you are transitioning to healthy foods. One thing to note is that you dont have to actually sit down and count every calorie forever. After awhile you get really good at knowing the values of lots of food, judging portion sizes etc just by looking at things. Plus you will probably eat the same things so those things you will just know from day to day and keep a mental tally
Weight Loss Lost over 100 since April Dec 28 2011
14:59 (UTC)
I have been doing Power 90 and it is a good workout. It will definitely kick start your weight loss again if you stick to it. It will be easier for you if you can get your eating in check. Try to make sure you are eating the right things each day. Start logging your food here, that will help. If youre putting the work in with Power 90, you dont want to undo that by eating bad food. Good job so far!