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Health & Support Glucose question Jan 24 2010
04:50 (UTC)

Vicki, can I ask why you test your blood sugars for "fun" raises a lot of questions in my mind, and I hope none of them are viable.

Health & Support Glucose question Jan 24 2010
04:48 (UTC)

I, too would be more concerned about your diet and why you are testing your Blood sugars for "fun".  I am a type II diabetic, and find no "fun" in testing my sugars.

If there is a history of diabetes in your family, by all means get yourself to your doc and express that concern;  if you aren't diabetic, then tell that doc that you are testing, and wondering what normal is.  A referral to a nutritionist might be in order to help you formulate a good eating plan; and give you an idea about a diabetic plan.

There are diabetics who don't know what you are talking about, and should, so it does puzzle me that you are so absorbed by this practice.