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Weight Gain What to eat ? Nov 04 2011
00:24 (UTC)

Eat 3,000kcals of what ever you like every day. It doesn't matter if it's lettuce or chocolate, it has to be 3,000kcals at least.

That said, eat foods that make you happy. If you want to have cake because its yummy and feels good (which it does) then have it. If one day you think 'I think I'm a little tired of cake, today I will have a big hot chocolate/falafels and hummus/crumpets with pb and honey' then have that. But keep the calories up.

Est what you crave because your body craves it for a reason. If you need lots of energy quickly (which you probably do), your going to want quick release sugars - so just have them. If you give the body what it needs you get the best nutritional balance you can ask for. You need variety and you need calories. Whatever else is up to you and your body.

Though I would say, try not to eat too much fibre to begin with (and by too much, I'm talking over 30g, which is a lot of fibre anyway) as it can really bloat you and make you less hungry - which you don't need trust me (I learnt the incredibly hard and painful way). And probiotic full fat yogurts and fats in general help with digestion so you should feel less stuffed.

Hope that helps

Weight Gain panut butter everday in recovery ? Nov 04 2011
00:18 (UTC)

I dream in nut butters, Seriously x.

Health & Support Trying to recover from anorexia..struggling Nov 04 2011
00:01 (UTC)

firstly, well done for acknowledging the problem. That's a really important first step to get you in the right direction. You are lucky to have caught this early as although all eating disorders, whatever their duration, are severe and difficult to treat, the earlier you catch it, the higher the likelihood that you can beat it - it is less ingrained.

Secondly, you are seriously underweight and are putting yourself at risk of serious damage if you remain this way. You are going to have to gain weight to higher than 120lb as that would give you a bmi of 18 which is still underweight and therefore unable to recover fully. At 15, you should be aiming for a bmi of 19 at least for your hormones and metabolsm to kick start again and for your brain to settle down. It also limits the possibility of relapse.

Thirdly, 1,100kcals is not enough for recovery. You need to up your calories to at least 3,000 a day as you are a teen. To do this, you should bump up your intake by 200kcals every few days until you reach this level. And then stay consistent and eat this until you are fully weight restored. No matter what your upped calorie intake is (be it 2,000 or 3,000 etc.) you will most likely gain weight rapidly for the first few weeks. This will only be a few pounds of real tissue weight as your metabolism will be slow, the rest will be water weight and food weight. It is important that you keep your calories up through this and stay consistent. If you do so your metabolism will adjust and you should gain between 1-2lb a week (which is classed as clinically significant weight gain and what you should be aiming for).

If you don't reach this target, you will only continue to suppress your metabolism causing you to continue to gain weight on a lower aount as your body will keep hoarding as much energy as it can.

So if you get your calories up, you wiill gain appropriate amounts of weight in approriate time and your body will start working again. There really isn't another way around this.

Fourthly, as far as healthy snacks go, everything is healthy for you right now. Chocolate, chips, donuts, cake - all healthy. You need the sugar and fat for energy right now. Literally, nothing is bad for you. Don't restrict anything you want as what you crave is generally what your body needs.

If you would be more comfortable getting your calories in without eating these foods (especially at first if these are fear foods), try nuts, granola, nut butters, full fat yogurts and milk, oily fish, olive oil, avocados, dried fruit etc. All of these things contain lots of fats or sugars and are pretty dense so don't bloat you too much. Great for adding to snacks and meals.

Finally, if you are hungry then eat. Always eat when you are hungry as it will help train your appetite signals to work again. Reactive eating is great and the more you eat the better so just go with it.

Check out for some more info on all this. If you need help getting a meal plan together, feel free to message me. This place is really supportive and there will be plenty of people here to help you through.

Hope that helps


Health & Support What just happened.. :( Nov 03 2011
21:54 (UTC)

o my god I did the supermarket thing yesterday. I was really behind on my calories and hadn't eaten for like 8 hours and was like "I'll just buy a snadwich to eat now or a ready meal to eat when I get home so I don't have to cook". I spent so long wandering around and weighing up choices. Getting more and more anxious. Literally I was there for like an hour (it was only a sainsburys local as well!) and then left with nothing, went home and cried whilst cooking my planned dinner so stayed really behind on calories. I think had to eat like 1,700kcals at midnight to make up for my freak out. And I'm eating 2,500kcals a day.

I'm hoping it gets easier as weight gain progresses. I think a lot of it is to do with not feeling allowed things as well. Like I look at things then reason myself out of them because I know eating them will make my ED angry and make me feel sad even though I want them. I don't fight it, but I think if you can allow yourself to eat anything, then you realise that the food will always be there and you don't have to maake the perfect choice now because you can always get something different next time.

So although this is just spreculation, allow yourself to eat what you like and maybe the panic will subside.

As for the people on your course - they are idiots. I always sit at the front because you know what? It's more comfy, so can see and hear better and in my opinion, people at the front are less clique-y so are nicer to get along with. Some people are idiots and they make you feel bad and are horrible on purpose. But they are idiots and they have to wake up and be an idiot every day for the rest of their lives. Feel pleased that you don't have that burden.

Hope that helps


Health & Support recovery calories at night ok? Nov 03 2011
21:33 (UTC)

Firstly, it's entirely not a problem as long as you get your calories. I'm pretty similar and often end up eating like 1,100kcals for dinner and evening snack, with over half of that being evening snack. For me, I have this fear that if I eat too much early, I might get hungry later and not be able to satisfy it, which is silly as I don't get too hungry and end eating really late and feeling a little silly.

However, I do still spread my calories a little. I have calore targets set by my dietician for 3 meals and 3 snacks, and round about suggestions of how to get them. For me, I try to get within 100kcals of that target for each meal, preferably higher, but I do struggle with this. That way I am eating spread out, but I know I've still saved enough for a mini feast later and will definately not need to go hungry. And also I know I haven't 'over-done' it so don't feel the need to restrict. Then from there, you could try and get your calories more spread out over time, taking each meal/snack as it comes, trying to gert closer to the target than comfortable each time. Little steps I can hopefully build on.

Hopefully that helps a little.


Weight Gain do you get cold AND hot Nov 03 2011
18:44 (UTC)

I get this quite a bit, especially when I'm lying down. And sometimes when I'm walking too, but not as often. Like I'll be sweaty but freezing. Weirdo metabolisms.

Foods Survey of Breakfasts! Nov 03 2011
18:43 (UTC)
Original Post by muchlinski:

Breakfast you have most often: english muffin spread with pb, 40g dorset cereal with milk, black coffee and peppermint tea

Breakfast you like to order at a restaurant/diner: big bowl of porridge made with soy milk and lots of dried fruit and agave syrup (vegan cafe I go to a lot - it's lovely).

Breakfast you make that takes the longest: birthday porridge (cooks all night on really really low) with lots of  berries, honey and yogurt mixed in in the morning

Quickest Breakfast you make: any cereal with any toasted stuff

Breakfast you love, but makes you sick: fried veggie sausage baguette - too good but makes me feel icky.

Breakfast that makes you feel the best (energy/mood): all-bran, banana and raisins with soy milk

Breakfast you'd like to try: suprisingly omlette - I've never had one and have no idea what it's like. I've never even had a fried egg.

Favorite Breakfast product from the store: dorset cereals obvs.

Breakfast food everyone loves, but you don't: bacon - absolutely hate it

Breakfast you ate as a child: smashed up weetabix with lots of sugar and warm milk

Dream Breakfast! Answer according to your mood right now: pastries and jams and butters and freshly ground coffee

Health & Support Recovery and digestion. Nov 03 2011
14:25 (UTC)

Thank you for all your advice. I am trying to cut back on fibre but I find it really difficult to find foods I like that are low fibre - though I have switched to white breads and pastas and rices. It's cereals, fruits and veggies which are my fibre vices.

I eat so much dairy though and am trying to increase my fats and don't drink diet coke anymore and have tons of peppermint tea and walk a lot and yoga a few times a week and I can say that, since keeping up the eating, the pain has practically gone. It's so much better. I think I just needed to keep the eating up really. Physically, I'm coping better.

Now I've just got to sort the mental out.. x.

Health & Support Goal weight? Pictures Nov 03 2011
14:21 (UTC)

Thanks for sll of this. I'm going to say it was a little triggering which is pretty hard, I know I was a little on the bigger side pre-ed, but I stopped having my period by my goal weight and am pretty scared that it might be unhealthy for me.

But it's my fault, I shouldn't have asked. I know everyone is trying to be positive and I'm grateful. And I know I shouldn't focus on the future too much. Obviously though, my ED is focusing on the negative stuff. I'm such an idiot.

Sorry x.

Weight Gain Ideas For More Protein? Nov 03 2011
14:17 (UTC)

If you like quorn, eat it. I personally don't like the taste but sometimes eat it anyway. Really good protein. If you want other sources, I tend to eat a lot of pulses and nuts and tofu. All good for protein and except for tofu you can add to almost all meals to help get your calories up. Tin of butter beans into a pasta sauce or something, or nuts on a salad, or in a stir fry or whatever. And lentils in soups and stews and stuff can really help. And all of this will just be add ons to your normal intake right now, upping your calories to a more suitable level for you. And on the tofu front - tofu scramble for breakfast is entirely yummy.

Don't worry if you're over or under on your macronutrients though - just eat what you crave and it that's mostly fats and dairy and sugar right now, just eat more of that. Your cravings will change as your body adjusts its needs. And sod "clean foods" - just eat what ever you like with no restricitions. All food is healthy when your body needs it and if it's telling you to eat it, your body needs it trust me x.

Weight Gain what would YOU eat? if you were YOU again :) Nov 03 2011
14:03 (UTC)

On a normal day, I would have

Breakfast - a big bowl of bran flakes (like 3 times the serving suggestion) with unsweetended aplro (I used to get through nearly a pint - no joke),

Snack - maybe some biscuits and a milky coffee

Lunch - a peanut butter sandwich with butter as well on crusty bread, a packet of crisps, an apple, a yogurt and a little lunchbox chocolate bar.

Snack - probably some toast and fruit with bares coffee

Dinner - thai grilled tofu, cashew, pepper and aubergine stirfry with coconut rice

And I'd probably be fine for the rest of the night. If not I'd make some more toast or have a bowl of weetabix or something. And always more coffee.

And on a special eating day

Breakfast - american style blueberry pancakes with soy yogurt and golden syrup and lots of berries with a whole load of coffee.

I probs wouldn't snack here though, but if I did it'd be a banana or something. And more coffee.

Lunch - hummus, falafel, tzatziki and roasted vegetable foccacia with a bg salad with tons of garlic and herb dressing. And a big glass of juice.

Snack - maybe some biscuits or some toast, though I'd probably be too full. And a lot of caffeine.

Dinner - My number one couscous - wholewheat couscous cooked in tinned tomatoes and coconut milk with lots of herbs and spices and almonds and apricot and raisins and chickpeas with a ton of roasted vegetables mixed in cooked in loads of olive oil. O my god this is so nice and I haven't made it in years. With homemade raisin and date chuntney (so quick, so sweet and so yummy). Always with lebanese/turkish bread for serious dipping. So filling, so fatty and so nice

Snack - really nice chocolates or truffles from charbonel et walker. Freshly ground coffee. Standard.

I wish I could eat like this now x.

Weight Gain Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? Oct 18 - Dec 1 Nov 01 2011
00:05 (UTC)

GUYS! It's hallowe'en. Lets see some festive eats people!

singingintherain Yuss! It really was so good. I was panfully shy at first but after a few drinks, I was fine. Dancing is the most fun I swear. What did you get up to that kept you in bed till so late eh?

anna BRAP BRAP on not counting calories. And the scale. Serious applause to you.

jsw83 Lolz. I know cheesecakes is lush. It wasn't the best though, only sainsburys freezer section. But still way nice. I will one day bake cheescake again and this time I will eat it and I will wow the world. And serious luck coming your way!

Hallowe'en Eats

Breakfast - Pumpkin pie porridge (35g oats, 150ml s.s.milk, 100g pumpkin, all pureed up last night, cinnamon, nutmeg ans ground ginger, 1/2 tbsp maple syrup); a white english muffin spread with crunchy whole earth peanut butter (468kcals).

Lunch - Homemade pumpkin and chilli soup; 2 small slices of white bread spread with 25g sweet chilli hummus; a yeo valley strawberry yogurt pot with 50g raspberries; peppermint tea (406kcals),

Snack (at Costa) - a medium skinny cinnamon latter; a spooky gingerbread george (397kcals).

Pre-dinner - Finished a pot of yeo valley blueberry yogurt - unmeasure calories! Not even in my total! I know it's not many calories but I have literally never done this.

Dinner - pumpkin, butterbean and leek risotto; 1 slice homebaked pumpkin bread spread with flora and 1/2 tbsp blueberry jam (542kcals).

Snack - 2 slices of homebaked pumpkin bread topped with 150g yeo valley natural yogurt, 60g chopped plum, 15g crushed pecans and 2 tsps maple syrup; an options white hot chocolate sachet (691kcals).

Total - 2,504 (plus the added little bit from the yogurt)

I seriously ate like a whole pumpkin and a bit today. So yummy!

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!


Health & Support would i fail if... Oct 31 2011
23:51 (UTC)

I'm going to quote you something from a book my dad has that was given to social workers and is very up to date and stuff.

"Patients and carers are often uncertain what weight to aim for. If you reflect on the minnesota study, the answer is clearly full weight (BMI 20-25 in adults). Without full weight restoration, people remain preoccupied with food and weight as the body continues to send messages to the brain that it needs more nourishment. The return of normal thinking and emotional functioning takes even longer, until the body can feel relaxed and the starvation has passed. The healthy body weight range in adults is between a BMI of 20 and 25 in most of the population, and this is approximately equiventant to 95-110% weight-for-height ratio for children.

There is good evidence from epidermological studies to suggest that this range is associated with the most health benefits, BMI 22-22.5 being ideal for health.

Some regard an 'ideal weight' as a subjective view: whatever the person feels happy with. The trouble is that anorexia is often associated with body-image distortion, which means that sufferers see themselves as bigger than they actually are. So, when overwhelmed by anorexia, people want an 'idela' weight that is incompatible wth normal functioning and thus maintains the illness.. You cannot let anorexia dictate what is a healthy weight because it will give you a distorted view with a dangerous answer.

In my clinical experience, for the majority of young people a minimum of 95% weight for height ration is necessary for the restoration of normal physical functioning...  In adults, this s approximately equivalent to a BMI of 20. Often when patients first hear this information they are horrified, because they believe this would be 'too big'. In fact, this is a slim but healthy body... It is important to bear in mind though that rebuilding musciles and bones will take longer than weight restoration... the body initially stores energy as fat tissue, and this can be anxiety provoking for the sufferer. Give yourselve time; this is a temporary phenomenon. The body will rebuild itself with time just as a result of normal activity."

From Anorexia Nervosa: Hope for Recovery; Dr A. Ayton; 2011; Hammersmith Press; p. 195-197

Theres my answer x.

Health & Support . Oct 31 2011
21:43 (UTC)

To be honest, I think it probably is detrimental. I ask people all the time but it's only to validate the idea that I want to be beautiful and that means being thin. Purely disordered thoughts. I think the only thing you can say when an ED person in recovery asks if they're thin still is "You look lovely, but I think a little more weight would suit you more" or something corny like that. Nothing about their weight, only that they should gain. It's what the boy says to me and he's the only person that can genuinely calm my ED self when I'm worried about looking fat. If someone tells me I'm thin I just think "Good. That's what I want - Why change? Here is fine"


Health & Support . Oct 31 2011
21:37 (UTC)

You entirely should be concentrating on yourself. Don't worry about it.

Also. HAPPY **** BIRTHDAY! You're seriously aces hun. Have a bloody fantastic year and enjoy being 18. You should go get riotously drunk and embarass yourself regardless. You've done absolutely brilliant so now you should go live a little. Bloody aces you are. Well done x.

Weight Gain Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? Oct 18 - Dec 1 Oct 30 2011
23:56 (UTC)

Did make my eats yesterday, but won't post them as it was done with alcohol because it was hallowe'en weekend and I decided to go out! I haven't drunk alcohol in about 9 months, maybe more. I haven't been out for probably just as long. I dressed up, danced and had a night like a normal 20 something girl! Score!

Today's Eats

Breakfsst - 35g steel cut oats, 50g plum, 150ml s.s.milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon; 110g 0% fage and 15g yeo valley fat free natural yogurt mixed with 50g peach, 50g raspberries, 15g flaked almonds and 1/2 tbsp honey; black coffee & peppermint tea (459kcals).

Snack - dorset date and pecan granola bar; an apple (247kcals).

Lunch - Leftover tagine; a wholemeal pitta; 125g yeo valley blueberry yogurt with 25g strawberries and 25g raspberries; peppermint tea (446kcals).

Dinner - spicy root vegetable, lentil and haricot bean casserole; 2 small slices of white bread; a slice of maple and walnut cheesecake; peppermint tea (682kcals).

Snack - 65g rude health honey nut granola with 20g dried cranberries and 150ml s.s. milk; kitkat chunky; camamile, honey and vanilla tea (666kcals).

Total - 2,500kcals

Hallowe'en tomorrow - hope you all have themed eats ready x.

Foods Pumpkin Oct 30 2011
12:37 (UTC)

This hallowe'en I'm going to have pumpkin pie porridge for breakfast, pumpkin loaf for snacks and roasted pumpkin and butter bean risotto for dinner. Last year it was pumpkin soup and pumpkin muffins. And I always roast the seeds in tons of paprkia and black pepper. I have recipes (ish) if you want them x.

Health & Support Addicted to diet coke? Oct 29 2011
12:45 (UTC)

I am a diet coke addict. I drink so much of it its ridiculous. Again, during ED it got worse and in recovery I suffer serious bloaing.

But last week, I bloated so much it hurt to move and my belly was in the most pain I just had to stop drinking it. I still crave it so much but it just hurts too much.

I think you need unbearable pain to kick the habbit. Then you just stop entirely as having it just makes you want it more. There is a thirst only diet coke can quench. It's seriously addictive. But now I hurt a lot less and my bloating has gone down so considerably. I don't think I've quit for life or anything, but just for now.

Couldn't have done it without the pain though. Seriously it was too much to bear. x.

Health & Support . Oct 29 2011
11:06 (UTC)

Oh and sunflower milk is really nice, good for calories and really cheap to make in bulk. And flapjacks are cheap and good for calories. And bake you own malt loaf and teacakes and stuff and you can pack them with dried fruit and they are really cheap and sweet and lovely. All of these things you can make in bulk and either last for ages or are totally freezeable. You can definately freeze indiviual cakes and muffins and stuff or slice big cakes and freeze them. Also, obvs you can do that with your own bread, plus bread baking is super therapuetic. Kneading is a good stress buster and the whole process is really easy, and doesn't take much time, but you have to wait a lot so it takes hours to make something so much better than you can buy in the stores. So satisfying.

Basically, I like to cook so I have a lot of recipes.


Health & Support . Oct 29 2011
11:01 (UTC)

Firstly - Work out dinners and maybe lunches depending on what you like to eat and when for say 4 days, then buy all your fruit and veg at green grocers/pound a bowl places. The quality is just as good as supermarkets, but they are often less regular in shape and size so don't transport as well which can lead to more bruises, plus they tend to be riper so they don't last as long. Only buy what you need and be willing to substitute if what you want isn't there. Then once you've made all your meals with them, see what's left and decide what you can do to use them up and olan again and buy any more vegetables. Turkish supermarkets tend to be well cheap as well and have so much veg I'd never heard of so it's also fun.

Also, I freeze fruit a lot. You can basically freeze all fruit. I buy huge amounts of peaches and plums and stuff then chop them up and freeze them. Cheaper to buy in bulk and then it lasts for ages, plus they are really good and quick for yogurt or cereal toppings. You can do it with veg too, but generally I'd rather cook the veg in bulk meals and freeze the meals.

Soup - If your ever stuck for a meal, soup is good. You can put any left over veg, getting a bit old veg, beans/lentils/pulses in it. Then freeze loads of it if you make to much. Basically, the freezer is your best friend.

Don't eat fake meat. Fake meat is really expensive. Use beans and lentils and stuff to get your protein. Also tofu from asian supermarkets is really cheap.

In fact, don't use big chain supermarkets as little as possible. Asian/turkish/caribbean etc supermarkets are your best friend and miles cheaper for everything. Especially for herbs and spices and stuff.

Oh and the 99p store has all this really weird imported cereals and biscuits and stuff, some of which are like super nice, some less nice. But many absolutely hilarious.

Lastly, for high caloriee cheap - bake and cook as much as you can. That way you have say over the ingridients so they can be what you like, cooking stuff seems expensive at first if you have to buy it in but is cheap due to bulk. Lots of olive oil and butter, breads and cakes and puddings and dinners. Like make your own fried rice - it calls for cooked rice (so leftovers), eggs and like any vegetables you have cooked in oil so it goes crispy. Tasty, good for using stuff up and all food groups covered. Or make you own english muffins - you can make like 20-25 for like 2 pound and they freeze well. Oh and polenta - cheap and you can load it with cheese and cream and olive oil with veggies and beans and stuff. Make your own peanut butter - it's really easy. I cook a lot of my stuff from scatch so I can give you some good recipes for the cheap tasty eating x.