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Hi all, My name is Michelle my friends call me Schell. I am 38 and loving life. I was born and raised in upstate NY moved to Savannah Ga. where I met my wonderful husband and now live in sunny Florida. When I met my husband I was 123 lbs and am now 140 yuk!! My goal is to get back in my old jeans but with a twist, this time instead of just being thin, I want some definition to show more bye bye arms or walking jiggles. I want abs to show off and arms to envy. Along the way I would like to learn how to eat healthy and get fit. For 2 years I have given my self every excuse there is for not losing weight,  but the truth is I was just afried I would fail so I didn't put forth the effort. well C-C has opened my eyes to that and for the first time I really feel empowered to change my body from the inside out!!
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