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The Lounge Do you love your job? Sep 23 2008
15:52 (UTC)

I have a part-time job doing what I LOVE: church ministry to the sick/hospitalized/homebound/grieving. I have about 200 grandmas and grandpas who adore me and I love them. I'd do anything for them... even work just part-time. I have to tutor in the evenings to make up some of the income loss but it's totally worth it.

I was at a church job before and lost it when the church had financial issues. I spent 6 months at a desk job as a call center representative. After 4 months I was burnt out, stressed, angry and hostile towards my superiors, severely depressed, and dealing with health issues. Quitting was the best thing I ever did for me even though there are financial struggles as a result. I know I did the right thing.

I love what I do and I'm good at it. I highly recommend doing what you can to do what you love. My husband sells computers during the day but runs a side business fixing them at night. Ideally, he'll get a tech job down the line but in the meantime he says this scratches that itch. If you don't find a way to fulfill your passion, you'll go crazy.

Recipes a yummy cake for pre-school kids? Sep 22 2008
22:52 (UTC)
Original Post by wsamemoon:

Original Post by kthompson92:

 Due to so many kids with allergies, our daughter's school only allows pre-packaged snacks that are on a pre-approved list. 

 yikeessss! didn't think of that! I'm new at this Wink ... she's my 1st..

Been a stepmom for 2 years and just getting the hang of this myself.  Just thought I'd caution you...

Recipes Halloween party food? Sep 22 2008
22:50 (UTC)

Peeled grapes make yummy eyeballs so you could make a fruit salad and figure out what other body parts/icky halloween things different fruits could be.  Hmmmm...

The Lounge who knows that you count calories? Sep 22 2008
22:46 (UTC)

Husband, daughter, doctor, other close family members and anyone who reads my facebook page.  I'm not ashamed and try to promote this site to anyone who will listen.  I've recommended it to friends (including 2 who are pregnant and struggling to gain weight) and family members.  It's great that my step-daughter knows (she's 8).  After dinner when I head for the computer she'll say, "going to log your food?"  That way, if I wasn't going to do that, it keeps me accountable.

Weight Loss 24 & Struggling Sep 22 2008
22:40 (UTC)

This should help you calcuate your BMR (what you'd burn lying in bed all day).

I'd go to the activity link on this site and find the type of weight lifting you do to calculate what you're burning from that. 

So, let's say your BMR is 1300, you burn 300 from exercising, and another 750 just from regular day-to-day stuff (walking, driving, cleaning, working, etc.).  That puts you at 2350 burned each day.  If you eat 1500-1800 calories/day, you should start to see a steady weight loss.  Plus, that allows a nice buffer so if one day you end up eating 2000, you still have a noticeable deficit.  I find if I shoot for 1800/day, I don't feel so bad if I eat 2000 because I know I've still burned off something.

Other things to pay attention to- are you getting enough water (minimum 64 oz./day) and are you getting enough fiber (minimum 25 g/day)?  These things will help too.

The Kashi with milk is one of my favorite breakfasts too.  Consider adding some flaxseed to it for extra fiber.  The peanut butter toast is good as well for the protien.  When I have Kashi, I usually follow it up with a laughing cow cheese (70 calories) because I need lots of protein in the morning or by 10 AM, I'm asleep at my desk.

Recipes a yummy cake for pre-school kids? Sep 22 2008
22:32 (UTC)

Not to put a damper on this thread ('cause it's a good one) but are you sure your daughter's school allows homemade baked goods?  Due to so many kids with allergies, our daughter's school only allows pre-packaged snacks that are on a pre-approved list.  So, you may want to double check.

Also, you could consider something fun like pencils and erasers or small party favors for the kids instead of treats.  Just a thought.  That said, here's my contribution:

Oatmeal Jam Squares-
A tasty bar cookie. To cut calories/sugar, just use sugar-free jam or preserves!!


2 cups oats 1 3/4 cups whole wheat flour 18 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 cup flaxseed meal 1 teaspoon cinnamon 3/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 2 cups strawberry jam


  1. Combine all ingredients except jam in a large mixing bowl.

  2. Beat at low speed until crumbly.

  3. Reserve 2 c. mixture and press remaining into bottom of greased 13 x 9 baking pan. Scramble jam with fork to make it easier to spread. Spread over base and sprinkle with reserved mixture.

  4. Bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown at 400 degrees.
Weight Loss Newbie here! Never counted calories before... Sep 22 2008
22:20 (UTC)

It's hard to say if this is reasonable or not without more info.

How old are you?  How much do you need to lose?  Other than going to the gym, how active are you?  When you do go to the gym, how much are you doing?

Try to calculate how much you burn each day and then keep you calorie deficit in the 500-1000 range.  This should help you lose easily.

Weight Loss 24 & Struggling Sep 22 2008
20:07 (UTC)

Welcome, cheslaw.  It sounds like you have great eating and exercise habits.  Most people here will report the safest way to lose as well as the easiest way to lose is to maintain a calorie deficit from 500-1000 calories/day. 

It sounds like you  might be really low on calories compared to what you're burning so you're metabolism might be stuck.  Make breakfast your largest meal of the day and get the bulk of your carbs (healthy ones, mind you!) during that meal.  This gets your metabolism going for the day. 

Try to count how many calories you're getting each day as well as how many you are burning.  The difference should be in the 500-1000 range and those last few pounds should fall off fairly easily.

Good luck!

Health & Support Plantar fasciitis? Sep 22 2008
19:42 (UTC)

Well, I've been wearing the Dr. Scholl's heel pain inserts for about 4 days now, icing, stretching, and taking prescription strength amount of naproxin.  My father-in-law is a pharmacist and he confirmed a safe dosage for me.  Naproxin (alleve) is often considered better for soft tissue injuries than ibuprofen.  The pain is definitely LESS than it was so I am encouraged by that. 

Going to wait on walking and my DDR.  I've recently taken up skeet shooting so I am going to stick to an arm routine right now since my feet need to heal and need to bulk up my arms. 

Doc appt. in 3 weeks so hopefully I'll be ok.  As long as things don't get worse, I think I can wait to see her.

Thanks everyone and thread hijacking in the form of helpful info is ALWAYS welcome ser25!

Foods Help! Huge Breakfast! Sep 22 2008
15:34 (UTC)

Breakfast should always be your largest meal of the day anyhow.  I wouldn't feel too guilty since you're more likely to work it off over the course of the day.  Walk a mile or two at some point today if you feel that bad and try to ease up on yourself.  The occasional splurge has never killed a diet and if it was a healthy, balanced breakfast, I'd worry even less.

Health & Support Plantar fasciitis? Sep 22 2008
13:51 (UTC)
Original Post by smwhipple:

Just because your husband lost his job does not necessarily mean that you've lost your insurance. I found out the first time that I switched full time employment that at least in California you are eligible to sign up for COBRA insurance for up to three months after the date of your employment separation. If you need to use it, you pay for the premiums for the entire period of time or you can try to go the three months without the COBRA to save the money.

I used to work for a payroll/benefits company and am familiar with COBRA.  However, it would cost us about $800/month to keep our insurance.  We cannot afford that and will only sign up for COBRA if we encounter a medical emergency in the next 3 weeks.

The Lounge Three Good Women To Shoot Sep 22 2008
03:47 (UTC)

If I lived in Montreal, I would TOTALLY be there. Went clay shooting yesterday and had SO much fun.

Actually, in the good old US of A I was able to take a FREE class.  4 hours- 2 in the classroom, 2 on the range.  They provided guns, ammo, everything. 

Weight Loss Is this okay? Sep 22 2008
03:44 (UTC)
Original Post by fairydust125:

is pistacchio nuts okay to eat before i go to sleep? i am eating some as i type lol they are so good!

Nuts are almost always a good choice!

I didn't realize you were vegetarian.  I'll have to start thinking of some other good, late night snacks.  I'm fond of graham crackers.  Yes, they're carbs but they have lots of fiber too.  And it's better for me than the cookies I used to eat. :)

When in doubt, just go with fruits and veggies.  I could type and eat carrot or celery sticks all night long.

Weight Loss Is it really possible that I'm not eating enough??? Sep 22 2008
02:58 (UTC)
Original Post by aloha_leilani06:

Quoted text deleted

These are the types of habits that lead to eating disorders.  Losing more than 2 pounds a week unless you're extremely obese and under doctor's orders/guidance is not healthy or recommended. 

You really need to re-read the rules of this site before posting again.

Weight Loss Is this okay? Sep 22 2008
02:42 (UTC)

If you're typing this, you must know on some level this isn't enough food even if you don't feel hungry.  If you're that active you should be aiming for about 1800.  You don't want your metabolism to get stuck and decide to stop working as well.  Try eating a larger breakfast.  Breakfast should be your largest and most carb-laden meal of the day as this will rev up your metabolism to work all day for you.  If you find you're running low on calories towards the end of the night, have something without much carbs.  A few slices of lean turkey will fill you up and help you get to sleep. 

Good luck!

The Lounge Rant of the day: I hate when you plant your kids outside the store and have them ask me for money Sep 22 2008
00:02 (UTC)

My kid goes to private school, I work at a church and I CAN'T STAND THIS.  We're constantly involved in fund raisers but I REFUSE to ask people I don't know to buy whatever my kid is hocking next.  That said, we also LET her take no for an answer.  For instance, Girl Scout cookie time, we left voice mails at a bunch of friend's and family's homes.  We said, "Call by X date if you want cookies.  If you're not interested, sorry we bothered you."  Many of them called back wanting to order but then we didn't feel bad because they were essentially asking us.  Plus, it's not an outright donation.

Even worse than the  ones outside the store are the ones collecting money at traffic lights.  I'll give to the firemen when they're doing the MDA boot collection but that's about it.  Nothing worse than being stuck at a long light and having to roll up your windows and stare straight ahead just trying not to make eye contact with those greedy bastards. 

Anyhow, whether it's selling stuff, a car wash, or just begging for money we try to keep our family out of that stuff in public.  UGH. 

The Lounge What you cant stand about CC Sep 21 2008
23:01 (UTC)

I also get frustrated with people who just post in any forum without paying attention to where their thread SHOULD go.  Don't get on weight loss or motivation and ask how to GAIN 10 pounds.  Don't go to fitness to ask about your gall bladder problem.  The forums are pretty well explained and you'll get better answers if you post in the community designed to help with that particular issue.  Is it that hard, people?

(steps off of soapbox)

Fitness Female needing to build chest/arm strength (for shotgun shooting) Sep 21 2008
22:54 (UTC)
Original Post by alicephilippa:

Lots of repetitions of light weights to build stamina and tone, rather than few reps at heavy weights, which I've always been taught will build bulk

Define light.  2 or 3 lbs?  5?  What is considered heavy?  10?

Sorry- I just don't know much about weights and I want to do right by my body from the get go.

The Lounge Fun mini-game to kill time with :D Sep 21 2008
20:54 (UTC)

Oh, lorik, I am SCREWED.  I'm going to get NOTHING done the rest of the day now and it's all your fault.  Laughing

The Lounge What you cant stand about CC Sep 21 2008
20:46 (UTC)

I do get frustrated by people who don't take the time to read and understand the basics (what a healthy BMI is, how many calories they should be eating, what a healthy deficit is) and then post absolutely FREAKING OUT because they aren't losing weight.

I think more should be done to ban users who are posting inappropriately (ie. seeking out help to remaining anorexic, bulimic, etc.) to force them to get better help.

I also agree that some people on this site are annoying (heck- some people here probably can't stand me.  Oh well) but I just try to avoid their threads and come here for what I come here for- support, helpful advice, and encouragement.