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The Lounge So much cooler on-line?... Sep 10 2009
03:56 (UTC)

Some people post a lot because their work place enables them to surf the web and do whatever during off-time. That doesn't mean they're socially inept, that just means they're bored and the more exciting websites are blocked ;D.

As for myself, I float in and out forums depending on how I feel. Also, depending on where I am, I will adjust my grammar accordingly. When I'm playing MMORPGs, I'll use a lot of "omgs", "looollllllls", ":D :D :D."

I'm not really a lot cooler online...I don't pretend to be, and certainly don't imagine I come off that way. 


Foods That time of the year again.... Sep 04 2009
07:02 (UTC)

We love to eat pumpkin in savory dishes too, like stir-fry, and in soups. Try the kabocha pumpkin!

The Lounge Political theory Sep 04 2009
06:57 (UTC)
Original Post by class_matters:

Umm... that isn't anarchism.  That's chaos.  Anarchism is about a different type of social organization.  Check out the Anarchist FAQ if you would like to learn more.

I know very little about political theories in general, being a scientist and not having taken those courses, and using 'anarchism' in the context I usually heard it used. The link is enlightening, and now I know better than to assume lack of state = lack of gov't.

The Lounge Poor or priviledged or in between Sep 04 2009
02:26 (UTC)

Grew up poor. Result? Terrified of poverty, thus, racking up degrees to stave it off. Will it work? Who knows.

The Lounge Political theory Sep 04 2009
02:17 (UTC)
Original Post by maxx86:

  In fact, individuals in complex civilizations will have greater freedoms that those living in simple civilizations. so? 

The way I interpreted it, the more complex civilization is, the more responsibilities and duties we owe to each other. Take a state of anarchy, where you could essentially kill anyone with no repercussions. Take modern civilization, where there is a system that attempts to restrict this 'freedom'.

You can say we have 'freedom of speech' but this likewise isrestricted in a variety of ways, not just through government, but also contracts between parties.  

But, yes, "MUST" is a tricky word :)

The Lounge Hair extensions - yes or no Sep 04 2009
01:38 (UTC)

Have you considered wigs? I have a friend with thinning hair and she carries off wigs pretty well. Just make sure the wig is not an unnatural color and it should be fine.

The Lounge House Sep 02 2009
23:59 (UTC)
Original Post by frokusblakah:

Original Post by kbella24:

I live in Italy, and our cable service only has up to season 3 in English.  I haven't actually looked at what they have it in Italian, but it isn't nearly as funny in Italian.  The jokes get changed and Hugh Laurie is just too funny to dub over.  Frown

 You could always download it!  =O

There are plenty of places you can purchase and download it online if you have a problem with piracy.  I don't actually watch it on T.V., I've always watched it at my own leisure on my computer.  :P

Doesn't have House on it? I'm not sure if it's new or not though. 

The Lounge What is the strangest thing you have ever seen in your gym? Aug 31 2009
23:18 (UTC)
Original Post by laura916:

that would bring new meaning to the idea of carb "loading"

Unforgivably corny! (I lol-ed :P)

The Lounge I sold my macbook. Aug 31 2009
23:13 (UTC)

You can try Facebook...make a note or I think there's a nifty "Marketplace" application.

The Lounge I'm having a quarter life crisis (threatened by younger girls) Aug 28 2009
00:52 (UTC)
Original Post by dreamofbeingthin:

 Are you saying you're 17 years old?

Honestly, I don't know how I get sucked into this. I was doing fine at the old campus, i also think the weight gain within the past couple of years also has something to do with it. When I was thinner, I was just confident being me, and I liked the versatility in clothing choices. Now, I am heavier, getting a bit older, and feeling incredibly insecure that its driving me crazy. I seriously can't wait until this semester is over with

I don't know how I get sucked into this mess, feel insecure and threatened by the other younger pretty girls on campus. I see the eyes darting over at each other, other girls sizing each other up (some even me) and I feel like I need to dress better, look better to feel validated

I absolutely love how you make 24 years old sound so...old. I'm 24 this year, and frankly, I don't feel particularly old. Sure I'll go start rambling about what the teenyboppers are doing now-a-days, but it is really all in jest. Rejoice in your age. You know better than to drink into a stupor at some random guy's apartment. And you should know better than to wear tops that are "half off."

Also, are you sure you're not projecting your insecurities when you see girls "sizing each other up"? I know it happens, but not very often on the campuses I've been attending. Do something to up your confidence - work out, dress better, make sure your hair is neat before you step out.

Someone told me that 30s are the new 20s (and 40s are the new 30s). So chill out - it's going to be a long ride and there's still lots of fun to be had...

Fitness Question about calories burned Aug 27 2009
19:28 (UTC)

Aww c'mon...nothing? No personal experiences from people with heart rate monitors and plateaus (or lack thereof)?

The Lounge I need your stats...EVERYONE PLEASE READ AND RESPOND Aug 25 2009
23:24 (UTC)

1. 22.8

2. Female

3. 6

4. 0

5. 24

The Lounge Interested in protesting math? Aug 25 2009
00:32 (UTC)

I agree, let's get rid of it. The thought of math makes me miserable :(

The Lounge dialup connection Aug 24 2009
23:36 (UTC)

Your computer WON'T know which local #s to dial. Also, even if you wrote down which phone numbers it was dialing, you would no longer be able to log onto their network to use their service. 

Though I gotta say, $16 is steep for dial-up. For $25, I have AT&T DSL. If you want to continue to pick dial-up, I've seen prices as low as $5, so you should definitely shop around.

The Lounge People Just Wanna Complain... Leave Your Droppings Here. Aug 24 2009
01:13 (UTC)

My complaint is about spending money for school, specifically, $500 for textbooks. Even worse, having a professor who uploads that we need a required textbook 3 days before the first day of class, the day that he has posted readings from said book. Jerkface.

Also, I was unable to watch Wicked (which I've been meaning to watch for YEARS) because the free tickets were for today, the show was 200 miles away, and I was too busy prepping for the first week of school.

I'm broke, the financial aid refund check hasn't been mailed, my laptop isn't here, I don't have time to work out, and my fish tank is growing algae.


Fitness Question about calories burned Aug 22 2009
08:08 (UTC)

How about relating this not to distance, or mph, but rather heart rate.

Say when I began my fitness routine I aimed for a target heart rate of 160 bpm (and got around that vicinity according to my HRM). Six months later, I am doing the same, identical workout, with increased resistance to get to my target heart rate of 160 bpm. 

Yes, I have become more efficient (thus the need to increase resistance), but I am still burning the calorie amount my HRM is telling me, right? 

I guess, more precisely, is energy expenditure for an individual pretty much a direct correlation with heart rate?

The real question that is bugging me: Can maintaining a sufficiently high heart rate (and thus calorie burn) help prevent plateaus seen from the phenomenon of the human body adapting to workouts?

Theoretically of course, as I am assuming you're not going to throw empirical data at me. But that would be nice :D

The Lounge Anyone in their 20s and never had a real relationship?? Aug 22 2009
07:48 (UTC)
Original Post by running_yogi:

how 'bout this one for ya: anyone in their 20's still living at home with their parents...? Embarassed

Yep. In my circle of college friends, yes it is weird. Amongst my cousins, and fellow Asian-American friends, no it's not so much. Also, according to random crap I read on the Internets, it is becoming more and more common. 

The Lounge Pet Peeves Aug 21 2009
03:22 (UTC)
Original Post by gddrdld:


9. Women who insist on still doing their hair and dressing like its know who you are...or maybe you don't and that's the problem? News flash- the 80's was a great decade for music and movies...bad for fashion!

Not that I ever liked the style, I hear 80s fashion is coming back.

Err, I guess I'll just share 1 pet peeve. Please don't wear your shoes on my carpet. It really, really, really annoys me.

The Lounge Best Self-Tanners? Aug 10 2009
05:21 (UTC)

I have tried Jergens' Medium (I'm a fairly pale Asian), but couldn't stand the smell after a while. So if you're gonna buy it, pop the top open and take a great big whiff first. Keep breathing it in, because that smell seems to linger forever. 

I couldn't get it to work because I wasn't very religious at applying it. But it does seem to work for the others here. 

The Lounge Beauty Question--Eye makeup allergy Jun 12 2009
01:34 (UTC)

I was reading in a magazine that your eyes start to get less hydrated in your 30s. Of course, I don't know how old you are and this came from a magazine. Just throwing ideas out.