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The Lounge New Dog Nov 17 2009
00:54 (UTC)

I was just playing a random game where I could name a puppy, and I ended up going with Toby. Soo...there's my suggestion :)

The Lounge UPDATED re Claire - Post from FaceBook/ Nov 17 2009
00:49 (UTC)

I am continuously amazed by the magic of the wishes to Claire.

The Lounge Mac Painting Program? Nov 17 2009
00:47 (UTC)

Gimp should be free.

The Lounge What scary movies should I rent? Nov 01 2009
17:51 (UTC)
Original Post by dnrothx:

The Last Unicorn

What?! Unless we're thinking about completely different movies...the Last Unicorn wasn't that scary - I loved it as a kid, and still do!

The Lounge Anyone seen Paranormal Activity? Nov 01 2009
17:48 (UTC)

Not really that scary. Not sure where the hype came from.

The Lounge boy problems! confusion! ahhhhh! Oct 24 2009
14:49 (UTC)
Original Post by moodymomma1977:

Original Post by dnrothx:

Two words:  Kill Talia.

 i'll do it!!  how much moneh you got?

*fumbles around in her stash of poisons*

oh... and how you want me to do it?

*puts scope on her gun and polishes her baby ever-so-gently*

Haha...I got an image of Stephen Colbert and Sweetness!

The Lounge Do you see it? Oct 13 2009
00:33 (UTC)
Original Post by looseymoose:

Do I just live in an incredibly unrepresentative area?

What's your socio-economic background? Minorities and those of lower socioeconomic statuses are disproportionately affected by obesity rates. So it is entirely possible you live in an unrepresentative area.  

The Lounge Taking Notes on the News Oct 11 2009
20:01 (UTC)

Out of curiosity, why are you taking notes on the news? If I ever needed to remember something from the news, locally, nationally, or globally, I'd probably just Google it online and be able to find it. It seems, as you pointed out, kind of pointless.

If you're trying to retain the information by using tactile learning methods, then maybe you can employ highlighters as you're reading, or taking notes in the margins of newspapers. Or, try discussing what you read immediately afterwards with someone else. That will usually do the trick for me. 

The Lounge My religion class is making me question my religion Oct 07 2009
08:06 (UTC)
Original Post by se1289:

Original Post by jewelsmcblah:

Yay!  A Churchy asking the questions she should have been asking all along!  You've made my day!Laughing

Wait till you get into comparative religion and you find out that all the biblical myths have been "done" before by other gods predating the Christian god(s).  Exciting stuffs!

 I already  know about other religions that are crazy Zoroastrianism

and I was never "churchy" but I do believe.

Cararie and Biatchita : yall really gave some helpful advice and some good things to think about so thanks.

And Jackattack..I dont think it is technology and spread of info that is making people disbelieve, its the now adays socity rule that its okay to have lots of sex, drink, do drugs, blah blah. THey'd rather live that FUN life then have to follow rules in the bible. But sex drink and drugs doesnt bring anything good to your life long term like God can

But I dont want to turn this into a big religion debate.

Morality exists without the Bible, God, or 'belief'. I opt not to 'have lots of sex, drink [irresponsibly], do drugs, etc' without following a book. I'm not turning this into a religion debate, but it seems like you're generalizing atheists/agnostics as such, and that's just incorrect. 

The Lounge My religion class is making me question my religion Oct 07 2009
02:09 (UTC)
Original Post by se1289:

So I transferred to a Methodist College where classes on the Old Testament is required the first semester and class on the New Testament is required in the second semester.

The more I read the bible and the more it is exapliend to me by my teacher, the more I am questioning

Education is all about questioning and the inquisitive mind. So I'm glad the college is getting you thinking into about this stuff. 

The Lounge Proof: Friends aren't always friends Oct 06 2009
23:09 (UTC)

It's not bad, and nor is it terribly addictive either. I've had ones at a fair where they dipped entire slices of bacon into chocolate, and also the Vosges ones where there were just bits of bacon in a bar. 

Calorie wise, they're not aren't that bad for you. I imagine it's no worse than eating just plain chocolate. 

Fried oreos, now that's a fair food I can get behind :D

The Lounge Redheads Unite!!!! Oct 01 2009
04:33 (UTC)

I was an artificial red-head for a while and loved it. I gave up on it b/c I'm far too lazy to keep up with the roots. Love red hair though!

The Lounge graduation gift/money Oct 01 2009
04:31 (UTC)
Original Post by splitrail:

Cash just strikes me as being a rather crass gift.

Better to actually buy the drugs and wrap them up nicely.  It shows that you really put some thought into it.

You think that by itself is crass? I got e-vited to a graduation party where it explicitly said: "Cash donations are preferred over presents.
If you are unable to come, but would still like to send a present, my address is as follows: XXXXX" I'm not even that close to her! 


The Lounge is anybody else addicted to the TrueBlood series? Sep 29 2009
00:19 (UTC)
Original Post by nasuoni:

If anyone can kidnap Godric for me, I'll owe you something really shiny ;)

Only if you find me an Eric :)

The Lounge is anybody else addicted to the TrueBlood series? Sep 28 2009
23:57 (UTC)
Original Post by darwinsfrog:
 It's made me gain weight, too, sadly.  I have to watch it everynight with a big bowl of popcorn, instead of going to the gym or taking the dog for a long walk.  

I load up my favorite shows on my iPod and jump on the elliptical as I watch them. Best way to work out without continuously staring at the clock!

The Lounge Help me out here... Sep 23 2009
04:08 (UTC)

I'll have to keep it in mind to listen. I realize I sometimes fall into the trap of continuously firing off questions. 

Thanks for the great advice, everyone :)!

The Lounge CC needs a chat room Sep 20 2009
06:01 (UTC)

IRC is probably too old-school and technical for CC. I've been using it for a good seven years and I only know of like...3 commands. I love IRC but...I vote for a browser-based one! :)

The Lounge I would try this out with my kids, if I had any... Sep 19 2009
23:27 (UTC)
Original Post by moodymomma1977:

"we're eating more marshmallows than we're producing"  lol

I thought the little Colombian girl was SOO adorable!!  Loved how she sniffed the life out of that marshmallow, hehe.

so cute!  thanks for sharing  :)

Haha...I think she's the one that hollowed out the inside and tried to pass it off...sneaky ;)

The Lounge New Puppy -need name Sep 15 2009
03:53 (UTC)

My cousin found a kitten last week and christened him "Lord Thunderstorm." 

The Lounge Serious Problems..need advice and help Sep 11 2009
05:22 (UTC)
Original Post by anonomyss:

I think I have personality problems. I've takin online test after online test (and not facebook or myspace..but from websites that have info on disorders and ask questions..similar to ones I have takin before at a physicatrists office). and they all say I have this and that and that. Like I said, I've been to a pshyciatrist before but that was court ordered when I was 15.

From someone who has dabbled in mental health studies, just about anyone and everyone will fulfill the reqs for some kind of DSM-IV diagnosis. They have a lot of disorders in there.

And you think you're not normal, but a lot of 20-year-olds experience the same things you feel. A friend of mine, around your age, is amongst the most cheerful, fun, outgoing people I know, and he sees a therapist. So relax, your feelings of being 'not normal' is actually...quite normal.