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Weight Loss Water intake Feb 02 2013
15:41 (UTC)

Do you drink a lot of other fluids? (Other than coffee.) You might try substituting water for anything else you drink. I drink a lot of water, 5 or 6 pint glasses a day, and don't usually have the problem of the water sloshing around in my tummy, because I'm usually very thirsty when I drink it. Just a thought.

My sister doesn't like to just drink water so she got a Soda Stream and makes all her water carbonated and adds lemon or lime. That could help you too. Good luck!

Weight Loss Need a hug and pat on the back... Anyone? Jan 27 2013
04:16 (UTC)

LOTS of hugs and pats on the back for you! Good luck, it's a difficult journey but TOTALLY worth it. :-)


Recipes Potluck Veggies Dec 28 2012
15:59 (UTC)

I'm always a fan of green bean casserole--usually people only get to eat it on holidays so it's kinda fun for a potluck.

Weight Loss Why wait for New Years? Dec 11 2012
16:11 (UTC)

For December, and the rest of my life, I resolve to practice spreading light and love and being a beacon of happiness for everyone I meet. Wish me luck! Laughing

Motivation Can't seem to get going Dec 01 2012
16:11 (UTC)

I get why you're so exhausted! I have a similar problem. I finally started taking three 10-minute breaks at work and taking walks on those breaks (I call them my non-smoking breaks). It gets me 30 minutes of exercise and doesn't interrupt anything except my work day. Hopefully you can do something like this too... Good luck!!!

Motivation My scale... is a liar Nov 26 2012
18:07 (UTC)

I ALWAYS weigh more at the doctor's office! I finally decided to just add 5 lbs to whatever my scale says whenever I go in so there's not so much "sticker shock." That could have been what happened to you, too.

And hey, if your starting weight was measured on your scale and your end weight was also measured on your scale, you really did lose 25 lbs--the math is the same no matter what your doctor's scale says now. If your starting weight was measured at the dr. you maybe lost 35 lbs. Smile

Motivation Motivation from a dear friend... Nov 19 2012
16:57 (UTC)

Thank you--I love this!!!

Foods What is your Favorite Christmas Food(s) Traditions? Nov 14 2012
22:14 (UTC)
Original Post by smithteamracing:

 But the very best part is spending time with friends & family.

You are so right!!! This is the very best part for sure. 

Foods What is your Favorite Christmas Food(s) Traditions? Nov 14 2012
17:29 (UTC)

My favorite Christmas food tradition is my homemade peanut butter cups. They are AWESOME and everyone loves them--I can make 60 and they're gone in a week. 

My family also really loves Monkey Rolls--I make them for every holiday and they're really delicious. No calories whatsoever, of course.

Motivation Habitual Fast-Food Oct 25 2012
18:27 (UTC)
Original Post by pzzytat:

Eating fresh veggies and lean meats IS expensive.  I am on a fixed income, and I guarantee you it is much more expensive (at least $1 per lb.) to buy 90% vs. 80% ground beef, for example.  It isn't very often that I can afford to go beyond bread, pasta, peanut butter, jelly hot dogs, and lunchmeats to provide for my husband and I. It has even gotten so bad economically, that we have to get $1 Banquet TV dinners to eat at least twice a week.

All this, and I am supposed to keep my calories down to 1500 per day.  My carbs and sodium usually go through the roof every day!  I meet my calories every day, but I pay for it with no energy, depression and constant bowel problems.

So, anyone, I feel, who says it isn't expensive to eat healthy must be able to AFFORD to eat better.  More power to them...I am treading water here, with 200 lbs. still to lose.

Frozen veggies are pretty cheap, way cheaper than fresh ones, and they supposedly retain their nutritional value through the freezing process. Dried beans and rice are also very inexpensive. Potato flakes (instant mashed potatoes) are also very cheap and filling. Actually, real potatoes are very cheap too--I've seen them for $.47 for a 5 lb bag and they're usually under $2 for a 5 lb bag. You can make a baked potato in your microwave in about 5 minutes (make sure to pierce it first!).

Those Banquet TV dinners may only be $1, but there's not much food there--definitely not enough to fill me up. You'd be better off spending that dollar on a package of Pasta Roni (it's still processed but at least there's something there). You could buy a package of stroganoff for $1 (or less, these usually go on sale for about $.80) and cook it with that 80% ground beef and both of you could eat really well. Or, sautee a chicken breast (buy a big package when they're on sale for less than $2/lb and freeze them individually) then add one package of fettucine alfredo and some frozen peas and you've got a meal that will fill up both of you and it cost like $3.50 (assuming you use half the package of peas). You'll still have high sodium as long as you eat processed food but this should give you more options.

Good luck!

Motivation Habitual Fast-Food Oct 25 2012
18:17 (UTC)

Every fast food restaurant has at least some healthy option (even McDonalds--they have exactly two, the fruit & walnut salad and the side salad). Wendy's has baked potatoes and their salads are really good. Taco Bell (my favorite) has a lot of healthy options, actually--you can get most of their items fresco and they leave off the cheese and sour cream. Also, if you eat a lot of beans it will fill you up, so the cheap bean burritos are great. Arby's has a lot of healthy options, too, but they are more expensive than the other places. Subway makes some good sandwiches, although we all know that breads have a lot of calories.

Good luck!

Foods Caffeine Questions Oct 17 2012
14:53 (UTC)

I drink about 1/3 pot of coffee each day, and lately my heart has been hurting a little. Just a little, not so much that it's stopping me in my tracks or anything, but I'm starting to think it may be due to the caffeine. I'm reluctant to stop drinking coffee but it may be time to switch to decaf. 

The Lounge The things we do for love (or sex) Oct 04 2012
22:32 (UTC)
Original Post by barbarjinx:

Vanilla is ok.  If you had an "I can't believe I did that" moment, then it WAS a big deal to you.

Everyone is different. :o)

But if you don't want to share in on online forum, I get that. :o)

LOL let's just say it involved a family reunion and a baby monitor. Sealed

The Lounge The things we do for love (or sex) Oct 04 2012
19:33 (UTC)

LOL I'm not even sure I want to share my story... it's pretty vanilla I guess but still was momentous for me. Embarassed

Motivation question about dashboard Oct 02 2012
14:53 (UTC)

The people who support you get an email notifying them of your report when you submit, whether or not you eat enough calories, so that's another way to get that motivation.

The feed on the first page changes with what reports people like/comment on the most--so, when more people were liking your report, it stayed on the feed longer. Otherwise there have been times when I've submitted a report and gone immediately to the feed and it wasn't there--it was on like the third page down.

Good luck to you! Hang in there and enjoy your journey to good health. Smile

Health & Support never full? Sep 20 2012
22:27 (UTC)
Original Post by almondmilkyusogood:

i cant just eat people. 

No one is asking you to eat people. We are only asking you to eat food. Tongue out

And probably seek professional help too--not being able to eat without hating yourself is another big symptom of an eating disorder.

Recipes Gluten Free - Not by Choice Aug 12 2012
21:27 (UTC)

Ooh, thanks--will try! I have like 4 giant zukes on my counter--our plant is very prolific--so this sounds like a great use of them. Smile

The Lounge The great wine debate Aug 10 2012
18:16 (UTC)
Original Post by weirdfish:


And one of my son's nicknames is "Half-Off Beer Night."

OMG this is awesome! Laughing

I care about the keyboard shortcut--I use these too, especially alt+0151.

Recipes Gluten Free - Not by Choice Aug 09 2012
18:43 (UTC)

Mmm, sounds good!

I've never stuffed zucchini but have done yellow summer squash stuffed with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, chicken broth/white wine, etc., and baked it until everything was cooked. I bet your recipe is even better!

The Lounge The great wine debate Aug 09 2012
17:05 (UTC)

TinyNTough, I meant in no way to insinuate that you personally have an alcohol problem. I would like to clarify that I meant the part about consumption as a comment on healthy lifestyle. Some people can drink every day and not be attached to the alcohol and have a healthy relationship; other people may only drink once or twice a week and have an unhealthy attachment to those drinks. I think the attachment part is the potentially unhealthy part of drinking wine every day.

And you're right, a standard pour at a restaurant is 5.5 or 6 ounces.