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Foods iron and calcium??? Apr 01 2016
12:39 (UTC)

A good low-calorie source of iron is beans.  I eat a lot of lentil vegetable soup and am usually getting enough iron from that alone.  

Foods Anyone take apple cider vinegar? Apr 01 2016
12:34 (UTC)

I recent a recent article that suggest that taking some apple cider vinegar before eating some carb-heavy meals can help lower the glycemic index, which is why people may feel that it aids in weight loss: well-apple-cider-vinegar/

I personally don't drink it -- acidic foods bother my stomach and they're bad for your teeth.  If you do want to try drinking it, you definitely need to dilute it in water. 

Foods How to increase iron? Apr 01 2016
12:28 (UTC)

Dried beans are also a good source - you could eat a lot of lentils or lentil soup. If you wanted to add supplements, though, I think you could maybe try taking them a couple times a week to see how they affect you.  

Fitness Any other bicyclists (women) have this problem? Mar 04 2012
04:28 (UTC)

Wear bike shorts - real bike shorts, from the cycling section of a sporting goods store.  You can get padded ones.  Do not wear underwear with them or you'll chafe.  A lot of people don't know that you're not supposed to wear undies with them.

Weight Loss Why am I urinating so much? Mar 06 2011
02:04 (UTC)

The slower you drink water, the longer it stays with you.  If you're gulping down glasses of water, that may be why you're peeing it out 15 mins later. 

Fitness Red face after running! Jan 14 2010
05:55 (UTC)
Original Post by queenofcouture:

LOL I know I am bumping an old thread, but I just wanted to add that I suffer from the very same problem. I didn't realize what a tomato face I'd turned into until I looked in the mirror one day. Does anyone know why this is? Perhaps I'm not fit enough? Maybe the more I exercise the less I will suffer from 'red face syndrome'?


lol.. me, too. (and i also have low blood pressure).  I think it does have to do with circulation - mine has always turned red, even when i was very fit.  the harder i work out and the faster my heartbeet, the redder it gets.  but getting a bit more in shape help some - i assume because you don't need to work as hard.

Fitness Glucose Tablets Jan 14 2010
05:39 (UTC)
Original Post by bmx419:

I've never heard of this either. I thought glucose tablets were for diabetics??

yeah, they raise your blood sugar... though maybe eating those kind of sounds a little like eating sports gels.


If it's for a daily workout, it seems a bit excessive.  Maybe it would be better to run a little slower until you build up more endurance?  There's no shame in getting tired.

Fitness Fat AND muscular....... what to do?? Jan 14 2010
05:21 (UTC)

First of all, your legs really aren't flabby.  But if you want firmer inner thighs, do some strength training exercises for those muscles - not lunges or squats.

Usually at gyms, they have those hip abductor machines where you sit upright, move your legs far apart, and then press them together - those are the muscles I'm talking about (not your quads).  You definitely don't have to use that type of machine to target that muscle, of course.  I'm not good at explaining them, but there are a lot of pilates exercises where you lie on your back and do leg circles that really target that area.

Fitness Lack of strengh Jan 14 2010
04:51 (UTC)

If you go to a gym, most gyms typically will give you a free session with a trainer who can show you a few workouts.  If that's an option, schedule a session. 

I'm not sure why you're timing weight exercises with minutes.. usually you would measure them in repetitions (how many times you do it) and sets (how many times you repeat the group of repetitions).  Doing crunches for 15 minutes sounds kind of strange.

Fitness Stationary Bike... am I doing something wrong? Jan 13 2010
00:38 (UTC)

It can be normal and you'll get used to it.  Make sure you're sitting back far enough and that you're not rocking back and forth on the seat.  You can also stand up and pedal in intervals for a break - or buy some padded bike shorts.  :)

Fitness Toning with Pilates (question about calories) Jan 08 2010
01:33 (UTC)

I though Pilates was a form of strength training?  When I do it, my muscles are definitely sore and I can see the results in my abs.

Weight Loss does anybody else place any blame for your weight gain on your location Jan 06 2010
05:36 (UTC)

Do you do outdoor activities in the summer?

Weight Loss Help!! Has anyone once hated exercise and learned to love it? Jan 06 2010
05:34 (UTC)

I used to hate running because I sucked at it, but now I like it.   Pick something you think you'd enjoy and do it for a few weeks.  There has to be something you'd enjoy - dancing, aerobics class, yoga, bicycling, etc.  :)

Fitness Pain in side during Aerobics Jan 05 2010
04:42 (UTC)

It's called a side stitch.  Slow down a little until you're in better shape.  Breathe with your diaphragm.

Fitness Shin Splints!! Dec 30 2009
15:41 (UTC)

I used to get shin splints until I got new sneakers and orthics -- don't overlook that. I found it helpful to go to a running store, where someone was knowledgeable and helped me find the right shoes to fit my foot.

If you're running, you should pay attention to your stride and the way your foot is striking the ground (like, does the heel hit first, or does the toe?).  You may need to correct your stride.

In the meantime, you need to give it a break until you've had some time to heal.  Try biking or something that won't aggravate your shins and take it easy when you start running again until you acclimate to it.


Weight Loss Low BMI...flabby tummy Dec 30 2009
15:31 (UTC)

Honestly, crunches do work for me - they're not going to make you lose fat, but they are helpful for your muscles.  You need to do some sort of resistance  or weight training if you want to firm up.  Pilates is good to try if you've never done it before - you will definitely feel the difference. :) 

Vegetarian Why is vegetarian healthier? Sep 12 2009
17:11 (UTC)

Even if you are eating a lot of veggie "meats" that are around the same calories as the meat it's imitating, I bet the veggie option has significantly less fat and cholesterol in it.  If you look at real bacon vs soy bacon, for example, the fat and cholesterol in the soy version will be significantly lower.

I think the benefit comes from the fact that vegetarians tend to eat foods with lower cholesterol and fat levels along with more healthy things like fruits and veggies.  

Weight Loss fiber with vegetable and fruit Jul 19 2009
13:58 (UTC)

Why not eat some fruits and vegetables? ;)

Weight Loss My boss keeps bothering me about my weight? Jul 19 2009
13:56 (UTC)

That is inappropriate - if I were you I would talk to HR about how to handle the situation.  You're not being sensitive.  He is creepy and inappropriate and probably says things like this to other people.  If he says something again, tell him that is extremely inappropriate and unprofessional and then talk to HR asap.

Fitness Help! Need excercise for post-op knee surgery Jul 10 2009
19:22 (UTC)
Original Post by floggingsully:

Original Post by niccyla:

What I'm wondering is - can anyone suggest any other exercise I can do

Your doctor and/or physical therapist can.


I agree, that should be part of the rehab process.