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Calorie Count Food nutrition grade Apr 06 2012
17:10 (UTC)

I know this won't necessarily show you the given nutrition grade, but if you go to the recipe browser, you can find a lot of tasty recipes with all their nutrition facts provided upfront. Most of these have a great overall nutrition grade. By writing down the ingredients from a few recipes, you can then have healthy ingredients and learn to work them in different ways into your meals aside from the given recipe.

Hope this helps until Calorie Count can make a part of the website to feature your suggestion!

Calorie Count Earndit Points & Rewards Mar 09 2012
15:50 (UTC)

So if I were to have 50 pts, and redeemed a reward that cost 40 pts, does this mean that my pt count would then go down to 10 pts and I lose the points I spent? Or do I keep the points cumulatively?

New Members Sticky **New Member forum Meet N Greet** Mar 09 2012
05:21 (UTC)

Hey mrsjdh2b! Sounds like we've got a couple things in common! Good luck on your journey to a healthy life!

New Members Sticky **New Member forum Meet N Greet** Mar 09 2012
05:20 (UTC)

1. Calorie Count Name (user id): saruhhgirrl
2. Name you prefer to be called in discussions: Sarah or Sare Bear works just fine :-)
3. Age & Sex: 21 female
4. General Location: Texas
5. Married? Single? Single, in a committed relationship
6. Kids? Furbabies? No little ones.
7. Favorite color? Turquoise
8. Favorite movie? Hmm... probably The Boondock Saints
9. Hobbies? Disc Golf, playing piano, country western dancing
10. Favorite Snack? As of now, "Ants on a Log" --  celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins
11. Favorite Beverage? Glass of Merlot
12. Biggest Obstacle to Getting Healthy? Over-eating, and making excuses to exercise adequately!
13. Weight/Fitness Goal? Lose the tummy and thighs!
14. Least Favorite Household Chore? Taking out the trash!
15. How did you find Calorie Count? stumbled upon it when looking up tips on stopping my over-eating
16. Anything Else You'd Like To Share? Please support me, guys! I have a lot going against me in this race to get fit, but I would love the support and encouragement (along with many, many tips!)