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Motivation "How Do you Stay so Thin?" Jun 27 2008
23:12 (UTC)
"People really don't want to know why you are thinner than them :) They will think it's too hard."

That's so true.  All my friends started dieting when I did.  They weighed, I don't know, maybe 10 pounds more than I did at the time.  They all took pills, bought special meals, did whatever crazy... I mean, there's a girl that is "not allowed" to eat onions.  um, onions? OK....

Anyway, I'm now, seriously, 80-100 pounds lighter than they are (depending on which friend).  They ask how I did it.  I tell them "you watched me do it.  I ate less and exercised more."

That so totally wasn't what they wanted to hear.  Especially since their "special food" is NOT working.  calories in, calories out, people...

Fitness Back problems while running Mar 12 2008
05:23 (UTC)
funny... my first thought was "what kind of pain"

is it muscle pain or joint pain?  where in your back does it hurt (upper, lower, middle, toward the spine or away?) and when (only during a run, during and after, only after)?

How long have you been running?

generally, mid-back muscle pain *after* running is due to a lack of core strength.  watch your posture when you run.  do you lean to one side or hunch forward as you get tired (you know, around the 20 minute mark?)  Don't - your back should be relatively straight with your shoulders well away from your ears.

Try to minimize bouncing when you run- keep your hips level and stride forward instead of hopping up.  Make sure your whole foot contacts the ground at each stride (not at the same time, but don't bounce on your toes or slam down flat-footed)

And do go to a good running store and try on about a billion pairs of shoes.  Then go buy the perfect shoes... online where they're cheaper.  Sometimes if your shoes aren't big enough your posture can be affected, even, because as you run your foot spreads somewhat- again, around teh 20 minute mark?  You should have plenty of room around your toes, but no slip at the heel.

And yeah, losing weight helps with minimizing running pain.
The Lounge how would you go about this? Mar 10 2008
03:30 (UTC)
feanor, i disagree (respectfully, of course).  You can stand on whatever altar you want, and make whatever promises you want before whatever gods/goddesses/flying spaghetti monsters you want.  it's the one eventual signing of the piece of paper that makes it legal, and you can't do that twice, no, but there's no reason not to re-affirm vows if somebody would want to do two weddings.

So if you want two, and you can afford two, I'd say go for it.  Me, I have enough of a headache planning my *one* and I'd say just throw two parties and have one *very* small wedding with nobody but the partcipants and witnesses.  That would avoid hurting anyone's feelings if you decide you just want to do one ceremony (cause nobody should be slighted if nobody at all is invited, they can't feel like you chose someone else over them).  If you like, you can take video of the actual ceremony and play it at both receptions.
Weight Loss Opinions Please Mar 10 2008
03:26 (UTC)
it does sound like a break would do you good, give you a chance to... i dunno, reconnect with yourself?

It would be best if you either lined up a new job (but told them you couldn't start for a month or 2) or took a leave from this one if you think you'd ever want to go back... it's hard to have a stress-free break when you're worried about money, even in that "eventually this is going to be an issue" way.
The Lounge High-waisted women's pants Mar 09 2008
18:58 (UTC)
the problem with a high waist and a pear or hourglass shape is that they're often not cut in enough in the waist.  So I just have all this extra fabric at the waist in my way.   ugh.  I like compromise waist jeans - an inch or two below my navel.  high enough to not make me bulge or overflow (or show my cute undies to anyone I don't choose to have view them) but low enough that it doesn't just hang loose at the waist because the *rest* of the pants have to fit around my ... um... hips. yeah, hips.  not "great big Kim Kardashian butt" nope.
Weight Loss Am I overweight looking? (for my frame size) PICTURES WORK NOW! Mar 03 2008
05:46 (UTC)
note that at 120 you'd be a little underweight.  And that as you trade fat for muscle tone you probably won't lose any *weight* although you may see some size loss.
Vegetarian Pescetarianism Questions. Mar 03 2008
05:44 (UTC)
one thing to be aware of is that ocean fish contain a really startling amount of heavy metals.  I imagine that coming from a vegetarian background you don't plan to eat fish all the time; but know how much is going into your body.

Generally, salmon is pretty good and it's easy to tell how it's caught and by whom, unlike, say, tuna.  Depending on where you live there may be local catch that you can get, which is generally fresher and better for you.

caveat: fish should never smell "fishy."  If it does, it's gone bad.  don't eat it.

If you haven't really ever eaten fish, maybe get a little smoked salmon if you like salty foods, or start with a mild whitefish such as cod or tilapia.  Those are sort of the tofu of the fish world, they pick up the flavor of whatever they're cooked in and don't have much flavor of their own.
Foods stir fry, is it really that healthy? Mar 03 2008
02:05 (UTC)
I use about a tablespoon of olive or peanut oil - 100 cals total and actually pretty good for you as far as oils go.  I always see a bunch of it is still in the pan after I toss the veggies out, so maybe 75 cals is added over the whole stirfry... which serves 4-6... so maybe 15 extra cals/serving?  Seems reasonable.

If you get the wok or pan hot first, add cold oil and then quickly add the food, it seems to stick the least so you can use the least amount of oil.  You're not trying to deepfry it, just keep it from sticking to the pan.  You could also use just a little no-cal cooking spray (pam, etc) but I like the way real oil tastes better.
Foods slimfast anyone? Mar 03 2008
01:56 (UTC)
I've done slimfast - not as "the slimfast diet" but because for long, semi-personal reasons I don't eat during the day during Lent, so SF was actually a way to keep my calories *up* not down - but my biggest problem with it is...


So I'd still feel hungry and unsatisfied, but my blood sugar would be all over the place.  ugh.  I think there are better ways to eat almost 300 calories for breakfast and lunch.  Crunchy stuff that fills me up and satisfies me.  And isn't mega-sweet.

I'm sure it works, it was just really unsatisfying for me.
Vegetarian Everyone's going to hate me for this... Mar 03 2008
00:02 (UTC)
trid- no, but my sister's a biochemist.  So I asked.  it's not internet "facts," but good for you for being skeptical and not just accepting it's true because it's something you read.

But yeah, there's a reason for those pointy teeth in your mouth.  You can choose not to use em and be just fine, but they did evolve for eating meat.
Weight Loss maintenance calories Mar 02 2008
23:58 (UTC)
when your intake = outgo, you'll maintain.  So you can eat up to your total burn without gaining weight.  In your case, that sounds like about 2,000 cals.

Make sense?
Vegetarian Everyone's going to hate me for this... Mar 02 2008
22:18 (UTC)
um, yeah, actually we are meant to consume some animal proteins, on a purely cellular level.  Maybe it's more responsible for the environment to not support huge ag business that abuses animals, but ethically as long as you make sure you know where your meat/eggs/milk is coming from and that it's being produced in a responsible and respectful way, I don't think there's an issue.  I mean, your morals are YOUR morals.  Don't let anyone guilt you into vegetarianism/veganism any more than you'd let them bully you into eating a huge sirloin steak.

Just take it easy on your body.  SMALL amounts of animal protein as you reintroduce them to your diet.  I ate half a sausage once after being vegan for months (veg before that, but timingwise it's the vegan that counts) and threw up for six straight hours.  It's like when you first go full veg or vegan and you feel a ittle odd for about a week unless you were weaning yourself onto it.  NO MORE THAN 1 ounce of animal protein at a sitting for the first little while.
The Lounge MEN! what is the deal with my BF??????UGH!!!!!!!!!! Mar 02 2008
22:13 (UTC)
ethnicity *is* an issue at the airport.  I suspect he gets hassled a lot.  Props for you not caring, but that doesn't mean TSA isn't profiling him.

I'd be nervous too.  If someone could sort of thoughtlessly screw up my whole vacation, and I asked them not to (more nicely than he did, admittedly), I'd expect them to respect that.

That said, his "hookers and old people wear wigs" statement is pretty silly.  No, actually it's asinine. 

I'm pretty sure you both have a right to be upset by this conversation, neither one of you comes across very well in it.  And you could try admitting you were wrong before asking him to.  Maybe he's not "trying to sweet talk you" maybe he just wants to get past the (totally ridiculous) argument that you just had and move on.  Try doing that.  And just say "hey, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.  You made me pretty defensive because you basically called me an old hooker with cancer.  So I blew up at you.  I think I look pretty good in my wig but if it makes you nervous, I won't wear it at the airport."  Unless you're actually an old hooker with cancer, in which case substitute "clown transvestite on the run from the law" there.  Yeah.
Foods a cup?!?! Feb 27 2008
03:56 (UTC)
that's awesome!

also, an average yogurt container is about a cup.
Weight Loss fully clothed, partial, or naked??? Feb 12 2008
01:40 (UTC)
nekkid.  Same time, same day, all empty, in the morning.  No wet hair.

but i'm not.. obsessive... or anything... no...
Weight Loss Help! I'm so frustrated! Feb 10 2008
17:26 (UTC)
Also, everybody, remember that a plateau of a few days to a few weeks (ugh!) is normal and don't let that stall you.  You might be eating the right number of calories (and I agree with the 1300-1500 range that people have suggested) and still not see any weight loss for a little bit.  Don't let that knock you off the wagon! I stalled for a month and a half once, and it was really hard to remember that I just had to keep going - then 5 pounds dropped off all at once.  So... hang in there!  not losing for a couple days is actually normal.  Could be anything- water retention, a plateau, a sleep pattern change can stall loss.. 
The Lounge Randomly offensive post Feb 10 2008
03:35 (UTC)
Remark calculated to look like secret in-joke based on mutual movie knowledge, using incorrect movie and misquoting anyway.
The Lounge No notice from DH Jan 31 2008
02:43 (UTC)
time to throw yourself a rebacheloretting party, neh?
The Lounge Queen Latifa on jenny craig?! Jan 21 2008
23:21 (UTC)
I dunno.  I LOVE QL.  and I'd rather that she end up healthy than have a spokesperson for "it's OK to be huge" cause, y'know, it's really not OK.  I don't think she'd look good at a very low weight, but if she's uncomfortable where she is, do we have the right to judge her?    Especially anyone here, who is trying to lose weight?  Do we want her to just be out there hotter and fatter than us, with no care for what she wants?  Let's be better than that.  She might only be trying to lose 30 or 40 pounds, anyway, not get all Kate-Moss-Keira Knightley-fied.  How would we know?